A Very Grimm War for the Crown (Inactive) (Inactive)

Game Master Nikolaus de'Shade

Loot List
Persona Rules

Loyalty: 13
Okerra: Helpful, Crabbe: Helpful, Voinum: Friendly, Piscum: Friendly.


Civic Improvements, Advanced (3,600 gp): Investing more money allows Stachys to renovate its waste systems, build new walkways, and construct new buildings. The PCs gain 3 Loyalty Points.

Farms, Advanced (3,600 gp): With more cash, the community can acquire hardier seed, fertilizer, and even magical renewal for the soil. The PCs gain 3 Loyalty Points.

Festivals (1,800 gp each): Festivals to mark special occasions and holidays are an easy way to win support and impress the neighbors, but PCs can’t hold more than one festival every 2 weeks. A festival raises the town’s opinion of the PCs to indifferent if it has fallen to unfriendly. Inviting a noble to visit during a festival grants the PCs a +2 circumstance bonus on checks to influence that noble during the visit. If the PCs hold at least three festivals, they gain 1 Loyalty Point.

Market, Advanced (1,800 gp): Lending some money to establish a new, permanent store in town helps bring new products and luxuries into the community. Completing this improvement grants Stachys the prosperous settlement quality.

Pump House, Advanced (4,500 gp): Repairing the pump’s full functionality with a magical or engineering solution and establishing a regular ferry service helps connect Stachys to the rest of the county via the canal system. The PCs can now travel along the canals to reach their destinations more quickly. The cost of this improvement can be reduced by 2,000 gp with a successful DC Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (engineering) check, representing 3 days of dedicated work. The PCs gain 3 Loyalty Points.

Statue (900 gp): Once the PCs have invested at least 10,000 gp into town improvements, they can erect a statue in town square, honoring the local culture, the local nobility, or themselves. If they choose to honor the local culture, they gain 1 Loyalty Point. If they choose to honor the local nobility, they gain a +1 equipment bonus on Diplomacy checks to influence nobles of the county. If they choose to honor themselves, the statue becomes a minor tourist attraction, increasing the town’s base value by 10%.

Temple, Basic (3,600 gp): Stachys has a small shrine to Abadar, Erastil, Iomedae, and Shelyn, and with expensive construction this can be transformed into a small temple to any one of these gods. This improvement grants the PCs access to the healing services of a 1st-level cleric while in town, free of charge. The PCs gain 2 Loyalty Points.

Temple, Advanced (9,000 gp): With a sanctified altar, expanded library, and charitable infrastructure, Stachys develops one of the nicest temples in the region, providing free education, food, and shelter for locals. This provides the PCs with free access to the spellcasting abilities of a 3rd-level cleric while in town and increases the community spellcasting level by 1 as more experienced clerics visit from neighboring communities. The PCs gain 2 Loyalty Points.