Snagged from the Vault: Dungeon Denizens Revisited

March 23, 2009

Though the golem has grown ever craftier and his traps ever more insidious, my colleague and I managed to distract him just long enough to swipe a quick preview of the upcoming Pathfinder Chronicles product, Dungeon Denizens Revisited, illustrated here by Michael Jaecks...

Vadid and Nahk
Preview Purloiners

Mimics are asexual, and reproduce via spores. When a mimic controls enough food and territory, it undergoes an involuntary internal change called spatter-spawning, laying out a large, thick glue-carpet of spore-rich protoplasm 30 or more feet in diameter. Having marked the walls and floor of a particular cavern or ruin with this stinking graffiti, it departs, never to return. Immature mimics bud out of the whitish glue-carpet, forming multi-hued, chitin-plated plasmoids the size of housecats; immediately ambulatory and capable of camouflage, these miniature mimics feed upon the glue-carpet, each other, and those helpless scavengers attracted by the stench and subsequently trapped by the glue.

Look for the full article on mimcs in Dungeon Denizens Revisited!

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