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M Human Cleric/Bard

24th of Calistril - 4710 AR

Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt.
Exploration should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and west and sixty miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post. The carrier of this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope.
So witnessed on this 24th day of Calistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne.
You’ve received the above charter and quickly make haste to grab your belongings, your closest confidant, and hit the road.

30th of Calistril - 4710 AR
Trading Post Map

Either by horse, on foot, or by the kindness of a traveling merchant or farmers cart, you find yourself looking at what doesn’t appear to be a trading post but something more of a reclaimed fort. (Book View or 3D View) The smoke coming up from the chimneys is a welcomed sight on this early spring day. The crisp winter air is still lingering, which makes the ground hard for a less muddy journey to the trading post.

You don’t know much of the owner of this trading post outside of his name, Oleg.

K-Geography DC 12:

You know that Oleg’s Trading Post would make a good stopping point for those traveling between Restov to the east and New Stetven to the north.

As you arrive the large double wooden gates to the trading post are open, and you see a middle-aged man working fiercely on a catapult on the northeast watchtower (entrance side to the right of the doors.) From the string of profanities and yelling coming from the man, work doesn’t seem to be successful.

As you pass through the gates your attention is drawn from the frustrated man on the rampart to a younger woman who is lightly singing to herself as she is tending to a stew over a fire. If the sign of a fire in the hearth wasn’t welcoming enough for you, the aroma of the herbs and spices in the stew might have sealed the deal.

What does your character do?

Jul 19, 2023

As he approachs the trading post, Angus could feel the butterflies in his stomach. As if on cue, Harbinger began to prance sideways, seemingly in reaction to Angus' nervousness. Leaning over the saddle he whispers to the three year old colt. "Shhhhhhh." Trying to calm himself as much as the horse. He'd been riding for weeks, actually going north to New Stetven. Following the south Rosland Road to Nivikta's Crossing and eventually Fort Serenko. Now that he was within sight of the 'trading post' Angus could see activity, nervously he touches the pommel of his sword, it's scabbard in the frog on Harbingers saddle. He considered slipping it to the frog on his belt, a knight would never be seen in public without his sword. Pausing, But he was no knight, was he? The bastard child of an unidentified nobleman. Lucky to have been trained as a man-at-arms, nervously he touches his pouch where his 'charter' was folded reassuring himself that he in fact belongs here.

Growling at his own insecurity, Angus knew this was 'the Stolen Lands;' only a fool would be unarmed. Stopping Harbinger near the gate, he dismounts drawing the cold iron swords scabbard from its frog on the saddle and sliding it into the frog on his belt. Leaning closer to the grey stallion he whispers, " you stay here boy." Leaving the rest of his gear: the bronze elvish style helmet. the newish wooden kite shield, his worn rucksack and the myriad of other weapon on the saddle. He dusts off his secondhand scale armor and straightened his cloak. Keeping his hands away from weapons, Angus walks through the trading posts doors. Looking from the man working on the catapult to the woman singing softly. "Ho the trading post."

He pauses in the doorway, letting them see him. He assumed that the man was Oleg and the woman his associate of some sort. He had no desire to scare either of them and a strange armed and armored man sometimes had that effect. Once both of them looked towards him, he smiles giving a bow. "I am Angus of Elphinstone I bear a charter from the Swordlords of Restov, for purposes of exploration and dealing with banditry."

His smile widens, "May I approach?" As he asks, he carefully reaches into his pouch drawing out the charter.

M Human Cleric/Bard

30th of Calistril - 4710 AR
Trading Post Map

Looking from the man to the woman, Angus would assume that he did not approach secretively on the road approaching the trading post. Still fighting the catapult, he gives Angus a look from above and turns back to his work.

“Come on in sweetie!” possibly more cheerful than expected, the woman motions for you to approach the benches to sit. She turns and hollers at the man; “Oleg! They’ve answered our request!” turning back to you; “Though, you'd think it would be more than one…” With the sound of dropping tools and a grunt, Oleg climbs down from the watch tower, across the rampart and climbs down a ladder midway across the northern wall. As he moves, the woman speaks under her breath; “He’s been havin a war with those things since we took over this fort. Losing battle if you ask me. I’m Svetlana, by the way, Oleg’s wife.”

As Oleg approaches she hands him a water skin and turns back to Angus; “You must be thirsty hun. We have wine if you’d like, or water. Uncovered a well and the water is cool and clear.” She flashes Angus a smile.

Oleg holds out a hand; “The message we received was that there was going to be a group of you. I know the stolen lands south of us are bad, have the roads followed suit? Where’s the rest of ya?” From this handshake you can tell that Oleg is a man who has worked with his hands for most of his life. Firm, strong, and callused. Oleg's gruff voice matches his demeanor as he wipes his face with a towel and drinks from his waterskin.

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Female Half-elf Sorceress (Fey Bloodline) 1| HP 8/8; AC 10 (14 with Mage Armor) (T10, FF 10 (14 with Mage Armor), CMD 8)| F:+1, R:+0, W+2 | Init +2; Perception +6; Low-light vision | Spells: 1st 3/5 | Active: Mage Armor

"Well, you have two more arriving now! Three, actually, if you count me as well. Although then you should count Mirin too, it's only fair."

A cute, tiny voice can be heard from overhead, and a small thrush lands near the group "Alyssa and Nadyra should be here in no time!"

As the talking bird finishes his sentence, two women approach the trading post door, along with a pure white horse.

With a laugh, the younger woman, a blonde half-elf with deep green eyes, addresses the bird: "Come now, Lyra, you'll end up scaring people just dropping in like that! I'm sure most aren't used to talking thrushes!"

Smiling at the woman and two men already inside the post, she and continues "You'll have to excuse my flighty companion. I'm Alyssa, and this is my aunt Nadyra." Alyssa gestures behind her at the second woman, who has more pronounced elvish features, with long brown hair and large almond eyes. "We've come to help deal with the bandits that have plagued everyone living here for far too long."

Jul 19, 2023

Nodding politely again at the introduction, "A pleasure Svetlana." Extending his hand he shakes Olegs, answering. "I was to meet them here."

Hearing Harbinger nicker, Angus turns towards the door, seeing the bird nearing. Raising an eyebrow as the small thrush begins to speak. He paused, His elvish father had a pet raven that could talk. He'd called Mortimer a 'familiar.' Wondering which of the birds companions, Alyssa or Nadyra, was the wizard. Smiling at Oleg, he turns towards the gates, "And here they are now."

As the attractive half-elf begins to speak to the bird, he nods, 'I'll wager Harbinger's shoes it's her.' Smiling at the comment about 'talking thrushes' he watches as the half elf introduces herself and her traveling companions. Bowing politely, "I'm Angus of Elphinstone, the large non-speaking grey out front is Harbinger, he's with me."

Turning and gesturing towards Oleg and his wife. "This is Oleg and his wife Svetlana." Remembering something Svetlana said, he adds. "It is they who made a request for our help." He turns back towards Oleg, hoping the big man would expound on the nature of the situations.

Female Druid 1HP10/10F4R0W5Init+4Per6 AC12T10FF12

Liz sighed as she sat in the wagon as the farmer ambled towards Oleg's Trading Post. Suits me right for not learning to ride before I left, but I was in a hurry. Fifi snoozed beside her and her own horse ambled behind the wagon.

After her hurried exit from Kaer Maga, she found out that her love of nature and plants did not extend her the ability to ride a horse with any skill, ending up sore and bow legged seemed small price to pay to get away from her crooked family and her will to suffer at last drained dry when she managed to reach the place to get a charter to explore the Greenbelt. She then hired a wagon to drop her off at Oleg's and hopefully she would be able to rest for a bit.

Seeing the fort approach the farmer spoke over his shoulder. Here we are, I'll be dropping you off and watering my horse before heading back home. Make sure you get used to riding your horse while out here, lots less friendly types willing to give rides.

Liz nods. I understand, thank you. as they drew up to the fort, Liz exited the wagon and was joined by a fluffy explosion of fur as Fifi trotted next to her. Untying her horse, Liz walked through the gates and saw several people there. Hello! I am here with a charter to explore the Greenbelt! Is Oleg here?

Rhiann Female Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 | 12/12 HP | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort +5 (+9 nonlethal environmental) Ref +4 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +1, Sense Motive +1| low-light vision

Coming up from Southern Brevoy, Rhiann and her sister’s path to the outpost they were now approaching was a long one, covering a span of months. They’d traveled around, staying in a few small villages from time to time, fighting off the occasional bandit or two before moving on.

That was, until she got a hold of the charter to clear the Stolen Lands of bandits and stake a claim in the region. Making their way, sometimes on foot, sometimes by caravan, or the wagon of the occasional generous traveler heading in the same direction, the sisters trekked toward their destiny, something that felt far more within reach now that they were in sight of the open gates of the fort, designated as ‘Oleg’s Trading Post’.

”Looks like this is it!” she says to her sister, adjusting the pack on her shoulder.

Larelle Female Human Expert 1 | 8/8 HP | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Fort +0 Ref +3 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +3 (+5 darkness), Sense Motive +0| low-light vision

Larelle looks up from her little mental game of counting the different hoof prints, footprints and wagon tracks on the road leading to the wide open gate. Flashing her sister a grin, she stretches. "It’ll be nice to sit down…maybe even get a bath and a warm bed. There are supposed to be others we’re meeting here right?”

Rhiann Female Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 | 12/12 HP | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort +5 (+9 nonlethal environmental) Ref +4 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +1, Sense Motive +1| low-light vision

"Yeah! Looks like we might be the last ones here actually." she says as they walk through the gates, seeing a number of people looking fresh off the road.

"Pleased to meet you all, I'm Rhiann, and this is Larelle." Relatively tall for a human woman at just over 6’1, and blessed with lean yet well-defined muscle, while maintaining a degree of shapeliness, the woman in black carries herself with the predatory grace of a hunting cat. her pale complexion stands out against her raven black, short cropped hair, though by far, her most notable attributes are her steel grey eyes, that cooly take in each of the assembled people standing before her.

By contrast, the shorter woman standing beside her, seems far more at ease, her lithe form dressed in brown leather armor, standing in a relaxed posture as she looks around the fort with eyes, a slightly darker shade of grey, her long hair in a simple braid over her shoulder.

Jul 19, 2023

Watching the younger and older woman, Angus, having assumed that the charter holders would not nessecarily be alone, decided that the one named Alyssa was probably in charge. So two of the charter holders were here. As he was doing the math in his head he heard Harbinger nicker again and someone talking outside the fortress, resting his right hand on the sword frog, he turned towards the gates as a young woman in leather armor with a staff entered. As she asked about Oleg he pointed towards the man. Taking a mental count, 'That appears to be three.'

As he is about to introduce Oleg to the new member, he realizes Harbinger is nickering again. Smiling to himself, 'I wonder how long it will take for him to realize that not everyone is carrying carrots.' Hearing the conversation, he watches as the two women enter, There features similar, he realized they may be sisters, but the one was much taller. Even taller than himself. and wearing a chain shirt. Pausing he noticed the two bladed sword, he'd seen a lot of weapons, but not one of those.

Smiling at her greeting, "Welcome Rhiann and Larelle, may I assume you have a charter as well." giving a slight bow, "I am Angus of Elphinstone" As he spoke he turned and gestured towards the other two women, "this is Alyssa and her aunt, Nadyra." Turning he gestured towards the trading post owners. "And this is Oleg and his Wife Svetlana, the founders of the feast, so to speak."

He then turns back towards the other charter holder, gesturing towards her, inviting her to introduce herself. 'So we are at four.' Unintentionally he turns towards the trading posts doors, wondering how soon the fifth would arise.

in case it matters

Angus' appearance:
He is six foot tall, wide shouldered and narrow waisted, with a barrel chest, thick arms and wrists and long fingers. He has the ruddy complexion, high forehead and light brown hair (which he wears short) common in his fathers family and the prominent cheekbones and bright green cat-like eyes of his fey mother. His skin is tan and leathered from a lifetime of being outdoors. His Traveling clothes, layered for diverse weather, are simple made and durable. His armor, cobbled together from pieces parts: a second hand mirror armor and kilt, a bronze elvish style helmet. a newish wooden kite shield. His weapons varied, cold iron sword and spiked wooden morningstar, he's prepared for a myriad of monsters. Adding Lance, bardiche, javelin and dagger he's trained for any style of combat. All his gear is Clean and well kept.

M Human Cleric/Bard

30th of Pharast - 4710 AR
Trading Post Map

Oleg gives Angus a nod; “That sounds good, we will be ready for them as they arrive.” Svetlana heads off into the building on the north western corner of the trading post; “I’ll gather drinks!”

As people arrive, Oleg’s eyes widen with the talking thrush’s announcement of Alyssa and Nadyra arriving shortly; “Who all did Restov send? This is fantastic!”

Svetlana returns with wooden cups and a pitcher of water. “Oh my, I don’t think I brought enough cups. Why don’t I get some wine too?” as Angus introduces the ladies she smiles; “Come on over and take a seat at the tables and warm those hands with a bowl of stew. I’ll go get some wine.” With that she takes back off into the building.

Oleg runs a hand through his hair looking at the seven vastly different looking people who clearly came from different places; “Well, I’m Oleg. This..” gesturing to the old fort; “is our trading post. Svetlana and I took this over about four months ago.” he says scratching his beard. “Work in progress. Even more work since we were visited by the bandits that live to the south. They had been sent to collect their ‘taxes’ each month,” he says as he spits in the fire; “taking damn near every bit of our stock. How can someone make a living?”

Svetlana returns at the tail end of her husband’s comment; “Yes, yes. But look. The officials of Restov have answered our plea and have send aid. Now you don’t have to break you back getting those things fixed right now.” she points up to where the catapults sit. “Stew? Water? Wine?” Svetlana ask as she is already scooping stew and pouring drinks.

Oleg takes a cup of wine and drinks; “You’re right, thank you all for coming...” There is a hint of exhaustion in his voice with his thanks. The kind of exhaustion that comes from a stress that has gone on too long. “What can we do to help?”

What does your character do?

Female Druid 1HP10/10F4R0W5Init+4Per6 AC12T10FF12

Elizabeth is a young woman with black hair and green eyes, her hair being done up in braids and wears a plain brown cloak over her leather armor and uses her staff as a walking stick. Otherwise she looks fairly unremarkable.

Greets, I am Elizabeth, but please call me Liz. She holds up her charter. It seems that we will be traveling together, I hope that we will find good fortune out here. She settles down for some water and a very fluffy dog settles in next to her in next to her as she takes a drink.

Female Half-elf Sorceress (Fey Bloodline) 1| HP 8/8; AC 10 (14 with Mage Armor) (T10, FF 10 (14 with Mage Armor), CMD 8)| F:+1, R:+0, W+2 | Init +2; Perception +6; Low-light vision | Spells: 1st 3/5 | Active: Mage Armor

"A pleasure to meet you all! I look forward to traveling with you." Alyssa smiles at each of the new arrivals as Angus introduces them.

But her smile quickly fades as Oleg mentions his bandits problems.

"A tale too common around these parts, unfortunately. The bandits have been preying on all the honest people living in this part for years." she replies, her previously cheerful tone replaced with hints of anger and sadness. "Hopefully we'll be able to put a definite stop to them and make these lands safe for everyone else."

Alyssa gratefully accepts a bowl of stew from Svetlana and sits down, pondering on Oleg's question on what they could do.

"You said they came each month - when do you think they'll be coming back? They won't be expecting the six of us to be here, so we at least have surprise on our side. How big is their group?"

Rhiann Female Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 | 12/12 HP | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort +5 (+9 nonlethal environmental) Ref +4 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +1, Sense Motive +1| low-light vision

"Some stew and wine would definitely be appreciated." Rhiann says with a polite nod to Svetlana. Hearing about the bandits, the warrior shares a look with her sister, no doubt familiar with the banditry common in the area. "Yes, we share the charter in common with the rest of you," she says holding it up, before putting it away and heading over to the table.

Listening to Alyssa, she nods, also considering the actions of the bandit group Oleg described. "Do they return at a regular interval, or just show up at random, demanding whatever you have?"

Larelle Female Human Expert 1 | 8/8 HP | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Fort +0 Ref +3 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +3 (+5 darkness), Sense Motive +0| low-light vision

Larelle approaches Liz, clearly looking askance as she smiles at the bundle of fluff beside her. "Is she...friendly"

Jul 19, 2023

Nodding politely to Oleg, Angus was pleased that the man was patient. Raising an eyebrow when Svetlana said she'd go get drinks, it reminded him that he should water, unsaddle, and rub him down his mount. As Svetlana returns with refreshments Angus, having made quick introductions, (as much to help him remember as to be polite) listened as the others shared. He kept reminding himself he needed to take care of Harbinger, but beginnings like this were important and he didn't want to miss anything.

When Oleg mentioned the bandits, Angus raises an eyebrow and was pleased it frustrated the ladies as much as it did him. Looking from Alyssa to Rhiann as they asked Oleg very pointed questions. Chuckling as Larelle asked about Liz's dog, Angus turns back to Oleg, wondering if the bandits would be foolish enough to follow a schedule.

Not wanting to change the subject, but needing to care for his mount, Angus asks Oleg. "I don't want to change the subject, so after you fill us in on the bandits, could you tell me if you have a place I can board my steed?" He smiles, remembering something Gunnar had told him, "Calvary is only as good as their mounts."

Female Druid 1HP10/10F4R0W5Init+4Per6 AC12T10FF12

Liz nods at Larelle. Once she has chosen to trust you she is. At other times, she is a very protective guard. Yes. You guard me so well, good girl. Fifi looks up adoringly.

M Human Cleric/Bard

30th of Pharast - 4710 AR
Trading Post Map

Oleg accepts a bowl of stew from Svetlana an nods at Alyssa; “You’re right, they have been preying on everyone out here for too long. The hunters and trappers that come through the post speak rumors of where they have seen them, mostly tall tales kind of conversations around a fire with ale. But old Bokken just south of here has had run-ins with him.”

Taking a sip from the hot stew he turns to Svetlana; “It’s good.” She gives him a playful slap on the shoulder; “Mama’s recipe, you never forget those things when they are gone.” Svetlana continues about making sure everyone is well fed and doesn’t go thirsty.

Rhiann brings up how they return; “Fortunes have it, they return at the beginning of each month. They demand everything from our store room and if it isn’t enough… they threaten to take it out on us until we produce enough.” Looking to Angus who mentioned his horse; “They even took our only horse, left us with the mule to be able to labor the land.”

Perception DC16:

As Oleg mentions “they threaten to take it out on us until we produce enough.” you see Svetlana go to adjust a wedding ring almost out of habit, but one is not there.

Oleg continues on as Svetlana places a hand on his shoulder; “There was a dozen of them the first time they came. Less and less each time after that. Last month there was only five of them.”

Head hanging low; “I don’t know if we can continue out here this way without your help.”

Svetlana; “Sweetie, we have four stalls open in the stable behind you. Five if we put one with our mule. Ya’ll are free to stay here with no charge. The gods have answered our prayers.” She says kissing Oleg’s cheek.

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Rhiann Female Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 | 12/12 HP | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort +5 (+9 nonlethal environmental) Ref +4 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +1, Sense Motive +1| low-light vision

Perception: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 1 = 18

Rhiann's eyes narrow almost imperceptibly as she notices Svetlana's nervous gesture.

Bastards have already taken something of value, and meaning.

”So they should be back in roughly a week or so.” she says aloud, already thinking of the best response. "Fewer of them each time is definitely better though."

Female Druid 1HP10/10F4R0W5Init+4Per6 AC12T10FF12

Have you heard about where south they might have their base? Liz asks as she finishes her stew.
Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Jul 19, 2023

perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

Smiling at Liz's explenation of Fifi to Larelle, Angus considers his own pet, Harbinger. Chuckling to himself, he knew Gunnar wouldn't approve of him thinking of the horse as a pet, or even worse a friend. To Gunnar, hawks, horses and dogs were at worst tools and at best fellow workers. He often warned Angus not to get 'to close' to the animals. They were there for a task, nothing more nothing less. It's not that Angus didn't understand what Gunnar was saying, it just seemed like a sad way to go through life.

Realizing that Svetlana was offering him a bowl of soup, Angus accepted the soup and began to eat slowly. Deciding it wouldn't hurt to leave Harbinger out front for a little longer while the conversation continued, Angus focused on the soup while listening about the bandits. Watching as questions were asked and answered, Angus could see the 'gear's turning' as Rhiann and Liz gleened information so a plan could be formed. It was obvious that these ladies were here to stop the banditry and the humiliation that came with it. Nodding his approval, the Swordlords had selected the group well.

Finishing the soup, he sets the bowl down on the table as Setlana explains where the stalls are. Responding politely, "Thank you, for the soup." He nods towards the gates. "I'll move my mount to the stables and see that he's cared for, then take care of my gear."

Nodding politely to the other ladies, Angus excuses himself and heads back out of the 'trading post' to his mount. Rubbing the Dapple grey's muzzle, he leads the horse to the stables. Setting his own gear off the saddle in the corner, he places the saddle on the rack. Using the dandy brush, he removes and dust and thistles from Harbinger's coat, mane and tail, then he checks the stallion's feet. Having made sure his mount was in good shape he lead him to a stall, giving him food and hay. Rubbing Harbinger's nose, he promises to bring him back something sweet.

Gathering his rucksack and weapons from the floor, he heads back out to where the others had been talking. Listening as the conversation continues, once it dies down a little he asks, "Where should we store our gear?" Adding, "And do you have any apples or carrots?"

As Angus excuses himself to bring Harbinger in, Nadyra joins him, bringing the Mirin, the white mare she and Alyssa arrived with, along as well.

"I'm sure these two are a bit tired after their journey here. They deserve some rest as well"

She smiles as she watches Angus taking care of his steed.

"Angus, right? It's nice to see how much you care for your friend, and how much he cares for you. I can tell you two share a pretty strong bond."

Female Half-elf Sorceress (Fey Bloodline) 1| HP 8/8; AC 10 (14 with Mage Armor) (T10, FF 10 (14 with Mage Armor), CMD 8)| F:+1, R:+0, W+2 | Init +2; Perception +6; Low-light vision | Spells: 1st 3/5 | Active: Mage Armor

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
Alyssa nods sadly at Oleg's words. "They're quick to resort to violence and care nothing for the pain they cause their victims. It's time that their violence is payed in kind."

She looks at each of the other charter bearers, with particular focus on Rhiann and Angus, who seem to be the ones with more experience in a fight.

"Start of month means they could be coming here in a few days. We should have a plan on how to deal with them when that happens. Me and Nadyra have some magic that should prove useful in a fight, and I can ask Lyra to try to keep an eye on the southern road, to warn us when they're on their way."

Reference Image Cleric (Herald Caller) 1 | Max HP 9 | AC 14 T:10 F:14 | F+4 R+0 W+5 | Per+6 | Init+0 | CMD 9
Appraise* +4, Diplomacy +7, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (religion) +4, Perception +4, Profession (Merchant)* +7, Sense Motive +7, Spellcraft +4

< Outside, moments ago >

Rahaal stretches her sore, cold muscles, and (slowly) gets off the back of the caravan wagon that she's spent the last three days on. ”Thank you, master Lonel, for your service to the Church of Abadar in bringing me here. May your road be free of banditry, and may the Master of the First Vault reward you justly for your kindness.”

As she approaches the door to the trading post, she takes a deep breath.

OK, this is it. Abadar, I promised to serve wherever Your church needed me, and I am always good to my word…but did it haaave to be so remote?

No, I am sorry. Master of the First Vault, I know Your plans exceed my understanding. Let me then approach this as I should all Your work, with strength and determination, trusting that I can serve You best by doing the work You require, to bring the light of civilization to these freezing-cold, lawless lands.

< Now >

The door opens, and in walks a woman in a gold-trimmed white kaftan–a lovely garment, but also one clearly not suited to either the cold of a Northern Spring or to life in the backcountry, and one that’s showing dirt and stains from the road already.

Her dark walnut-brown skin and thick, black, wavy hair–as well her kaftan and golden jewelry–make it obvious she is Kelishite…and a long way from home. She wears many small thin gold bangles around her wrists, has gold earrings dangling from her ears, and a large, beautiful golden necklace bearing the Key of Abadar, marking her as one of his clerics. She also has unusual (striking? perhaps unsettling?) eyes: one green, the other golden.

She stands only a few inches over five feet in height, and looks desperately out of place in the backcountry…yet even so, she has a magnetic, commanding presence about her.

With a short bow, she says, ”Greetings to the masters of this house. I am Rahaal, bat Qajif v’Sawai, sworn cleric of Abadar, the Judge of the Gods.

"I am here to fulfill the charter assigned by the Swordlords to the Restov chapel of Abadar.” Trying her best to stifle a frown, she thinks-but-doesn’t-add, ...And as the least-senior cleric in the entire chapel it falls on me to leave behind the civilized pleasures of Restov, humble though they are, and suffer the cold and wind out here.

Hearing talk of bandits as she walks in, Rahaal's frown deepens, and she shakes her head.

"I had heard that banditry was rampant in these–"(miserable, uncivilized)"–lands.

"And I take it then that you are to be my fellows in enforcing the Swordlords' charter? Be that the case, I swear to bring whatever strength the Master of the First Vault grants me to teach them the meaning of justice, that we may one day truly civilize these hinterlands.

"First though, I would die for something hot to eat right now, and that stew smells heavenly. Do you by chance have more?"

Larelle Female Human Expert 1 | 8/8 HP | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Fort +0 Ref +3 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +3 (+5 darkness), Sense Motive +0| low-light vision

Looking up at the entrance of the new arrival, Larelle stifles a smirk, sharing a look with her sister as the Kelishite charter-holder makes a proclamation about civilizing the lands. Doing a quick appraisal of the woman's abundant jewelry in her head, Larell was sure that the bandits would be very happy to see her when they returned.

Jul 19, 2023

Earlier in the stables
As Angus headed to get Harbinger, he noticed the 'aunt' moving to take care of the white mare the Elvish women used. Slowing he looked at Nadyra's features, the long dark hair, large almond eyes and the delicately pointed ears. Alyssa appeared to be half elf, but Nadyra? Maybe she was very short elf, maybe she was something else. Unable to put his finger on exactly what it was, Alyssa's aunt, reminded him of his mother. Not her features so much as her bearing.

Realizing he was staring, Angus blinked and turned away when she commented about 'deserving some rest.' Patting Harbinger on the neck as he lead the large grey into the barn. "I don't know about rest, Harbinger can go all day and all night." He smiles turning back. "But if I don't feed him he gets really grumpy."

As he was brushing out Harbingers mane, he realized Nadyra was speaking to him. Nodding at her question, responding, "Yes, Angus, I grew up at House Lebeda's hunting lodge named 'Elphinstone' there is an ancient elvish tower, its namesake." He smiled, blushing slightly realizing he was stating the obvious, "Sort of obvious huh and it's Nadya right?"

He wanted to blurt out a million questions about Nadyra's heritage, if she was fey, if she was from the 'summerlands' if she knew a red-haired, green-eyed, fey woman named 'Willow.' Instead he avoided her eyes and responded, "Yeah, I raised Harbinger from a colt, My father Gunnar gave him to me."

Realizing that statement probably needed more explanation, "Gunnar isn't really my father, but he's one of the men who raised me. He's the Huntsman at Elphinstone, responsible for the horses, hounds and hawks." Going on with his story. "About four years ago one of the Lebeda noblemen was visiting and he brought his warhorse to show his cousins. Well, one of the warm blood 'Hunter jumpers' was in season and the big grey 'caught' her. Harbinger is the result." Angus, pats the stallion's withers, turning to the 'aunt' "Gunnar and Eldlen new I'd want to leave Elphinstone someday, So Gunnar gave him to me. figured it would be a good lesson for the both of us."

Having finished with the 'Dandy Brush' Angus expends it to Nadyra, "Would you like to use the brush on your mare?"

Having left the barn with his gear
As Angus asked Svetlana about gear and apples, he realized another woman had joined their ranks. 'Ah our fifth charter holder.' Raising an eyebrow at the white gold trimmed Kaftan, he notices the 'Key of Abadar' 'Ah a member of the clergy, that explains a lot.' Smiling to himself he returns his attention to Svetlana, and the possibilities of apples or some other treat for Harbinger.

Once his conversation with Svetlana is over, he moves towards the cleric, no reason not to introduce himself. As he nears, he noted her eyes were of different color. He'd heard an old-wives tale about women with two different colored eyes. Pushing the thought away, he shifts his rucksack to the opposite shoulder, extending a sword-calloused hand. "A pleasure to meet a fellow charter-holder, I'm Angus from Elphinstone."

M Human Cleric/Bard

30th of Pharast - 4710 AR
Trading Post Map

Oleg finishes off his bowl of stew and sets it on the table besides him. Shaking his head; “No, not a week. It will be only a couple days.” turning his attention to Elizabeth; “They can’t be too far, when they arrive it is always around sunup. But like I said, the trappers like to tell their tales. The longer you are here the more you’ll find out.”

Seeing Angus get up to tend to his horse, Oleg also rises; “Here, let me give you a hand.”

As the two men leave the tables Svetlana finally sits at the table with a cup of wine; “All of them are lawless, but the woman who led them the first time was deranged!” taking a drink of wine her hand shakes as she returns her hands to her lap; “She threatened to cut off Oleg’s hand if we didn’t give them our stock, and when that wasn’t enough I gave her my wedding ring.” wiping a tear away; “We didn’t have two coppers to rub together. So my mom gave me her wedding ring to be mine.” You catch her moving to spin her ring on her finger out of habit before she catches herself an runs her hands together.

Oleg helps Angus and Nadyra with the horses into the stable. Hanging the saddles on the rack against the wall, Oleg shows them the supply closet in the north east corner of the stables; “I try to have everything a traveler might need for their horse. Only downside is I’m no smith. Not a skill I practiced when we lived in a town. Building would be a priority if these bandits get under control.”

As Rahaal enters she sees a group of women sitting around the fire when one of the women stands up; “Welcome! Come on over here and sit down. The two of you must be hungry and need a drink.Im Svetlana. My husband and I run the trading post. Oleg is somewhere around here.” she begins scooping two bowls of soup for the newcomers; “It seems like this is the group you were looking for.”

What does your character do?

Reference Image Cleric (Herald Caller) 1 | Max HP 9 | AC 14 T:10 F:14 | F+4 R+0 W+5 | Per+6 | Init+0 | CMD 9
Appraise* +4, Diplomacy +7, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (religion) +4, Perception +4, Profession (Merchant)* +7, Sense Motive +7, Spellcraft +4

When Angus greets her, Rahaal shakes his hand, noting his calloused hands. "Well met, Angus of Elphenstone. I can see you know the value of a hard day's work, and I look forward to working with you."

Her mismatched eyes twinkle with warm memories as she adds, "I hail from the City at the Center of the World, Absalom, though the Church of Abadar sent me on a mission five months back to serve at Restov's quaint (if chilly) chapel to the Master of the First Vault...and then the Swordlords requested a cleric of Abadar to help fulfill this charter and, well, you know the rest."

When Svetlana motions her to sit, and eat, Rahaal feels a wave of relief (and exhaustion).

She gratefully takes a bowl, plops down in a not-padded-enough chair, says a quick prayer over the stew, and then digs in with gusto. "Ooooh I needed this, thank you!" She takes another bite...and realizes she's not sure she'll have the strength to get back up from the table afterward.

Between bites Rahaal turns to the others and asks, "And what of you? Pray tell your names, and who it was that sent you to join this charter."

I know everyone else has already introduced themselves before she arrived, but Rahaal would surely ask...and perhaps with her things go in different direction?

Female Druid 1HP10/10F4R0W5Init+4Per6 AC12T10FF12

Elizabeth notices the new arrival and nods her head. Welcome, I am Elizabeth and I came from the south in order to seek a new start for myself after I saw a posting for explorers for these lands. She looks over to the owners of the trading post and frowns.These bandits seem ready to kill both of them once they don't get any more plunder. We need to deal with them. Liz thinks to herself.

Rhiann Female Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 | 12/12 HP | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort +5 (+9 nonlethal environmental) Ref +4 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +1, Sense Motive +1| low-light vision

Rhiann nods as Svetlana explains the bandit leader taking her wedding ring, confirming her suspicions and sparing her having to advise the others of what she noticed.

We'll see how vicious this @#$%^ is when she has to face someone that can fight back

As the stunning newcomer joins them, she raises her tankard, greeting their new companion with a smile. "I'm Rhiann, that's my sister Larelle," she says with a nod in her sister's direction. "You could say we're answering the call, a chance to explore, eliminate bandits preying on people, maybe make something more of this region."

Larelle Female Human Expert 1 | 8/8 HP | AC 15 T 13 FF 12 | Fort +0 Ref +3 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +3 (+5 darkness), Sense Motive +0| low-light vision

"Yeah. What she said!" Larelle chimes in with a smirk that causes her older sister to roll her eyes, before extending a hand for Fifi to sniff, and decide if Larelle was worthy of petting her.

Before, at the barn

Nadyra smiles as she sees the young man's embarrassment while he tells his story, and she accepts the brush as he hands it and uses it on Mirin, while replying to him.

"I'm not familiar with most of your land, so you'll forgive me if the names you mentioned mean nothing to me. The man who raised you though, - Gunnar, was it? - seems like a wise man, and I'd say he was right in having you raise Harbinger."

Female Half-elf Sorceress (Fey Bloodline) 1| HP 8/8; AC 10 (14 with Mage Armor) (T10, FF 10 (14 with Mage Armor), CMD 8)| F:+1, R:+0, W+2 | Init +2; Perception +6; Low-light vision | Spells: 1st 3/5 | Active: Mage Armor

Alyssa smiles at the newcomer as well.

"I'm Alyssa, and the one alongside Angus is my aunt Nadyra."

At the woman's question on their reasons for being here, her smile drops. "No one sent us here - I've been living on these lands all my life and know all too well the suffering these bandits bring." She grabs at the intricate necklace around her neck and looks at it for a moment, before continuing. "When the call came for volunteers to deal with them, I knew I had to to what I could to put a stop to them. When I told her of my decision, Nadyra thankfully agreed to come along as well."

Jul 19, 2023

I find myself in conversation with three different people or locations, I think I've got them marked clearly, if this is problematic I will stop doing it.
Retconning the stables
Watching where Oleg kept his supplies, Angus nods when the Oleg spoke about not being a smith. Having handed the dandy brush to Nadyra, he picks up Harbinger's rear foot, he rests the hoof on his knee and begins to clean it out with a small hook. "A smith would be nice, especially for repairing tools and armor or weapons." Thinking about horseshoes, he continued. "Harbinger and I come from a hunting lodge. So, we don't have to worry about cobblestone streets like they do in the city. Since we're basically out in the wilderness shoes aren't that big of a deal." Letting go of the hoof, he turned and lifted the front leg. "Now, if we're going to spend time in town, or if we build streets here, I'll shoe him." Moving to the other side, he lift the rear hoof. "Until then, as long as I keep his hooves clean and occasionally file them with a rasp. He'll be fine." Standing up straight, he nods to Nadyra's white mare, "I'd be happy to look after your mare's feet as well." Returning his attention to the horse, he lifts the second front hoof and quickly cleans it as well.

Conversation with Nadyra
Smilng at Nadya's comment. "No forgiveness necessary, Elphinstone is a hunting lodge belonging to the Lebeda family near the banks of the Sellen River. I wouldn't expect anyone who hadn't been there to even know of its existence." He smiles slightly, "As for Gunnar, he was a crotchety old soldier, loyal to the Lebeda's." pausing for a moment thinking about the man who raised him. "Yeah, he was probably wiser than most." His smile widens. "And he was definitely right about Harbinger." Pausing for a moment, Angus thought about Harbinger's blood line. The Dame: a fast, smart, warm-blood, hunter-jumper, the Sire: a sturdy, strong, cold-blood, with nerves of steel, trained for war. If they found the right mares he could breed a new style of war horse, maybe create a dynasty.

As they left the barn he explained. "Actually, I'm not very familiar with most of my land either. I've seen maps, but I've only been to a couple of places and those were to get the charter and come here. Where do you and Alyssa hail from?"

with Rahaal
Smiling as the odd cleric greeted him, he looked down at his palm, then back at her face. Responding, "Thank you Rahaal, and I you."

As the priest talked about where she'd traveled from, Angus imagined the map on Eldlen's wall back in the tower. He remembered the location of the Isle of Kortos, and had passed through Restove on his way here. Furrowing his brow, he wondered if most had passed through the southern city and why the Swordlords didn't just have them meet there. Mentally shrugging at the idea, he stood in the courtyard, listening to the ladies talk, waiting for someone to tell him where to store his gear.

Female Druid 1HP10/10F4R0W5Init+4Per6 AC12T10FF12

Fifi looks warily at Larelle before Liz gives a few clucks and a stroke to Fifi's head. Fifi then sniffs at the offered hand and gives it a small lick to show they accept any pets.

Reference Image Cleric (Herald Caller) 1 | Max HP 9 | AC 14 T:10 F:14 | F+4 R+0 W+5 | Per+6 | Init+0 | CMD 9
Appraise* +4, Diplomacy +7, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (religion) +4, Perception +4, Profession (Merchant)* +7, Sense Motive +7, Spellcraft +4

Rahaal listens as the others introduce themselves.

When Alyssa explains how personal her connection to this mission is, Rahaal's eyes soften. "I am sorry for your losses. Just as I am for yours, Svetlana and Oleg." Turning to Rhiann, Larelle, Liz, Nadyra, Alyssa, and Angus, she says, "If you stand against the lawlessness wreaked by banditry then I am honored to stand beside you.

"That said, before we risk our lives together, I need to be truthful with you. While I have learned some prayers to call down Abadar's blessing, and even sparred a bit with acolytes in the Brotherhood, I have yet to stand in earnest against violent foes. I will do what the Judge of the Gods demands of me, to the best of my ability...but you deserve to know that when these bandits come–or when we come across them–it will be the first time I expect to need to answer violence with violence."

As she speaks, her tone is neither defensive nor apologetic. Rather she maintains a steady matter-of-factness as she looks each of her fellow charter-holders in the eye, and says, "I know that we must count on one another, in the coming days. I will do my best to earn your trust, and I ask that you give me the same, that we may learn to act together as the aeons do, in perfectly unified order."

M Human Cleric/Bard

30th of Pharast - 4710 AR
Trading Post Map

Svetlana and the ladies continue their conversation, Oleg, Angus and Nadyra eventually return to the cookfire and tables. Oleg is looks around to the group that is here. Pointing to the stables; “Back in there, Angus mentioned something about ‘if we build streets here.’” turning back to the group; “you all keep mentioning this charter… What exactly does this charter say for you to do? The only thing we requested was for guards to be sent to help keep away bandits from the trading post.”

Svetlana stands and moves towards Oleg; “I am sure you all are tired from the ride. We have a bunk house right here where you can unload.”

“No, Lana!” Oleg quickly cuts her off; “We took over this fort to become a trading post to get away from the political games and get closer to nature. I… WE deserve to know what exactly is going on here from the…” turning towards Angus; “Swordlords of Restov, you said?”

Svetlana moves besides Oleg and takes hold of his hand, but stands strong besides her husband. You do get the sense from her that there still is an urgency for aid.

What does your character do?

Jul 19, 2023

Not seeing an issue with sharing what was written, Angus sets down his rucksack, reaching into his pouch again. Drawing out the charter, he extends it towards Oleg, "Here, read for yourself."

Reference Image Cleric (Herald Caller) 1 | Max HP 9 | AC 14 T:10 F:14 | F+4 R+0 W+5 | Per+6 | Init+0 | CMD 9
Appraise* +4, Diplomacy +7, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (religion) +4, Perception +4, Profession (Merchant)* +7, Sense Motive +7, Spellcraft +4

Rahaal raises an eyebrow at the apparent confusion.

She gives a nod to Angus, but keeps her eyes on Oleg and Svetlana's faces as they read the document.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

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Angus Elphinstone wrote:

Conversation with Nadyra
As they left the barn he explained. "Actually, I'm not very familiar with most of my land either. I've seen maps, but I've only been to a couple of places and those were to get the charter and come here. Where do you and Alyssa hail from?"

"We've been living together in a small village at the southern edge of Brevoy, right near these lands. You might even have passed it on your here." Nadyra replies, as they rejoin the others. "Oh? Seems like we have another new arrival." She adds, as she spots Rahaal, giving the newcomer a curious look.

Just replying to Angus question and rejoining the side dialogue with the main one :)

Female Half-elf Sorceress (Fey Bloodline) 1| HP 8/8; AC 10 (14 with Mage Armor) (T10, FF 10 (14 with Mage Armor), CMD 8)| F:+1, R:+0, W+2 | Init +2; Perception +6; Low-light vision | Spells: 1st 3/5 | Active: Mage Armor

"I'll admit I did not give the charter much attention when it arrived, but I got the idea it just tasks us with exploring the land south of here and bringing any bandit we encounter to justice." Alyssa says to Oleg, with a confused look on her face, not knowing anything about Brevoy's political landscape. "Is there anything else I might have missed?"

Female Druid 1HP10/10F4R0W5Init+4Per6 AC12T10FF12

Indeed, the charter says we can explore and map the area surrounding the trading post and also strive to fight banditry. She glances at Angus. Perhaps there was some getting ahead of ourselves. We would certainly need much more than this charter to do anything plus we don't have near the amount of equipment to build anything like roads.

Rhiann Female Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 | 12/12 HP | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort +5 (+9 nonlethal environmental) Ref +4 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +1, Sense Motive +1| low-light vision

"The Wait reads to me is actually pretty on par with the River Kingdoms general philosophy. Eliminate the bandit problem, make the area safe, And we can hold on to whatever territory we can protect." Rhiannon says, looking at her companions, then focusing on Oleg.

"I can definitely see the appeal to getting away from things like politics, but if you have a place without a strong ruler or protectors, or even just basic community rules or traditions, You get exactly this... People doing whatever the hells they want because there's nobody to tell them they can't. In other words, your bandit problem."

Jul 19, 2023

Having handed the charter to Oleg, Angus tries to sort out the different perspectives voiced by the very different women. When the druid glances at him, and comments about 'equipment' he is unable to hide his confusion. Blinking he asks, "What equipment, I was talking to Oleg about why you would keep shoes on a horse."

M Human Cleric/Bard

30th of Pharast - 4710 AR
Trading Post Map

Oleg takes the charter and begins reading through it, mumbling as he goes; “bearer of this charter… Swordlords of Restov… great good and authority… right of exploration and travel within… thirty-six miles east and west and sisty miles south of my trading post?” Scanning the rest quickly. “You weren’t sent to help us, you were sent to deal with the bandits in the area so they,” pointing east towards the entrance of the trading post; “can claim more land and expand their reach…”

As he hands the charter back to Angus, Oleg walks off in frustration to the building where Svetlana had retrieved the water and wine from.

Rahaal’s Sense Motive:

No sense motive needed. He is clearly not happy with what Restov is wanting to do. He moved here to get away from their reach and to him they are just clawing closer towards him.

“He’ll be alright,” Svetlana says nervously. “At times he can be a bit, proud. Yes there are other reasons you came besides answering our plea, but you’re here and as my mom always said ‘ya get what ya get, and don’t throw a fit.’ She smiles.

“As I was saying before, over here is the bunk houses.” pointing to the building to the east. (A2) “We have four bunk beds in there. There is a trunk at the foot of each for storage and a small cabinet besides each bed.” Looking to the group and seeing eight ladies and one man; “If you want, Angus, we have a room in our house that we can turn into a makeshift bedroom if the ladies want the privacy of their own space. It’s up to all of you.”

“I’ll let you all get settled and I will go see to Oleg. If there is anything that you need, please let us know. We have some supplies since it’s been almost a month since they came last… but not a lot. We do have a trader who comes through about twice a month that can get anything specific you might need that we don’t have.” Svetlana pauses for any questions before heading in after her husband.

It's just after midday, and from the sounds of it the bandits should be returning to collect their taxes in two short mornings.

What does your character do?

Female Half-elf Sorceress (Fey Bloodline) 1| HP 8/8; AC 10 (14 with Mage Armor) (T10, FF 10 (14 with Mage Armor), CMD 8)| F:+1, R:+0, W+2 | Init +2; Perception +6; Low-light vision | Spells: 1st 3/5 | Active: Mage Armor

"Thank you Svetlana, and I'm sorry about Oleg. I admit I know little about Brevoy's politics, and know nothing about your reasons for coming all the way out here." Alyssa pauses for a bit to look down at her pendant, before looking back up at Svetlana "But even if it's not exactly what Oleg wanted, it should still be preferable than continuing under the threat of these bandits, right?" Alyssa looks around the group, looking for confirmation from those who might be more familiar with Brevoy's political climate.

"As for supplies, it might be a good idea to see if you have anything that might prove useful against the bandits. We should make the most of the time we have to plan how best to handle them."

Female Druid 1HP10/10F4R0W5Init+4Per6 AC12T10FF12

Perhaps lay a trap for the bandits when they enter? if we hide ourselves and strike quick, we could deal with them with little risk to ourselves.

Rhiann Female Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 | 12/12 HP | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort +5 (+9 nonlethal environmental) Ref +4 Will +2 | Initiative +3 | Perception +1, Sense Motive +1| low-light vision

"Sounds like a solid idea, maybe oil just inside the gates, and once they're in, light it with a burning arrow, or torch or something, to cut off any escape route" Rhiann, suggests.

Jul 19, 2023

Raising an eyebrow at Oleg's 'interpretation' of the charter, Angus accepts the document back from the merchant and watches as he storms off. Turning as Svetlana tries to explain, he chuckles, Angus didn't know anyone who couldn't be a bit proud over something. As Svetlana looks towards the group Angus does the same. Letting the women have the bunk house made good sense, but with Oleg's attitude taking over a room in his house would just confirm whatever misguided opinions he had. Shaking his head, Agus nods towards the barn. "I will make a space in the hayloft. The weather's nice enough I won't need a fire." He smiles, 'It will be like the summers back in Elphinstone. Besides, it will let me keep an eye on the horses." His mind shifts to the real reason they were here. The smile wains "And if anyone would show up before dawn, they won't expect someone attacking from the barn."

Once Svetlana has gone to calm her husband, Angus listens as the conversation turns towards the bandits. Setting his gear near the table Angus helps himself to another bowl of Svetlana's stew; It really was quite good. Liz and Rhiann both had good ideas, Angus liked the idea of trapping the bandits in the courtyard. While he wasn't sure about a fire, it wouldn't be that hard to shut the gates. If they kept the building doors locked the bandits would have no place to find cover. Folks could shoot from the ledge of the parapet, people on the ground could wait in choke points.

Taking a bite of the stew he points towards Rhiann with the spoon. "I like the idea of preventing them from leaving. We could shut the gates from the inside or the outside. Or we could use some sort of spell. My concern with the oil is twofold, they may see or smell it and, when it is lit, we may catch fire to the 'trading post'." He shrugs slightly, "As frustrated as Oleg is, I don't think it will help matters if we catch his home on fire."

He looks at the ladies and asks. "Does anyone have any small magics that could block or entrap the entrance if we decide not to just shut the doors?"

Glancing at the parapets, he takes another bite of the stew, pointing the spoon at the nearest catapult. "Do any of you ladies know anything about engineering? Might calm Oleg's nerves if we can help him defend himself."

Female Druid 1HP10/10F4R0W5Init+4Per6 AC12T10FF12

I can prepare a spell that has plants spring from the ground to entrap those in the area, although we would be at risk as well.

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