Qstor's 3.5e Kingdoms of Kalmar PbP Re-Recruitment

Game Master Qstor

3.5e game using Kalamar setting

Maps and handouts

I wanted to run Stand and deliver as a "short campaign" in 3.5e which it was written for. I don't feel like converting it to Pathfinder and using Pathfinder Rules. I kinda want to run a "throw back" to 3.5e. I really like the setting and ran a year and a half long 3.5e campaign in it 2 years ago.

PC Creation
1. No evil aligned PCs.
2. 32 point buy for abilities.
3. PHB the Guide to the Sovereign Lands,other Kalamar books like Friend and Foe, Complete Warrior, Complete Divine, Complete Arcane, Complete Adventurer and the Spell Compendium only for feats, races and spells.
4. PHB and Guide to the Sovereign lands classes only
5. Maximum starting gold.
6. If a feat in the Kalamar books is over balanced I reserve the right to ban it.
7. Tome of Battle banned

I'll use block Initiative for the game.

Thanks for reading :)