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We are about to start this PFS scenario to playtest the revised ACG classes.

Looking for one other player, current party is Swashbuckler, Brawler, Warpriest.

Build rules:20-point buy ,all paizo material.Level 10.This is a playtest for the ACG classes but if you want to throw in one of the standard classes to establish a baseline, you are welcome to do so.

BTW I am not a PFS GM and can not give you any PFS rewards or anything of the sort.

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I'd like to toss my hat in with a Slayer. I'll work on the character and post up shortly.

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I think I'd like to throw in an arcanist. I've been meaning to try one out after the revision. I'll draw up a sheet in a few minutes.

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Rex Huntsborne
Race: Tiefling
Class: Slayer

STR 18 (16+1+1); DEX 16 (14+2); CON 12; INT 10 (8+2); WIS 14; CHA 8 (10-2)

CMB 14; CMD 18; AC 14; Touch 14; Flat Footed 10; Initiative +6; BAB +10/+5

(1) Power Attack (Feat)
(2) Ranger Combat Style (Slayer Talent) - Rapid Shot
(3) Quick Draw (Feat)
(4) Weapon Focus (Falchion) (Slayer Talent)
(5) Deadly Aim (Feat)
(6) Manyshot (Slayer Talent)
(7) Weapon Focus - Compound Longbow (Feat)
(8) Bleeding Attack - (Rogue Talent)
(9) Improved Critical (Feat)
(10) Critical Focus (Advance Slayer Talent - Feat)

+17 Acrobatics
+7 Bluff
+8 Climb
+6 Heal
+4 Knowledge (Dungeoneering)
+4 Knowledge (Geography)
+4 Knowledge (Local)
+15 Perception
+7 Ride
+15 Sense Motive
+19 Stealth
+15 Survival
+8 Swim

Reactionary (+2 Initiative); Armour Expert

How much gold do we start with, to buy equipment and such.

Standard WBL, so 62000gp.

I wouldn't mind helping establish the baseline if you want. What type of setting did you have in mind?

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Okay, finished up the arcanist I was building. If there is anything else you want just say so.

Name: Daromel
Race: Elf
Class: Arcanist

Link to Character Sheet:

I can have a Hunter done by noon tomorrow if you'll have me.
The build will be a Half-Orc Hunter/Barbarian most likely an 8/2 split respectively focusing on melee combat and rage synergy with badger pet through Amplified Rage, Warleader's Rage. Also thinking of adding in Sympathetic depending on your interpretation of how Sympathetic Rage and Warleader's Rage interact with eachother.

Finished my Hunter 8/Barbarian 2, his full stat block can be found on his paizo profile. Just have a quick question for the GM about Sympathetic Rage and Warleaders Rage to be discussed if I'm recruited.

I picked Silvertounges Arcanist because the party cold use a full caster.Thanks for the interest everybody, and sorry if I couldn't choose you.

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