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Full Name

Daniel Raino


Human (most of the time at least)


Dropout 4


Not very masculine





Special Abilities

Wasted Potential (Ex): D.Raino may at any time be reminded by another creature within 30 feet as a full round action that he is capable of anything that he is has not done within the past week, imposing a -2 morale penalty on his everything.


LG for the most part




Southern Illinois


American (Midwestern, Southern, Wisconsin), German (bad at), Latin (read/write only), Spanish (worse at), Fake British, Engrish


Alacritous Comestible Craftsman

Strength 10
Dexterity 8
Constitution 12
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About +2 DRaino

D.Raino has loved his rpgs since his first (wretchedly realized) attempt at the old first edition in grade school... 5th grade maybe. Over the years, and always behind the times, he has slowly and steadily followed the old hat of the DnD line, with all its glories and failings, ever gaining ground on the material's timeline.

It wasn't until the release of 4th Edition DnD that D.Raino ever got onboard at the beginning of a product line. He quickly exited. (As a side note, 4th Ed has merit, D.Raino just wasn't enjoying it). After leaving the juggernaut, D.Raino returned to the style of game that he loved, in its newest name.

His more recent gaming exploits have been primarily in Paizo's modules, but has always made time for some hand-crafted adventure. He takes a certain measure of pride in his own skills and the skills of his play group that every game played for at least two sessions has something memorable, and the games that have been played for years have scenes never to be forgotten.

His past gaming exploits, though certainly fun in their own way, he hides somewhat shamefully behind the pretense of youth's impressionability relative to their own 'cool' ideas of how games play out. Seriously, what isn't awesome/ridiculous about playing a copper dragon rogue/sorcerer?

If you're bold, ask him to email some notes on his two adventures that he's still polishing up (not suitable for all audiences; may contain vulgarity, sexually explicit material, and illicit drug use). dsfxhr (at) gmail (dot) com.

D.Raino does not normally write in the third person, like this, but for some reason it felt correct in this character sheet format.