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AC 12 TL 11 Hull points: 70/70 Shields Front: 14/20 Starboard 20/20 Port 20/20 Aft 20/20 Glitches: -

About A.L.I.C.E.

A.L.I.C.E. is the AI of the Starship <Insert Awesome Cool Name Here>.

A.L.I.C.E. - the Awesome Lifelike Intelligent Computer Emulator is commonly referred to as Alice

Duonode computer (+1 to any 2 checks).

Tier 1
Transport <Awesome cool name here!> ; official designations ACN-1
Size Medium
Maneuverability average (+0 Piloting, turn 2), speed 10. Drift 1
HP 70 (increment 15); DT —; CT 14 AC 11/TL 10 (with 1 rank in piloting - AC 12/TL 11 - with Evade = AC 14/TL 13)
Mounts forward arc (1 heavy, 1 light), aft arc (1 light), turret (2 light - light coil gun)
CPU 100
Expansion Bays 5
Minimum Crew 1; Maximum Crew 6
Computers: +1 to any 2 checks

Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive +4

Summary of build points used:

We want shields (Basic shields 40 so 10 in each quarter seems like a good idea, we could get less for cheaper..but ...we'll I don't want to loose shields and get hull damage and ...explode) for 5 BP
A drift engine (unless we only do in system deliveries and don't have to go anywhere else?) Basic one is 2*3 = 6 BP
We need trusters or we ain't moving ;) move 10 is 5BP
We want armor? min. is +1 for 3 BP
I guess we want decent scanners..so medium range that's 3 BP
For weapons I prefer a light coil gun in the turret 6BP

So we're at 0+0+10+5+6+5+3+3+6 = 38 +15 for Transporter frame we want

Leaving 2BP for a Duonode computer

Artificial personalities are sophisticated enough that the computer can attempt Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks with a total bonus equal to 2 × its tier (tier 2 computer)

Attacks are made with a Tier = +2
Other skill uses as made with 2-1/2 * 2 Tier = +5

Turret: Coilgun: Long range (10 hexes) 4d4 damage


In starship combat, short-range sensors have a range of 5 hexes, medium-range sensors have a range of 10 hexes, and long-range sensors have a range of 20 hexes. All sensors have a skill modifier that applies to any skill used in conjunction with them. Sensors require an operational power core to function, but they consume a negligible amount of PCU.

Sensors operate in two modes: passive or active. In passive mode, sensors automatically scan the ship’s surroundings. Passive sensors detect visible or unhidden objects in a 360-degree field around the ship at a range of up to twice the sensors’ range category while in space or in the Drift (no skill check required), though local conditions may affect their range. However, gravitational forces and atmospheric conditions limit starship sensors to a range of 250 feet on most planets, and their range might be further limited by terrain, at the GM’s discretion.

Active sensors are far more discerning, and they are required if the science officer wishes to scan enemy vessels and learn details about them during starship combat (see page 325). The modifier listed in the table below applies to some checks attempted by the science officer in starship combat as specified in the science officer’s actions (see page 324). Active sensors can discern information about a target up to five times the sensors’ range away from the ship, but such checks take a penalty of –2 for each range increment beyond the first to the target. For example, if short-range sensors (range = 5 hexes) were used against a target 12 hexes away, the check would take a –4 penalty.

Outside of starship combat, a crew member can use sensors to scan a planet the starship is orbiting, attempting a Computers check (applying the sensors’ modifier) to learn basic information about the planet’s composition and atmosphere. The DC for this check is usually 15, but it can be altered at the GM’s discretion to account for mitigating factors or complications. A crew member can also use the starship’s active sensors to attempt Perception checks to examine the surrounding area as if she were standing outside the starship, using her own senses (such as darkvision), but adding the sensors’ modifier as a circumstance bonus to the check.

Weapons have one of three ranges: short range (5 hexes), medium range (10 hexes), or long range (20 hexes). As with characterscale ranged attacks, an attack with a starship weapon takes a cumulative –2 penalty for each range increment (or fraction thereof, beyond the first) between it and the target. A gunner firing a tracking weapon takes a range penalty only on her first gunnery check, when the target is first acquired. A starship weapon can fire at a target up to 10 range increments away.

Future upgrades:
(Heavy?) forward weapon
Better computer - Higher bonus (+2?), more bonus (+1/+1/+1+/1?)

From RP perspective..smuggler compartment? Better Crew Quarters