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Hi All,
I'm a relative newcomer to the boards, but long time lurker and I've been RPG'ing for over 20 years.

I stumbled across some of my Ravenloft stuff not long ago, and would love to run some stuff again.

Contemplating working up a campaign starting with Hour of the Knife, converted and fudged over to 5E.

If anyone fancies building a character the creation rules are as follows:

3rd Level
No outright restrictions on races/classes (though if it's not from one of the standard sources, point my in the direction) but I don't feel monster races fit the setting, so you'd have to convince me. Also HotK is exclusively city based, so you may want to build accordingly.

Gear: You start with normal gear (as a 1st level character), plus a single "common" magic item (which amounts to Potion of Healing, Potion of Climbing, or a Cantrip or 1st level spell scroll) or single piece or normal gear costing 250gp or less.

Religion: You can be of any religion you want (real-world or DnD world) and assume you've either a non-native of Paridon, or your family where from elsewhere at some point and have passed it down.

The only Paridon specific religion is "the divinity of mankind" which is an ascetic religion mostly practiced by monks, Priests can pick whichever domain they like and skew it as their own personal focus. Primary domains will be Knowledge & Life.

DMG Rules I'm using:
Fear & Horror:
Fear is a Wisdom save, frightened for 1 minute on fail, ending the effect on save at the end of of your turns.
Horror: Horror is a Charisma save, on a fail you suffer some kind of Madness (temporarily).

Renaissance Firearms & explosives are available, but rare, and are treated as Martial Ranged Weapons, stats in the DMG p268. Pistols cost 250gp so you can take one as your bonus item if you wish.