Calling All Miscreants and Malefactors!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Get ready to get evil with Pathfinder Player Companion: Champions of Corruption! The latest volume in the Player Companion line provides players and GMs alike with suggestions on how to take their Pathfinder game to the dark side without pushing it over the edge of fun. Rather than tantalize you with mere words, however, I figured I'd let the illustrations in this book of vileness speak for themselves. In addition to dozens of new character traits, feats, and much, much more, the following features (and their accompanying art) are just some of the all-new content you'll find in this spine-tingling Player Companion.

Illustration by Chen Nambiarooran

Readers of Champions of Purity and Champions of Balance will be familiar with the treatment of the three evil alignments in Champions of Corruption. Whether you're shooting for a character that embodies the ruthless strictures of lawful evil, the wanton bloodlust of chaotic evil, or the sheer maleficence of neutral evil, this book's discussions on how to play antiheroes of the various evil alignments will leave you inspired and informed.

Illustration by Andy Timm

Magic is the ultimate weapon for the mischievous and misanthropic, and this book has no shortage of ways to use the powers of the arcane and divine to fulfill deviant goals. New evolutions enable summoners to use the arcane powers of blood itself to infuse their eidolons with sanguine sorcery.

Illustration by Vicky Yarova

Fans of the Umbral Court agent prestige class from Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Paths of Prestige (or anyone with a penchant for stylishly sadistic body jewelry) are sure to get a kick out of the new rules for Nidalese shadow piercings in Champions of Corruption.

Let your hair down and give in to your bad side this fall, because Champions of Corruption hits shelves in September!

Patrick Renie

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wide, disturbing grin

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Blood eidolon...

Shadow Lodge

Yes... give the evil to me.

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oh so excited for this

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This is all I am waiting for: the last piece of the plot.

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Alas, poor yorick

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Squeakmaan wrote:
"Alas, poor Yorick.

I slew him, Horatio."

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Does anyone recognise the crown on that skull which Seltyiel is holdng?

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Bellona wrote:
Does anyone recognise the crown on that skull which Seltyiel is holdng?

If the skull looked elfy-er, I'd say it was his father's...

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Wait... is nobody going to say it?


MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA,cough..cough, can't wait to unleash the evil

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