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Setting the Stage

Friday, September 4, 2009

In Pathfinder #26, we try something a little different. During the course of Richard Pett's "The Sixfold Trial" the PCs find themselves involved in the diabolical performance of a notorious play. It's a pretty neat idea that really gives the PCs an opportunity to show their stuff off the battlefield and gives players with a flair for the dramatic a real chance to shine. Yet rather than skim over this focal point of the adventure with just a few hand waves and Perform checks, we did something a little crazy.

We commissioned the text of the entire play.

And we did it from theatrically-minded madman Nick Logue.

What we got was The Six Trials of Larazod, a performance piece for you to read, roleplay, act out, and include however you and your group pleases, along with rules on how to integrate the work with (or exclude it from) the main adventure. I'm proud to say it's one of the most appropriately avant-garde pieces of game design I've ever seen. And it's headed your way in just a few weeks here. But to tempt you with what's in store, here's the introduction to the first work of literature to come to you directly from Golarion. Also, expect a very distinctive look for the play from artist Sara Otterstätter, like the title piece you see here.

The Six Trials of Larazod is the fictional account of a Chelish tiefling named Larazod Rilsane. Larazod receives a vision from Asmodeus in which the dark god unveils a prominent Chelish magistrate—the sinister Paraduke Montigny Haanderthan—as a traitor to Cheliax, who has compacted with demonic powers and plans to bring the worship of Asmodeus to a sharp and brutal end. Burning with unholy justice and diabolical purpose, Larazod, along with his stalwart companions, sets out to expose the highly placed traitor Haanderthan. They are greatly overmatched, as Larazod is a minor scion of a piddling noble house whose influence lies tattered in the wake of Thrune's seizure of power in Cheliax. Undaunted, Larazod vows a smoldering blood oath to Asmodeus to see the traitor fall before Haanderthan's actions bring the dark glory of Cheliax low.

So bone up on your Shakespeare and get ready for rehearsals—tryouts for The Six Trials of Larazod are just around the corner!

Wes Schneider
Managing Editor

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