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Open recruitment for #2-11, The Penumbral Accords. High tier preferred.

The daughters of Absalom's mysterious Blakros family have long been among the most pursued maidens in the Inner Sea. Now the family's matriarch approaches the Pathfinder Society to help her break a centuries-old pact with the denizens of the Plane of Shadow to save her twin daughters from a life of servitude at the hands of the Onyx Alliance. Heading into the fan-favorite adventuring location of Blakros Museum, the PCs have only a short amount of time to break the Penumbral Accords and solidify the Pathfinder Society's ties to the powerful Blakroses.

1. Posting expectations are standard: 1 post/weekday and 1 post/weekend. This puts the expected completion date in early August, so probably in time for Gameday but maybe not in time for Gen Con. Plan accordingly.

2. I prefer the high tier because (a) most of my characters are moving out of the low tier range, and (b) I really need practice GMing for higher tier characters. High tier characters (3-5) get priority, and character classes I haven't GMed before get priority.

3. This scenario is the prequel to several others I've really enjoyed (Blakros Matrimony, Hellknight's Feast) and it also deals with the Shadow Plane, which is of interest to a PFS2 character of mine. Characters who have already played other Blakros scenarios or players who have some demonstrable interest in the Shadow Plane get priority.

If you're interested, please make an in character post. Pretend that two missions have been offered to your character - this one, or #4-19 (Night March of Kalkamedes). Why is your character accepting this mission rather than the other one?

Grand Lodge

i have some lvl 3's i can bring...and multiple lvl 2's if going low.

edit...i have a lvl 4 cleric...forgot i had to lvl him up

Sovereign Court

"Yip, yip! Jarrett Drendar here, Swashmonkler extraordinaire! I heard there was a lady in danger? Oh my, oh my! I hope we can help, yip yip! Dog and I are here, if you need our services."

Jarrett is a Swashbuckler/Monk multi-class with the Scaled Fist template so his monk abilities go off CHA instead of WIS.

Liberty's Edge

Oracle 5 here who's available (helping get to the high tier).

A gnome with stark white hair and an overly youthful face approaches. While he doesn't seem incapable of empathy, he is very stoic and seems distant much of the time. Those who work with him long enough know better...

A pact with the plane of shadow... This interests me because I know not where my own powers originate. Every encounter with the planes is another chance to attune myself to a locale and see if it resonates with my powers, revealing their source to me. No such journey is without severe danger, but I'm no stranger to it.

Silver Crusade

Hi! I would be interested!

I have a bard 2 / oracle 1.

Thanks for GMing. :-)

Player: noral
Character: Xiao Katsu
Pfs: 314670-16
Faction: Silver Crusade
Track: normal

I can of course play him in high tier. His support build makes Xiao Jr. a great addition in the back of the group with inspire courage.

I have a level 5 rogue who just finished The Midnight Mirror (which deals with the shadow plane), or a level 2 paladrager/shadowdancer-in-training who doesn't mind playing up.

Sovereign Court

An older veteran knight walks in with a limp. "I've had recent experience with the Wayangs, people linked to the Shadow Plane. Perhaps I can help. And I doubt my leg would be an asset chasing after a sleeping Pathfinder."

Level 3 Oradin available. I might have some unavailability towards the end of the scenario, but I'm willing to discuss it if needed.

Silver Crusade

"Shadow plane.... Is not my prey. But if Pathfinders need this prey hunted, then I hunt."

I'd love to play Nali again. Inquisitor 5 with a ranged focus

Grand Lodge

hey...grimdog73's toon here...just have to lvl him up. Hey Soup, can you get me he chronicle for the Unseen Inclusion for Goram?

The Exchange

Rogue reporting for duty

Grand Lodge

Hmm...well it really comes down to my mission in Minata. Dealt with some wayangs...even got some of their artowrk done...great artists. Had to deal with some menacing denizens of the Shadow Plane...but all in all, mission successful. Goran says, proudly showing off his ear piercing and the tattoo of Sarenrae done on his chest.

Silver Crusade

Xiao suddenly looks at Sir Hayden.

”Sir, I think that I heard about you! You were really big and fell on one of these nice shadow people, right? Do you know that stories travel super fast?! When you start talking to people and they just explain about the guy that can’t walk well but is super correct and kind and stuff!? That’s you!“ the little Halfling says beaming.

* *

The little Halfling suddenly shouts ”Nali!!! How are you?! What have you been doing since we were on the trail of this poor guy that suddenly went missing in this unbelievable heat and with all those Kobolds chasing us?! Can you remember me?!“

Sovereign Court

The knight nods sheepishly. "I hate to think of the stories they tell, but yes, it does seem like that was me. It was an ungraceful way to take out an opponent, but at least no lasting harm was done. It seemed the platform would not hold my magically enhanced weight. I blame it on the spell and not the extra honeycake I had that morning!" He chuckles.

"At least they graced me with this earring too!" He gestures to an intricate chain linking several piercings in his ear and holding a wayang-inspired symbol of Sarenrae.

Silver Crusade

Nali nods and spends a moment as Sir Hayden speaks to parse out what was said. "Good, good," she finally states, "Afterwards, was in ...Sewer, yes? ... hunting truth of weird old man. Found Prey there," said with a tone that actively defines that Capital 'P' as that important to her, " and ended it as one should. Then, dealt with weird plants, weird beast from beyond and weird man.... much weird in big Absolom." She ends by nodding, as if that statement was factually true.

Grand Lodge

A bald elf with a crafty smile interrupts the conversation "What are the Blackros on right now? I have an offer to march on Varisia, but I cannot leave those old cunning museum lads alone in a time of need"

When people start to talk about the nature of the mission, the elf adds "If you are to deal with the Shadow Plane you are going to need someone with experience in the matter. My magic and my blade will be of help, and I have gone through enough adventures to guide you through the tricks of the plane. That place it is not what you might think, but it is not completely imaginary either, there is some truth on it. It is said some powerful beings use it to move from one side to another quickly at the edges where it folds with other planes of existence"

I have played Mist of Mwangi and Silvermount Collection and GMed Mists and Blackros Matrimony. Also played the Society Special: Year of the Shadow Lodge and a couple modules in the Hao Jin Tapestry which is not the Shadow Plane, but are about traveling through a demiplane, and Between the Lines, which is a mindscape rather than a plane.

Silver Crusade

Xiao jr. is impressed.

” Wow, you guys have really a lot of experience with the shadow playing and it seems that you also know a lot about this museum! I have to admit that my siblings also taught me a lot about these two areas specifically and I have a major interest to learn more about the Blakros aristocratic family and their museum as well as the plane of shadows! Another plane! Awesome!!“ he says very excited.

Liberty's Edge

Arin puts one hand on his chin and looks around at those assembled. Just then Xiao speaks up, saying what he's thinking.

Indeed, it looks like some of you have experience in this realm. Nali, was this before that nasty business we shared reclaiming beacons for the Paracountess Zarta? What other things hail from the shadow plane, aside from these Wayang?

I have played the Blakros Matrimony, Mists of the Mwangi, and the Call of the Copper Gate, but not with this character and not GM'd any of them.

Silver Crusade

Yes, I have also played almost all Shadow themed games and modules but not with this character. :-/

Dark Archive

A nondescript man who seems to have been here the whole time, unnoticed, speaks up. "Hm... I remember reading a bit about the Plane of Shadow after that unfortunate incident when the archives flooded." He sips from a glass slowly before turning to the venture-captain. While it is my preference to blend in with a crowd when I do not want to be seen, perhaps there are secrets there that I could turn to my advantage. And it can never hurt to have friends in high places."

Devaan is a Wizard (Mage of the Veil) 3 headed for the Veiled Illusionist prestige class.

I have played this before with a different character in 2018, but have a boat of replays to use.

Wow, talk about last minute! I came in to the thread to pull names for my super sophisticated selection algorithm (Excel RAND function), and Devaan's post was timestamped "49 seconds ago".

Without further ado, will the following please report to the Gameplay and Discussion threads:

Arin Qualnoh
Xiao Katsu
Hayden Greyrun
Nali Faina
Goran Baldaros
Eldon García

Sorry, Jarrett and Devaan. The Excel gods have spoken. Devaan can be first alternate.

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