Akarna Awakens

Game Master Prosperum

An expedition to a hyperborean land in search of vast wealth and adventure

Welcome to Zoralon, a world of magic and mystery! With the collapse of the imperial house, the world’s greatest empire has fallen under the sway of an enigmatic prophet, while off the coast the Free Isles remain a bastion of independent merchant princes unfettered by creed or crown.

You have been chosen by one such prince to explore Thalis, a perilous and frozen land far to the north, where tales tell of rivers that glitter with diamonds and hills that teem with mithril and gold… …and of monsters, evil, and a deathly frost that swallows all.

You will meet new allies, make new enemies, and discover a dark force that threatens to destroy not only Thalis, but all of Zoralon.

P.S. I know it's immersion breaking, but games having made up names for months of the year and days of the week is annoying as hell, so while I did go to the trouble of coming up with names for those, I'll just use normal words inside <<these things>> to denote the substitution.
Game Expectations (MUST READ; ONLY ONE PAGE)
Player Questionnaire
Player Introduction (Character creation and basic setting assumptions)
Continent Map
Island Map
City Map of Eredorn
Partial Map of Thalis

The Planes (brief primer; we start at level 1 after all)

Treasure spreadsheet