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Full Name

The One and Only


Homunculus (reskinned Wyrwood)


Promethean Alchemist 1







Special Abilities

Telecommunications, flanking tactics, and bothering cats.


Neutral Good


Brigh, Desna, Pharasma




Common, Varisian


Alchemist, messenger, conspiricy theorist, and chef.

Strength 13
Dexterity 16
Constitution 0
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 13

About 1of1

In the Immortal Principality of Ustalav, in a manor to the north of Vieland county's Dippelmere Swamp, an alchemist driven mad by grief turned to strange experiments to either restore or replace the family he had lost. One of these experiments combined his experience with the creation and modification of homunculi with an experimental variation of a haunt siphon. The result was a strange creature, bound only to the half formed soul that had been deposited into its semi-organic body by the siphon.
Its first act was to panic at the horrible experiments around it, jumping out a window and down a waterfall.

After a year of surviving in the swamp, the locals had taken to calling this strange creature the Frog Kid, on the count of its green skin. A wandering wizard took interest in the rumors, and after catching this oddity with an improbably large net, he took it on as both a student and subject of study. It took to alchemy like a fish to water, and soon began experiments of its own. In an attempt to alleviate its loneliness, it created a copy of itself from its own ichor. Its novice efforts proved clumsy and flawed, but interesting. Rather than a separate entity, its creation functioned more like an extension of its self. While limited in connection range and local processing power, the creature recognized that two heads are better than one, and four hands can accomplish much.

About a year after this discovery, the odd couple received a letter about their former teacher. Unfortunately, it was a funeral summons.

"Hmmm... Not enough mandrake in the lung sponge. That may have caused the rigidity during bio-latice tranmutation. Let's be glad that we don't actually have to breathe, eh?"