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Five strangers are sent to Lastwall to serve as knights, but when the nation falls into chaos, they soon find themselves relying on each other in a desperate bid to survive and protect the people who stand in the way of disaster.

Knights of Everflame is an ongoing actual-play series using the Pathfinder Second Edition RPG. Created in partnership with Geek & Sundry, the show premieres on Twitch, and all episodes are also available on YouTube one week after they air. 

Meet the Characters

Five heroes make up the Knights of Everflame. You can learn more about them here, but note that these descriptions contain spoilers about the characters and cover their stories up through the end of season 1 of the show. The characters were created by the players using only the rules from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. They started play at 5th level, and after their exploits in season 1, they begin this season at 6th level.


Linneus Lennon is a half-elf cleric of Sarenrae who was sent to Lastwall to serve after having grown up in an orphanage in Ustalav. During their previous adventure, Linneus was driven to retrieve the Everflame, a powerful relic sacred to her deity, hoping that it would help guide her along the path of light, avoiding the darker temptation of her tainted bloodline. Now with the sword at her side, she hopes that the echoes of that past might finally begin to fade.

Rachel Seeley (@Sunnyseeley) is a fan of all Tabletop RPGs and an actress, and is always ecstatic to combine the two. She has appeared on G&S before, playing on Tales from the Loop, Weave, and the Critical Role anniversary prequel and GMing on Weave!

Meet the Game Master

Jason Bulmahn (@jasonbulmahn) is the Director of Game Design at Paizo and the leader of the team that created the newest version of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Jason has been at Paizo for over 15 years, having left behind a career in architecture to pursue a lifelong passion for games. Jason is an accomplished storyteller, having run for thousands of gamers over the years at conventions, at home, and in front of live audiences.

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