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Full Name

Aikio the Red


Tengu, Wizard Sorcerer 6/1, AC: 15, tch: 11, ff: 14 ! CMD: 14


Perception: +7, Ini +5, F: 3, R: 3, W: 5 hp: 38





Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 11
Charisma 14

About Aikio the Red

Dark red robes edged in orange seem to burn like a flame. The tengu woman beneath has feathers tinged in red and constantly plays with a flame.

PFS# 25879-4
Fire Wizard 6, crossblooded Boreal/elemental cold sorcerer 1

Elven curved blade +3, (1d10 (18-20)) or
Dagger +3, (1d4) or
bite +3, (1d3)
fire jet (1d6+3) DC 17 or catch fire.

RANGED dagger +4, (1d4) or
ice ray +4 (tch), 1d6+1
SA: fire jet 20’ line, 1d6+3 +catch fire (DC 17 for ½ not catch fire)
Elemental Ray


[dice=elven curved blade]1d20+3[/dice, [dice=dmg]1d10[/dice
[dice=dagger]1d20+4[i/][/dice, [dice=dmg]1d4[/dice
[dice=bite]1d20+3[/dice, [dice=dmg]1d3[/dice

BAB 3, CMB 3
AC: 15 (19 with shield), tch: 11 (15), ff: 14 (18)
F: 3, R: 3, W: 5
CMD: 14

Spell Focus (fire) (wiz bonus 1)
Greater Spell Focus (Fire) (1st)
Improved Initiative (3rd)
Tengu Wings (5th)
Arcane discipline: fast study (wiz bonus 5)
Improved Familiar (small elemental) (7th)


ability + ranks + class + other
Appraise: +9 (4+1+3)
Bluff: +6 (2+1+3)
Craft (cosplay): +18 (4+6+3+5 crafter's fortune)
Diplomacy: +4 (2+2)
Fly: +6 (1+2+3)
Intimidate: +6 (2+1+30
KN (arcana): +8 (4+1+3)
KN (dungeoneering): +8 (4+1+3)
KN (engineering): +8 (4+1+3)
KN (history): +8 (4+1+3)
KN (local): +8 (4+1+3)
KN (nobility): +8 (4+1+3)
KN (planes): +8 (4+1+3)
KN (religion): +8 (4+1+3)
Linguistics +13 (4+2+3+4 racial) (tian xa & aklo, hallit & ancient osirion)
Perception: +7 (0+7)
Spellcraft: +14 (4+7+3)
Use Magic Device +9 (2+4+3)
Languages: common, Tengu, ignan, draconic, kellish, goblins, tian xa, aklo, hallit, ancient Osirion.

Sorcerer 0 (DC 12): dancing lights, guidance, ray frost, touch of fatigue
Sorcerer 1 (DC 13) (4/day): protection from evil, ray enfeeblement (+2 tch)

Wizard 0 (DC 14): (4) mage hand, prestidigitation, detect magic, spark

Wizard 1 (DC 15):(3+1+1) [OPEN], mage armor, shield, ventriloquism, burning hands

Wizard 2 (DC 16):(3+1+1) [OPEN], blur, invisibility, fire breath, invisibility, [pearl of power]

Wizard 3 (DC 17): (2+1+1) draconic reservouir, dragon turtle shell, seek thoughts, fireball

Fire spells are +2 DC, Energy spells can be changed to cold (elemental bloodline), Cold spells can cause slow (boreal bloodline) (DC 10+SL+2), 1/day +2 DC to spell (eastern mysteries Qadira)

Wizard Books:
blessed book is in blue
+2 learn fire spells, -4 to learn water spells +2 DC fire spells

Cantrips: 5 gp to learn form PF, 7 gp to learn from library
1st level: 10 gp to learn form PF, 15 gp to learn from library
2nd level: 40 gp to learn form PF, 60 gp to learn from library
3rd level: 90 gp to learn form PF, 135 gp to learn from library
4th level: 160 gp to learn form PF, 240 gp to learn from library
5th level: 250 gp to learn form PF, 375 gp to learn from library
6th level: 360 gp to learn form PF, 540 gp to learn from library
7th level: 490 gp to learn form PF, 735 gp to learn from library

Cantrips (DC 15)
All core except water

1st level (DC 16)
animate rope, anticipate peril (UM)
blood biography (APG), bungle, burning disarm (??), burning hands
cause fear, charm person, chill touch, color spray, comprehend languages, corrosive touch, crafter’s fortune (UM)
dancing lantern (APG), delusional pride (UM), detect secret doors, disguise self
ear piercing scream (UM), enlarge person, erase, expeditious retreat,
feather fall, flare burst (UM), floating disc, frostbite (UM)
heightened awareness, hold portal, hush,
icicle dagger (UM), identify, illusion of calm, interrogation (UM)
liberating command
mage armor, magic missile, magic weapon
peace bond (UC), protection from chaos, protection from evil,
ray of enfeeblement, ray of sickening, reduce person
shield, shocking grasp, silent image, sleep, snapdragon fireworks (APG), snowball (??)
touch of idiocy
vanish, ventriloquism
winter feathers (ARG, tengu)

2nd level (DC 17)
acid arrow, alter self,
bear’s endurance, blindness/deafness, blur, bull’s strength,
command undead, continual flame, create pit, cure serious wounds (samsaran wizards only can prepare. :)
darkness, darkvision,
false life, firebreath (APG), flaming sphere,
elemental speech, elemental touch
ghost bane dirge, glitter dust
haunting mists (UM), hypnotic pattern
locate object,
mirror image,
page bound epiphany (PFPC), pyrotechniques
resist energy,
scorching ray, see invisibility, share language, summon swarm,
whispering wind,

3rd level (DC18)
arcane sight,
crushing despair,
dimension door, [ooc]dispel magic, displacement, draconic reservoir, dragon turtle shell (DsHb)
explosive runes,
fireball, flamer arrow, fly,
gentle repose, greater magic weapon,
halt undead, haste, heroism,
lightning bolt,
magic circle against x
protection from energy
seek thoughts, stinking cloud, stolen light (PFSFG),
twilight knife (APG)
vampiric touch,

4th level (DC 19)
Aram Zey’s trap ward (PFSFG)
beast shape II, bestow curse,
calcific touch, confusion,
dimension door,
fear, fireshield
emergency force sphere, ennervation
remove curse,
solid fog, stone shape, stoneskin, summon monster IV
telekinetic charge,
wall of fire,

5th level (DC 20)
contact other plane, major creation, telepathic bond, teleport, hold monster

6th level 9 (DC 21)
acid fog, disintegrate, planar bonding, true seeing, [/ooc]

7th level (DC 22)
caustic eruption, spell turning, summon monster VII, waves of exhaustion

Special Abilities:

Racial: Low light vision, sword trained, linguistics
Sorcerer: cross blooded, elemental ray, change energy damage to cold (bloodline arcana-elemental), cold target might be slowed (bloodline arcana-boreal)
arcane bond (familiar: small elemental), elemental school (fire), fire supremacy, fire jet. resist fire 5, campfire cloak (1 fire damage vs melee)
Traits: eastern mysteries (Qadiar) increase DC spell +2, magical knack (+2 sorcerer levels)

blessed book, elven curved blade, dagger, scroll mage armor. acid flask, pathfinder kit, chronicler kit, spellbook, journal, wand CLW (36 charges remaining), 580 gp in spells, 140 gp in spells

Kasai, a dodo shaped being of fire with the following exceptions: AC 19; Effective HD: 7; 19 hp; F3 R4 W7; slam +5; Int 8;