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Elf | HP: 17/17 | AC: 19 | F: +6, R: +9, W: +5 | Perc: +7; Stealth +7


Fighter 1 | Speed 35ft | Hero Points: 1/1 | Reactions: AoO/Shield Block | Conditions: None







Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Adair


Young for an elven warrior, Adair maintains a positive, happy demeanor. He always hopes to find a pleasant, conversational way to resolve issues, knowing there is always time to work through conflict peacefully. Hard conflict is the choice of a weak spirit, though everyone must defend themselves from such choices.

Adair's life has been simple and comfortable. He learned to take from Aradia's bounty only what the tribe needs, how to use every portion of what is harvested. He helped clear land as the tribes agricultural efforts expanded. He helped raise new lodges as the tribe expanded. He competed with the other hunters in their displays of skill, always laughing and congratulating the more experienced who claimed victory.

On rare occaisions, he joined the other hunters to defend the tribe from raiders. These events were never celebrated, for it is an affront to all Aradia has provided to steal instead of learn to use the bounty yourself.

Originally, after learning of the arrival of the men from across the water, Adair did what most of his tribe did, and noted the stories, but saw no reason to involve themselves. As the seasons rolled by, however, news of the expansion and destructive nature of these men has been harder for Adair to ignore. He had to go see if they disrespect the land and Aradia's bounty as blatantly as described. What he has found has been worse than the stories described, and better.

Adair has taken to attempting to work with the outdoorsmen of these new humans, trying to teach them hwo to properly work with Aradia's bounty, hoping that they wil be able to curb the damage being done by their companions.

+ 7 Perception (E) +2+5

17 Class DC (T) +4+3

Move 35'

Simple Weapons (E); Marital Weapons (E); Advanced Weapons (T); Unarmed Attacks (E)

+ 9 Kukri +4+5 for 1d6+1 S; Agile (-4 multi-attack penalty)/Trip

+ 9 Longbow +4+5 for 1d8 P over 100'; 0 Reload; Deadly d10/Volley 30'; 50 Arrows

Light Armor (E); Medium Armor (E); Heavy Armor (E); Unarmored Defense (E)

19 AC 10+4+5 (unarmored)

17 HP 6+1x(10+1)

+ 6 Fort (E) +1+5
+ 9 Ref (E) +4+5
+ 5 Will (T) +2+3

? Hero Points


Bonus Skill (Trained level) Attribute+Proficiency+Specified(+Conditional)
+ 4 Acrobatics (U) +4+0
+ 1 Arcana (U) +1+0
+ 6 Athletics (E) +1+5
+ 4 Crafting (T) +1+3
+ 0 Deception (U) +0+0
+ 0 Diplomacy (U) +0+0
+ 0 Intimidation (U) +0+0
+ 4 Lore: Tanning (T) +1+3
+ 5 Medicine (T) +2+3
+ 5 Nature (T) +2+3
+ 1 Occultism (U) +1+0
+ 0 Performance (Any) (U) +0+0
+ 2 Religion (U) +2+0
+ 1 Society (U) +1+0
+ 7 Stealth (T) +4+3
+ 5 Survival (T) +2+3
+ 4 Thievery (U) +4+0

Languages known: Common, Elven, Sylvan

Nimble Elf

Class (and Class Features)
Attack of Opportunity [Reaction] Melee strike vs offending creature
Point-Blank Shot [One-Action] No penalty due to Volley Trait

Survey Wildlife

Shield Block

150 SP budget
xx1 Explorer's Clothing (+0/+5/L/Comfort)
x60 Longbow (1d8P/100'/0/2/1+/Bow/Deadly d10, volley 30')
xx5 Arrows (50, L (x5))
xx6 Kukri (1d6S/L/1/Knife/Agile, Finesse, Trip)
xx7 Adventurer's Pack (2)
xx1 Grapple (L/1)
x20 Repair Kit (1/2)
x50 Healer's Tools (1/2)

150 spent for 6.8 Bulk (6 for encumbrance!)

Unencumbered <= 6 Bulk
Encumbered >6 <= 11 Bulk
Overladen >11 Bulk

PF2 Build Selections:

Ancestry: Elf
6 HP
30' Base Move (+5' from Nimble Elf for 35')
+2: Dex; Int; Wis
-2: Con
Language: Common, Elven, Sylvan
Traits: Elf, Humanoid
Low-Light Vision
Heritage: Woodland Elf
Ancestry Feat: Nimble Elf
Background: Hunter:
+2 Dex; Con
(T) Survival & Tanning Lore
Feat: Survey Wildlife
Class: Fighter:
(T) Will, 4 Skills (Acrobatics, Medicine, Nature, Stealth), Advanced Weapons, Fighter Class DC
(E) Perception, Fortitude, Reflex, Athletics, Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Unarmed Attacks, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Unarmored Defense
Key Ability: Dex
HP: 10+Con
Attack of Opportunity [Reaction]
Fighter Feat: Point-Blank Shot
Shield Block
Final Ability Boosts +2 Dex, Con, Str, Wis