Xyro's Legacy of Fire PbP

Game Master xyrophobic

While walking through the market of Solku, you hear a well dressed, robed man calling out from the middle of the town.
"...wanderers, adventurers, slaves looking for a new life, arms for hire, I Garavel have a job for you. Join my merchant princess Almah on our journey to restore the town of Kelmarane."

I am looking for 4 players for the Legacy of Fire adventure path. We will start with 1st level Pathfinder characters with a 20 point buy. We will transition to the final rules in August. As the DM I will post once a weekday at minimum and will want all players to do the same. I will also require email addresses so I can make private contact with you if needed. If you cant post daily, will not be getting the PRPG final in August, or do not want to supply your email then please do not apply. Thanks. Oh and I already have a Cleric that will play.