A Bird's Eye View of Riddleport

Monday, July 28, 2008

Here it is folks, this is where it's all about to go down: Riddleport, the City of Cyphers, the most perilous pirate port north of the Arch of Aroden. Next month, with Pathfinder #13 and the start of the Second Darkness Adventure Path, the floodgates open and thousands of PCs get set loose to wreak havoc on this scallywag's sanctuary. Until then, though, things look pretty peaceful. Just check out this bird's eye view of the city. Which of these is your character's new home? In what alley will he get jumped by pirates? Under which dock will she be ambushed by bunyips? And which den of thieves will burn when that first fireball flies awry? It's all here, the Gold Goblin, Zincher's Arena, St. Caspieran's, the Temple of Besmara... you'll just have to wait till next month to find out which is which!

Here's a free one, though. The Cyphergate? It's that big arch.


F. Wesley Schneider
Managing Editor, Pathfinder

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