A River of Time.

Game Master Havocprince

A Song of Ice and Fire alternate history.

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A tale needs a cast, and a cast needs a home.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

I have arrived!!! Thank you again for this! ^_^

I've sent out the link for this, so now we wait!

Male GMT

I'm sold! I love the house creation system, and have played a grand total of one session.

I do not think we will have to wait long. One warning. I am Jewish, observantly so. I will not be on from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday for any reason, I also will not be on for the high holidays and such. I do hope this will not be an issue for anyone getting overly impatient. I will be more than happy to warn you all ahead of time when I will not be on.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

So are we going to roll as it has us or choosing? Because I'm totally cool with either!

Male GMT

That's fine by me. I appreciate the heads up as opposed to wondering where you disappear to.

Mind if I invite others?

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 23/30

Hazzah, I have been waiting patiently beside Timeskeeper for a lovely GM to pick us up on running this ^_^. I am excited!

Also, I'm cool with whatever restrictions you need man.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

I am perfectly fine with this. I have a fellow gamer in RL who is Jewish and we plan our games around him because he's the only one with stuff like that. So it's all cool!

I figured there would be a total of 5 of us. Though I am unsure if Amergin will be joining us because of the new baby and all.

Male GMT

I'm leaning towards an axeman.

Perhaps channelling a little bit of David Gemmel's "Legend" character of the same moniker.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

I have a few ideas for a character but I do need to know where and when we're playing first.

You will be building your house step by step with some minor adjustments. You will be choosing your realm, this will be an important choice I want you all to agree on. It will shape your game more than any other choice. It is 281 AC the Tourney at Harenhall has just finished with the crowning of the queen of Love and Beauty, and though you do not know it yet, all smiles have truly died on this day.

Your actions may change the force and paths of history.

I will be walking you through step by step so we get everything where it needs to be.

Also, as it is almost sundown, I will only be on for a few more minutes. You good folks have a whole day to decide among yourselves where you want to place yourself in the tapestry of the brewing conflict.

Feel free to ask questions, I will answer them as promptly as possible.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4


Well, that is one way to do this! Oh man this is going to be interesting!

Male GMT

I suggest a house in a central location. Maybe even crownlands. So matters of distance won't block us from influencing events. Or prevent enemies from challenging us quickly.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

If you want to be in the center of it all that would more be the Riverlands. That is where is all kinda takes place... war wise any ways.

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 23/30

Personally...I have no heavy desire towards any one region. I'm not a huge GoT's buff so each region is mostly the same to me.

I would be more inclined to Roll twice on the chart and vote based on that.

Which if that's acceptable to the rest of you...

Realm Roll: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 4) = 8

Realm Roll 2: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 4) = 8

Rerolling Realm Roll 2: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 3) = 14

If I am looking at the right charts....the Riverlands or the Reach.

Two pretty good choices to choose from honestly. If I were to scratch my head and vote...I'd vote The Reach purely because that means we can get up to Dornish shenanigans and politics easier.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Well as I said the Riverlands would give us the most access during the war itself... assuming we don't do good enough to stop it... Then the best/worst place would be the Crownlands.

I'll have a look and reflect upon if the new baby would approve!


Male GMT

I could be swayed towards Riverlands, given that reminder. :)

With Crownlands as my second choice.

That said, characters can be from anywhere surely. Could make for interesting backgrounds as to how a Northman or a Summer Islander ended up where they did!

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Yeah, the main thing is to have enough in the House we're there to support, in this case the House of the Riverlands, and a reason for those of other places to he there.

For example I was thinking of playing a Northerner there to marry into the House we're setting up as our core house.

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 23/30

I plan on playing probably heir to the noble family. Mostly a social character with a dash of physical ability.

Both times I started this game, that's what I wanted to do but the games died early in their infancy so I don't feel off trying again.

So a schemer? Or a leader? Given that this system is new to most of us and there are five recommend roles (Expert, Leader, Rogue, Schemer, Warrior), perhaps we should endeavour to each play one of the roles?

I am willing to play anything. In fact, I would find it interesting to have the choice imposed by the decisions of the other players – meaning that I'll play whatever is left if that's ok!

As for a house, assuming that we all belong to the same house, I am ambivalent...

Male GMT

I'm most interested in the warrior role in that case. Thinking a commoner champion of the house, feeling the need to prove himself to the Sers and Ladies.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Hmmm, if Riva takes the Schemer then I will take the Leader role. I don't think the character I have somewhat sketched out would work in anything other than a Leader or Schemer. On top of that being a female character kinda drops her out of the Warrior role (unless she's from Dorne or House Mormont) and she'd be too young to be an Expert. Which would leave Leader, Schemer, or Rogue and being a Highborn Lady Leader or Schemer just work better.

Also thought about being a Karstark is GM allows.

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Female Human (I believe) College student 4

So, as I am one to do I go around and look for pictures to use as a character picture. While looking for my own I came across some nice male pictures that where too good to pass up so I offer them to all who are playing male characters.

Male 1
Male 2
Male 3
Male 4
Male 5

Do enjoy!

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 23/30

I typically do not really pick a role, though I would land closer to Majoring in Schemer and Minoring in Rogue. Though, I might change that to minoring in Expert. Not entirely sure...but I have a feeling plot wise given that Timeskeeper is wanting to play a noblewoman from the north and I am looking to play an Heir from the House we are in...then, we will likely be the ones getting married?

Karstark would be acceptable, a younger sister or close cousin to the brothers would be quite doable.

Riverlands will put you in the middle of the usurper's war(or Rebellion depending on how you view it.)

7d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 4, 2, 6, 4, 3) = 25 20 Defense
7d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 5, 3, 4, 1, 6) = 29 24 Influence
7d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 2, 2, 5, 3, 6) = 24 29 Lands
7d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3) = 17 17 Law
7d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 6, 3, 4, 1, 4) = 27 37 Population
7d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 2, 5, 6, 5, 4) = 34 34 Power
7d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 2, 1, 5, 4, 4) = 25 30 Wealth

A respectable start. Each player may add 1d6 to a resource, no resource may have more than 2d6 added to it.

You will be a new house, having only just been founded by the current lord of the house hold just 4 years previously as compensation for his providing aid and resources to the king during the defiance of Duskendale. Lord Havish (Insert house name here) Is a wily older man who had started his life as a simple fisher and managed to turn one good catch into a respectable merchant claim and finally a noble house. What he lacks in upbringing and combat acumen he more than makes up for in wit and cunning. As this is such a new house you have no true history to call upon, but this also means you have no grudges held against you for such history.

You should work together to create a coat of arms instead of rolling for it. Keep in mind your founding.

The Words will be "Always Useful." A saying Havish often uses more as a statement of "well that is good at least" but will one day be remembered as a motto by generations many years from now.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Very likely if you're playing the heir. The Karstarks are a fairly well off house in a minor one. They're at the top of the minor house scale along with houses such as Payne and Clegane, while the house we're making now is just under them as a small minor house such as those of Mormont or Westerling. So a marriage to a Karstark is an upgrade if only a small one and with a Stark set to marry a Tully it could easily be set up as parallel. Even so far as the fact the bride is a Karstark.

With the rolls I believe the only problem child is the law score. It makes the lands easy picking for bandits. Though being a very newly formed house it does make some sense that the people of the land haven't fallen into line yet. So those of or working for the family might want to address that with your 1d6 rolls, but that is up to you.

My addition: 1d6 ⇒ 3

I think given the story it would only be thematic to add my roll to Influence. After all that is what marriage is for in the Seven Kingdoms. But hey look on the bright side! At least he didn't get an ugly wife no?

I mean, I think she's pretty

Onto colors! So blue and red and some of the most used colors in all of the Riverlands... as well as black oddly enough. But taking the words into consideration and how the house was formed might I suggest a Sanguine and Vert per Bend Sinister field with an Argent trident head on it?

Something like so

The color Sanguine stands for Patience and victory in battle while the color Vent stands for Hope, Joy, Devout, and Loyal in love. As the founder of the house was a fisher and the words state "Always Useful" is why I suggest the trident head. Tridents are not only useful while fishing but in combat as well for both defense and offense. While making it the Argent color give it the meaning of Peace and sincerity.


So we have a schemer (with a touch of rogue?), a leader, and a warrior...

@Decimus: do you plan to invest in the Warfare abilities? Or do you plan to be more of a single-minded, battle-hardened fighter? If you opt for the latter, I may go down that military path...

@Timeskeeper: doesn't the trident evoke the history of a warrior, rather than a fisherman/merchant? Perhaps a fish? A fish and a coin? Or waves of water? Food for thought. That being said, it looks good!

Not sure where I'll invest... Depends on the character, really...

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Not in so much in this world. The few we know who have tridents on them started low and worked their way up. The few still alive I'll point out. Also House Reed's people, who isn't known for having any real warriors by northern standards, commonly use tridents to frog hunt.

We could settle on a fish to be akin to the Tully's. When it comes to coin, well there aren't any coins on shields that I've been able to find. Nor is there a choice for such in the system I'm using. I did think about using a scythe or a bushel of wheat but it was called out that the founder was a fisher then a merchant.

Here is one with a fish on it though!

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 23/30

I would lean more the trident, it is a pretty versital tool so it would actually fit the theme of Always Useful and the in well to the fisherman beginnings. That is my two cents on it.

Male GMT

@Alias ad Tempus: Definitely more the battle-hardened veteran route. Westeros being what it is, it'll surely stand to us to have at least one character specialising in straight-up melee. I might go lesser nobility or hedge knight, just so he's eligible for more options.

@Everyone: A trident and fish on the arms could help onlookers associate it with fishing.

I recommend that we increase Defense, Lands, and Population. Perhaps throw some into either Law or Wealth.

I'll add to Defense.

Defense: 1d6 ⇒ 6

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Actually! Without a single thing being edited by our rolls, as of right now with the Power given to this new house they could begin with a bannermen house! Decimus you could be from that house.

Also here is a picture of a map to the Riverlands if you guys was to have an idea of where we might be. Because we do need to pick an area to have the house be.

Since I brought up what we have before adding in our own d6 rolls. Here is how everything is set out.

Defense: Some Cultivation, presence of a keep or smaller stronghold with few roads, rivers, or ports.

Influence: Maximum Lord's Status 4. A minor House, such as Mormont and Westerling.

Lands: A Modest Stretch of land or medium-size island, such as House Frey

Law: Lawlessness and banditry are a problem along the fringes of your lands.

Power: A trained force of soldiers, including cavalry and possibly ships. You may have the service of a banner house.

Population: Modest population. At least one town and several small hamlets.

Wealth: Common. Your family has enough to get by.

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 23/30

1d6 ⇒ 3

I think I will probably toss my die in as well to the Influence tree. I feel like that would be the hardest for our family to raise and if going off of Timeskeepers earlier thoughts, it would make the most sense.

Power would be a good thought too though, but I think influence is still where we need to be.

Male GMT

@Timeskeeper: Certainly a possibility! Now, should we roll for those too?

I edited my post to include a roll, which turned out rather well!

Our defense is now 26.

Defensible, with at least one fortified town or castle. Roads and trails are present, and rivers or ports are likely.

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 23/30

Do we actually have a fifth player by the way, I see 4?

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Going with those, that would make the following changes.

Influence 30: Maximum Lord's Status 4. A small minor house. Examples include House Mormont and House Westerling.

Defense 26: Defensible, with at least one fortified town or castle. Roads and trails are present, and rivers or ports are likely.

That's a good question, Decimus has your friend answered you?

Also because the house is so new Decumus, it is possible for your character to be a best friend of the founder and with his new power he pulled you up as well or you're the son of said friend. There are a lot of options to play with.

Male GMT

We're going up in the world! :)

He has, he has declined. So we are currently four.

Lots of options indeed! Perhaps a son then, as I suspect his father will be more politically deft.

Male GMT

Hmmm. Looking at p109 of the core book, it seems that a banner house's first founding must be one era more recent than the main house's.

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 23/30

If no one has any objections, I do have an old alias that was for a Riverlands house that I wouldn't mind rebuilding off of. The House name would end up being Naelareon if everyone was alright with that.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Yes, that would mean that your house would only be three years old Decimus. However you could be the son of a knight to the current house (Naelareon if we agree on that which I see no problem with), who is trying to get their own house? Could be interesting.

Also if your friend isn't joining us I've another I can invite. Unless someone else wishes to invite a 5th?

I find it funny that half the people here, I have played in some kind of kingmakerish campaign with at some point.

House looks to be coming along nicely. Five players is a good point to place the house at for now, it will give you some balance and a way to break ties.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

It kinda has the same feel as a game like this no?

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 23/30

Placement wise, given the nature of our House's founding...I think we'd need access to both one of the rivers and a major trade road. So my thoughts would be between the Red Fork and River Road or towards the border of the North and the Vale between the Green Fork and the Kingsroad.

The second I came up with a bit of help from Timeskeeper.

That would be my two major picks for location, though I'm happy to hear other suggestions.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

I aim to please! ^_^

I'd also suggest where the Kingsroad and The Trident cross. That also happens to bring the River Road in as well as the road from Bloody Gate. Although there is a town there so it would need to be a little ways along any of the rivers or roads.

Placing yourself where the Trident and Kingsroad meet would place you firmly in the territory owned by house Roote. I will be more than happy to adjust their lands to give you the portion between Harroway and the Vale. Good land, right in the middle of everything.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Oh GM, I was thinking of making my character Rickard Karstark's little sister and in 281 Rickard would have been about 19, so I was going to place her age at 16 is that acceptable?

Male GMT

I really like the meeting of Kingsroad and Trident as a location. I would like our house to be in the thick of events, for better or worse!

@Havocprince: Would we be able to have a banner house?

16 is a fine age for the sister of Rickard.

Banner house will not be available at this point due to how young the house is.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Cool! Also was the marriage planned at Harenhal? I figured that would be a good place if anything for these two families to even have a chance to talk let along make a marriage agreement.

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