Players Seeking a GM for a War For The Crown Game (Inactive)

Game Master Patrick Bailey

So here's the situation:

We've got a small group of recently orphaned PC's who were just getting their feet wet in the very beginnings of a War for The Crown play-by-post game.

We don't really know what became our former GM, but some of us are still looking to play in the campaign. Unfortunately, half of the group has scattered to the winds, so there will still need to be a recruitment phase. But you can rest assured there will be a few moderately well prepared players who know what to expect.

Thank you for your consideration.

I'm bumping this due to the board outages over the past couple of weeks.

We're a group of four now I believe, looking for a kind generous soul to take over the GM mantle for this campaign.

We didn't get far, but the roleplay and enthusiasm in the campaign was fantastic while it lasted. We're a good party if I do say so myself.

We lost a couple couple of people in the weeks without gameplay, and could probably use one or two new recruits.

Any takers out there? Please please?

Here's a link to the campaign site if you want to check it out: War for the Crown

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