There Will Come a Reckoning (Inactive)

Game Master Helix Missionary

The West is a dark, strange, dangerous place. It takes dangerous people to make a difference.

Fear Table:
If you fail a Fear Test, roll 1d20 and consult the following table. Normally, penalties on the Fear Test become bonuses to this roll. (For example, a Fear Test at -2 would trigger a roll of 1d20+2 on the table.)

Adrenaline Surge: The hero’s “fight” response takes over. He acts as if he had a Joker this action!
Distracted: The hero is Distracted until the end of his next turn.
Vulnerable: The character is Vulnerable until the end of his next turn.
Shaken: The character is Shaken.
The Mark of Fear: The hero is Stunned and suffers some cosmetic physical alteration—a white streak forms in his hair, his eyes twitch constantly, or some other minor physical alteration manifests.
Frightened: The character gains the Hesitant Hindrance for the remainder of the encounter. If he already has it, he’s Panicked instead.
Panicked: The character immediately moves his full Pace plus running die away from the danger and is Shaken.
Minor Phobia: The character gains a Minor Phobia Hindrance somehow associated with the trauma.
Major Phobia: The character gains the Major Phobia Hindrance.
Heart Attack: The hero is so overwhelmed with fear that his heart stutters. He becomes Incapacitated and must make a Vigor roll at –2. If successful, he’s Stunned. If he fails, he dies in 2d6 rounds. A Healing roll at –4 saves the victim’s life, but he remains Incapacitated. He may be treated normally thereafter.

Injury Table:
Whenever you cause a Wound to someone, roll 2d6 and consult the table below.

2: Unmentionables. Mostly for fun. Permanent wounds prevent children.
3-4: Arm. 3 is left, 4 is right; that arm is unusable per the One Arm Hindrance. Off-hand penalties still apply where relevant.
5-9: Guts. Roll 1d6. 1-2: Broken, reduce Agility one die type. 3-4: Battered, reduce Vigor one die type. 5-6: Busted, reduce Strength one die type.
10: Leg. Gain the Slow Hindrance, increasing from Minor to Major if already taken.
11-12: Head. Roll 1d6. 1-3: Hideous Scar, gain the Ugly (Major) Hindrance. 4-5: Blinded, gain the One Eye Hindrance (or Blind if there was only one eye to shoot). 6: Brain Damage, reduce Smarts one die type.