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Ever since I've been doing OP, I've had my cards sleeved. For S&S I used yellow sleeves and for Wrath I used red. Now, with Runelords, I don't know what color to use. I'm thinking green (as its the color of you-know-who's robe) but I'm not 100% on that. I prefer to use Ultra Pro Pro Matte sleeves, and I welcome any and all suggestions.

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So now, all we need is how to play Ekkie/Ranzak in OP. Hoping that info pops up on Tuesdays blog...

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Does this mean Wizards can trade non-Core spells among themselves at tables? So if Wizard 1 has a spell in his spellbook, Wizard 2 can scribe it in his spellbook for the appropriate cost?

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Anyone have a form-fillable reporting sheet for PACG? Got a big con coming up and having a bunch of pre-made sheets would be super helpful.

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Mike, first off, thank you for all the work you and your team have done on this product. I am very much looking forward to this release but I have a big question.

Is there a reason to get the Runelords base set? Will those cards be useful going forward?

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So in prep for a con, I came across a note in an adventure that makes me concerned for a character of mine. Reproduced below:

(For a character that has levels in Barbarian (Mad Dog) and Cavalier (Huntmaster))

"Note that although (her) two classes would not normally stack their effective druid levels for determining the strength of her animal companion, (his) stats are generated as though this were the case."

I have a character that has levels in both of those classes under the understanding that the effective druid levels provided would stack, not effecting my animal companions advancement.

I haven't been able to find any straight answer in RAW/RAI or elsewhere on the boards.

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PLEASE publish "Shadow under Sandpoint." Pretty please?

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So there's a bit of contention over my wife's new Witch build.

She's ultimately going to prestige into the new Winter Witch class, so she wants to have the Winter Witch archetype to start.
But, she's also an Orc and wants the Scarred Witch archetype.

Now, both of these archetypes modify the familiar class feature, but I read them to mean that they will work together. The Winter Witch says


Winter witches must choose a familiar that

is native to the frozen north, even when they themselves
operate in other regions. Traditionally, this limits winter
witch familiar choices to bat, cat, fox, hawk, owl, rat,
raven, or weasel. A winter witch who gains the Improved
Familiar feat can select any familiar she desires, save for
familiars with the fire subtype.

which doesn't lock her into choosing a specific familiar, just one that will survive in the northern climate.

The Scarred Witch says


At 1st level, a scarred witch doctor

forms a bond with a wooden mask.....This ability otherwise functions like
and replaces the standard witch familiar.

So, it sounds like, to me at least, that these should work together.