Where Dark and Light Don't Differ

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Called to aid a stranger, our heroes explore a strange land.

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Jerrica/Sig/Dagmarr/Rosa/Frostine/Thorgr: 13230/15000

Time in Vesaria:


Days are based off the gods' names and each one is considered good luck for a particular activity.

Abadus: 1st day, day of work
Sheylus: 2nd day, day of love
Erastus: 3rd day, day of family
Saraenus: 4th day, day of worship
Gozrus: 5th day, day of nature
Desnus: 6th day, day of travel
Pharus: 7th day, day of rest


Months are 28 days long (7 days, 4 weeks)

The year begins at the Winter Solstice, the season of fall is seen as the end of the year.

1: Starsbright
2: Frostfall
3: Frostend
4: Sowings
5: Blossoming
6: Warming
7: Sunsheight (Summer Solstice)
8: Wandering
9: Sunsdown
10: Forgefire
11: Cooling
12: Harvest

Current Date: Gozrus, 12th of Harvest, 251 AS

Map of Zahvroma

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Map of Valwick

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A Timeline (of sorts):

The First Age (1004 years):

An age that saw the dominion of the Predecessor's, a race of giant folk who had mastery over the powers of magic. It is said that Nethys found out their secrets after the fall of their society and ascended to godhood. The gods had destroyed their civilization, burying it beneath the island of Zahvroma and bringing an end to the First Age. It is unknown when Malfeliax, the great dragon of Zahvroma, appeared, but sightings had been recorded in the late part of the First Age.

The Second Age (876 years):

Also called the 'Age of Conquest'. A series of cataclysms cause a shift in the ecology of Vesaria. The once-whole continent is split into various continents and islands. It is at this time that the gods take a more direct approach in their dealings with humanity. These gods are called the First Pantheon. War breaks out in several places as displaced peoples try to lay claim to the new lands.
Zahvroma is exempt from this, as the Anizari maintain the power gained after the downfall of the Predecessors. Anakhelm becomes the patron god of Zahvroma. Massive rebuilding takes place on the island. The First Pantheon departs for unknown reasons from Vesaria. Nethys ascends to godhood. Further evidence of Malfeliax is found.
War in Vesaria subsides as lands are claimed and the Second Pantheon of gods emerges, among them Aroden, Nethys and Irori. The Age of Conquest ends as foreigners emigrate to Zahvroma, displacing the once-dominant Anizari.

The Third Age (527 years):

Also called the 'Age of Necromancers'. The god, Aroden, creates the Starstone, an artifact capable of bestowing divinity upon those deemed worthy. This gives rise to the gods, Cayden Cailean and Norgorber. Aroden receives visions of an imminent cataclysm and prepares the Zahvromans for the upcoming invasion. Aroden mysteriously dies a few years before the cataclysm. The Shard of the Sky lands on Zahvroma where the White Tower once stood, providing a planar gateway for a multitude of invaders. Malfeliax's existence is confirmed as he takes part in the war.
Once the Shard is shattered into several pieces by the dragon, the fighting subsides, though a lingering evil remains on the island. Survivors flee for Icathia and other regions. Iomedae ascends to take Aroden's place. Shortly after, a rebellion of wizards take place on the Magi Islands. The majority of the wizards are revealed to be necromancers. Fighting spreads across Vesaria until the instigators are put to death, further causing a rift between radical spellcasters and various governments. These radicals depart for Zahvroma. The first expedition to Zahvroma by the Iomedean church is lost.

The Fourth Age (presently 251 years):

Also called the Age of Separation. The kingdom of Alarion descends into civil war between the two heirs of King Veros of Alarion, dragging all the other countries of the continent into the bloody campaign. A great wall is built on the site of King Veros' castle, splitting Alarion into two separate countries. Horace the Red overthrows the kingdom of Brannum and establishes his own rule. Icathia, in near poverty after the war, is beset by the elven kingdom of Talathel, the orc territory to the north and Horace's kingdom. Two more Iomedean expeditions to Zahvroma are made; the first lost, the second's fate unknown.

The Thirteen Necromancers:

1 - Chalandra Skorzeny, Mistress of Sorrows (departed, mask destroyed)
2 - Solomon, the Worm that Walks
3 - Vencious Ivengar, Master of Tortures (deceased, mask destroyed)
4 - Straub Aduain, the Clockwork King (deceased, mask destroyed)
5 - Alexandros, the Debauched Heir (deceased, mask destroyed)
6 - Jahlrem, Servant of the Rough Beast (deceased, mask destroyed)
7 - Ju'ok Kalokh, ?
8 - Ethan Poulton, Lord of Time (deceased, mask destroyed)
9 - Wyvaire, Mistress of Winter
10 - Tichran, the Fleshcrafter
11 - Dillon Nivous, Threader of Fate (converted, mask destroyed)
12 - Mirrin, Eater of Magic (converted, mask destroyed)
13 - Nkosi, the Last King of Lakarra

Language Key:

Orc = Norwegian
Elven = Welsh
Celestial = Irish
Abyssal = Arabic
Infernal = Telugu
Goblin = Afrikaans
Giant = Icelandic
Draconic = Urdu
Dwarven = Russian
Halfling = Dutch
Undercommon = Basque
Vishkanya = Hindi
Jinzhi = Japanese
Valanian = French
Dark Folk = Spanish
Gnome = Cebuano
Anizari = Corsican