Pathfinder Society


In the Pathfinder Society, factions are fellowships of like-minded adventurers who strive together to achieve common goals. Pathfinders may support any number of fellowships during their career.

A diamond-shaped sigil depicting a path winding through a grassy field to the mountains beyond, symbol of the Horizon Hunters.

Horizon Hunters

"Glory Lies Over the Horizon"

Since the Pathfinder Society’s first day, when adventurers gathered in Absalom to share drinks and swap stories, the Society has been an organization of explorers. The Horizon Hunters is home to those who carry on the proud tradition of ascending the highest peaks, plumbing the darkest depths, and seeing what lies over the next hill. And as sweet as it is to discover a lost ruin or unknown vista, it’s all the better to tell wild tales about the experience and revel in the admiration of peers—particularly if an agent’s deeds might be immortalized in the Pathfinder Chronicles, a widely distributed record of the greatest Pathfinders’ achievements and discoveries.

Calisro Benarry, a female half-orc corsair in a red jacket and black tricorn hat, leader of the Horizon Hunters.

Faction Leader: Calisro Benarry

Hailing from the Sodden Lands, Calisro Benarry (N female half-orc corsair) is a pirate-turned-Pathfinder who made her name as venture-captain of the Arcadian Mariner’s Lodge, a ship-borne Pathfinder lodge aboard the Grinning Pixie, whose command passed between venture-captains every few years. Bucking tradition, Benarry commanded the wheel for a decade, oversaw exploration of the dreaded Gloomspires, and traveled widely before recently being ordered to surrender the ship. She considers that no excuse to settle down, though, and has poured her energy into inspiring curiosity, tenacity, and wanderlust in the Society as a whole, spearheading the Horizon Hunters faction.

Objectives: The more untouched, unfamiliar, or unknown a site or treasure, the more exhilarating it is to reach it. The Horizon Hunters encourage exploration for its own sake, yet it’s also dedicated to enhancing the reputation of its members—anything from publication in the Pathfinder Chronicles to being the subject of the latest tall tale to circulate the taverns. Iconic objectives include uncovering mythical lost cities, blazing the trail through uncharted territory, and reaching foreboding realms. And if the Pathfinders can look good while doing so, that’s all the better.

Year 2 Goal: During an exciting Year 1, Calisro Benarry personally led the explorers of the Horizon Hunters on missions that pushed beyond the edges of the Inner Sea, charting new paths into the coastal waters of central Garund and beyond. Like any true explorer, each new discovery has encouraged Calisro and her followers to expand the edges of their maps and charters even further, clearing the way into the heart of Iobaria and across the ocean to the great continent of Arcadia beyond. uses cookies. You can block from using cookies within your browser settings, but doing so will hinder site functionality.

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