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Most of those browsing these forums probably know what Way of the Wicked is, but for the uninitiated, this is an unrepentantly evil adventure path. The characters start in prison and gradually rise to become overlords of a kingdom, ruling in the name of Asmodeus. If evil campaigns aren't for you, neither is this recruitment thread. No hard feelings.

Okay, now that the softies and goody-two-shoes are gone...

Player's Guide
This AP did not include an official Players Guide so I wrote one for my F2F group. I'm linking to a copy of it on Google drive that I've edited for PbP. It contains all of the house rules and other bits of information you'll need to create a character.

You can find that file here.

The Short Version
* 25-pt buy
* 2 extra skill points per level
* Any race as long as it is 20 or less RP points (i.e., no Noble Drow).
* Unchained class variants are allowed; it is mandated for Summoners
* We will use Hero Points
* Alignment must be LE, NE, LN or N -- but mind you, it's an evil campaign and I'm going to be looking for characters that fit the campaign

Notes on Submissions
As outlined in the players guide, a character background is required and it has to touch on a few points, but it can be as long or as short as you think is appropriate.

Let me know if you've played WotW before and, if so, what you would do to make this play-through different and avoid spoiling it for new players.

I'm going to be looking at your posts in other campaigns, both in Gameplay and Discussion threads to get a feel for the type of player and poster you are. However, if you're new to PbP, don't fear. Just include a note in your submission about how frequently you expect to post, how you would resolve differences between players/characters (and to what extent you draw a distinction between the two), and why you're interested in joining a PbP campaign.

Submissions will close Friday, June 23 at 8pm, East Coast (NYC) time.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Dotting for this.

Dotting as a cleric, servant of Asmodeus.


Oh, dear. Why must you temp me, fates.

GM, I'm officially stating my very, very big interest in this game. Question, since I took my time to read the guide - What do you think of a long lost House Barca noble or a relative, who has decided that not only are the Markadians responsible for the murder of his/her family, but also they are ruining the island with their xenophobic and insane policies.

Do note that if the House of Barca is in the campaign, the character has absolutely no attachment to them, and will have (almost) no remorse in killing/ruling/subverting them to their plans.

"Society is built on deals, and none are better at them than Asmodeus. We could fester here alone, waddling in our self-righteousness, or take our rightful place in the world."

I've also got an eye set on that princess for devious political machinations, but we'll cross that bridge later.

For a class, I'm not quite decided yet. Toying with Antipaladin, Bard, Rogue, but definitely a leader/talker character. Obviously not bossing other PCs about, but will be presenting plans often.

Dotting as wizard into diabolist i think, maybe going for lich, worshiper of asmodeus. also considering antipaladin, maybe into hellknight.

@ Lion Cleric: absolutely, 100% fine. I've built up the backstory for the Barcans a bit in my take of WotW and I will post the text of it here, but it shouldn't have a substantial bearing on a submission. Just extra fluff and flavor to help explain how a group of half-elves ascended to not just nobility but the monarchy.

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Interested. I shall come up with a concept once I get a chance to read your players guide.

Oh man, I've heard about this AP. I hope I find time to make a character.

Here is the expanded history of the House of Barca. It is not required reading, but just expands on some of the fluff in the campaign. I've put it in Spoilers so as to not eat up the entire page.

House of Barca:

This noble house is unique in Golarion as it is a collective of half-elves who not only rose to (and currently hold) a position of prominence within their home nation's feudal system but, in fact, once led the nation through the House's control of the monarchy. It lost the monarchy following a brutal civil war eighty years ago, but its members were allowed to repent for their alleged sins and crimes and swear allegiance to the new monarchy under the House of Darius and the kings known as Markadian.

History of the House

More than five centuries ago, long before the death of the god Aroden, it was a time of war and strife in Avistan. Cheliax had not yet made an alliance with the Nine Hells but its quest for power and domination was stronger than ever, manifested by a seemingly endless war of expansion. They had captured the Arch of Aroden, controlled access to the Inner Sea, founded colonies on the continent of Garund, and their armies marched ever northward. Many natives of Avistan were not eager to fall under the yoke of a foreign empire while others found themselves captivated by the charismatic prophet, Talin, who professed faith in a previously unrecognized deity he called Mitra. Both those fleeing imperial domination and those drawn to a new faith found themselves drawn towards exodus.

Though the emigrants were primarily human, there was also a sizable faction of half-elves. And while some professed interest in the Mitran faith, most stated quite plainly they wanted only to leave Avistan. Some thought the half-elves to be a criminal enterprise organized around their bastard ancestry, but, whatever the true reason for their decision to join the exodus, they proved their value with contributions of craft, sword and magic.

In 4144 AR, after a year of preparation and guided by the visions of the prophet, the emigrants boarded more than a hundred ships. Some of those ships were hired, others purchased and many others built by the emigrants’ own hands. It was a ramshackle fleet with few professional sailors. Nonetheless, with desperation and faith, the emigrants followed the vision of the prophet and eventually, after a series of mishaps and dangerous encounters, the fleet arrived on the shores of a massive island they named Talingarde. They would quickly learn they were not the first to discover the island.

Though the emigrants, who began to call themselves Talireans, were initially welcomed by the island’s native population of humans, that relationship began to degrade over the following years as more and more ships arrived with thousands more emigrants who desired to start anew. Talin was named king, the cities of Matharyn and Daveryn began to grow and, as they grew, the Iraen were increasingly displaced from the lands they called home and on which they hunted. Conflict was inevitable.

At the time, the half-elves who had joined the exodus were little more than a loose coalition of merchants, professional sell-swords, craftsmen and spellcasters. It was true they had organized around their shared heritage, but it was under the cunning leadership of one particular half-elf that the loose coalition solidified into a force to be reckoned with, the House of Barca and its eponymous leader.

In those early years, the rules for joining the House of Barca were simple. After all, at the time its leaders had no patents of nobility and it functioned more as a merchants’ guild and social club than anything else. To join, you had to possess a degree of elven blood and you had to swear loyalty to the guild master, Barca. With neither nobility of birth nor privilege of peerage, Barca himself was a commoner, yet an incredibly successful merchant and money lender who wielded his wealth as others would a sword or spell. Shut out from much of Talirean society, half-elves (and even a few elves from Golarion) flocked to Barca’s banner. And when full-fledged war broke out between the fledgling nation of Talingarde and the savage Iraen, it was Barcan weapons and intelligence that fed the Talirean armies.

Though the war never ended in a decisive victory, the Talirean armies continued to push the Iraen tribes back, first west into the Caer Bryr and then north beyond the geological formations that would centuries later become known as the Watch Wall. Having fortified their lines and established defensive positions, the humans of Talingarde were able to solidify their holdings and even start a new settlement, Ghastenhall. From these settlements and out of these wars grew Talingarde’s first generation of true nobles – including Barca, who was named a duke, and many of his factors awarded lesser titles, each of them swearing fealty to Barca and all to the monarchy. That a simple arms merchant and rumored master of thieves warranted a duchy baffled many, though rumors circulated the wily half-elf had extorted the grand position from a weak king through blackmail. However it was achieved, it was thus that a mercantile collective of half-elves achieved nobility and rose from beneath the simple banner of a merchant house.

Over the following century, Duke Barca and his first generation of heirs continued to accrue wealth and power. However, they followed an unorthodox path. The human nobility largely ostracized the half-elves, so the Barcans turned their eyes towards the farthest reaches and overlooked corners of the newborn nation. Alliances were made not with the great houses of Talingarde’s nobility but with the lesser lords and appointed municipal officials. The Barcans were scorned for the perceived rejection of Talingarde nobility, and many nobles began to openly mock the Barcans for their rites of intermarriage. This was not entirely fair as half-elves born outside of the House could still be inducted into the noble family through ceremony and marriage, but such events were few and the hereditary titles still passed through blood. Tales of incestuous orgies were rampant, though always behind the Barcans’ backs. It was, perhaps oddly, this very contempt by the nobility that created the room for Barca to ascend to the throne.

When Talin’s only son died on the throne without an heir in 4173, the first War of Succession erupted, with the nobles of Talingarde declaring wars and making alliances in a near free-for-all bid for the crown. The lowly Barcans played each faction against the other, feeding weapons and information to each, always seemingly at the most opportune time, extending a faction’s ability to fight a little longer. Years passed. The war continued. Always the House of Barca stayed out of the conflict, leaving questions of the crown to its “betters”. That is until the barons and other lesser lords who were being ground beneath the heels of the greater lords began to beg for relief.

Its coffers rich, its armories full and its sorcerers having spent decades gathering magical devices, what became known as the Barcan Ascension began in Daveryn when fifty ships arrived with 15,000 fresh and rested mercenaries from Avistan. The native Barcans joined with the mercenaries against the largely depleted forces of the Duke of Daveryn, and the city’s badly damaged walls quickly succumbed to the combined assault. News spread and, with the promise of a quick end to the war, even the bedraggled commoners rallied to the Barcan flag, adding their pitchforks to Barcan spell and steel. A month later, Ghastenhall fell. Two month after that, the Barcan army arrived in Matharyn. The remaining nobles – facing a siege with exhausted supplies and empty granaries – surrendered… and the crown was placed on the brow of a Barcan duke.

What followed was a century of relative peace, but the human nobles remained jealous and bitter at the Barcan’s masterfully manipulative ascent to the throne. It was bitterness that resonated little with the commoners, dismissed as “sour grapes” cast by those who had failed to lead their nation and protect their vassals. At least, so it was for a time.

The Second War of Succession

The Barcan Ascension occurred not so much due to Barcan hostility towards the family of the deceased king nor animosity towards the contending noble houses, but largely due to sheer opportunism. And, if history were fair, it would note the Barcan dynasty accomplished much for Talingarde, including most notably the construction and fortification of the Watch Wall. Though the Savage North may not have been pacified, it was at least contained, as were the barbarians of the Caer Bryr who seemed willing to suffer slights at the hands of the half-elf Barcans that would have brought them to war if delivered by a human.

Yet, the Second War of Succession of eighty-one years ago did not occur in a vacuum. Though many Barcan lords were considered to be geniuses with few peers, a strain of insanity began to run in their noble blood while the practice of intermarriage descended into outright incest. What at first were scandalous rumors eventually became unproven allegations, then to an open secret and eventually into a blatant and flagrant display of excess and lust.

Not only were such practices unique to the half-elven Barcans, but they were frowned upon by the orthodox followers of Mitra. Yet this religious difference was not, by itself, cause to depose the Barcan dynasty. The Barcans had been open about their acceptance of all faiths, even that of Asmodeus (which several of the Barcan nobles openly followed) and were honest about the fact that many did not follow the Mitran religion. Whatever else one might have said, the Barcans could not be accused religious extremism nor moral hypocrisy.

No, by itself, the sexuality proclivities and dynastic peccadilloes of the House of Barca could have been overlooked. In truth, it was the inattention to governance and personal arrogance of the last two Barcan kings that led to the House's downfall. When King Jaraad's predecessor died in 4629 AR, turmoil and dissent broke out. For decades the other noble houses had been quietly hoping for an opportunity to supplant the Barcan dynasty with one of their own. Though the Barcan kings had always been publicly respectful of the other nobles, the laws and edicts issued from Matharyn had been slowly eroding their bases of power and wealth. The scheming nobles pinned their hope on a strident and unyielding yet incredibly charismatic paladin from the House of Darius. Not only did the paladin have force of personality and conviction of faith (one shared by most Talireans), his claim to the throne was powerful, able to trace his lineage back to King Talin's second son.

The precise triggers of the war are little known, though it would be obvious to say the Barcans refused to cede to the demands of the other nobles and their champion, Markadian of House Darius. In truth, both the Barcans and Markadian's supporters had less than pure motives. What neither had planned on, however, was Markadian himself. When the two armies fought their final battle at Tamberlyn, Markadian not only slew King Jaraad but, through tales of his tactical genius and connection to Mitra (whose providence was "clearly" demonstrated through Markadian's stunning victory) also managed to gain for himself a measure of freedom from the other noble houses. He eschewed their demands to put the Barcans to death and instead offered them amnesty – if they would but repent their sins and swear allegiance to the crown. Almost to the last, each Barcan noble bent the knee, though they were never restored to their duchy. With King Jaraad’s death, Markadian declared the duchy to have expired.

The House Today

In the eighty-one years since, House Barca has assumed a humble stature and quietly rebuilt. Its leaders seem to have learned the hard lessons of the Second War of Succession. The nobles of the house carry themselves with a seeming openness and forthrightness as to policies and piety, yet they are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to the inner workings of their own house. Some think this to be new-found modesty or even embarrassment.

No human has ever married into the Barcan family and the only large concentration of elves reside in the isolated Caer Bryr, the House of Barca has slowly grown to near the same numbers it had before the War of Succession. This has both helped and hurt the house, as the outraged cries of incest have softened to quiet whispers of simple hedonism (an accusation frequently made by commoners against all nobles with homes in Matharyn’s Golden Bow), but many jealous nobles still claim the former house of the deposed king cannot be trusted.

This distrust, however, does not seem to be shared by the king. The house itself is lead by the wise but irascible and plain spoken Count Leothyn, a venerable lord of more than one-hundred thirty years. Though hardly a “close adviser to the king, he is consulted on matters of trade and finance. Further, the Count’s cousin was knighted and named Lord General of Markadian’s armies. While the Count is kept at a respectful distance, General Vastenus is said to be privy to the king’s most secret counsel.

The greatest days of the House of Barca would seem to be behind it but, as it did centuries ago, the influence of the long-lived half-elves continues to grow, albeit so slowly it is imperceptible to most.

Notable Figures

* King Accarius IV the Architect - The king responsible for the initial construction and fortification of the Watch Wall. Conquered Farholde from the Iraen in 4424 AR.
* King Jaraad - Last monarch of the Barcan Dynasty. Deposed and killed in 4632 AR at the Battle of Tamberlyn by Markadian I of House Darius.
* Count Leothyn - Possibly the oldest and certainly the most powerful member of the House of Barca. He resides in a manor house in the Golden Bow of Matharyn.
* Lord General Vastenus - Current leader of the Sacred Brotherhood of the Gryphon, a knight and trusted general of King Markadian V.
* Baron Arkov Vandermir - Baron of Westell and Mir, he resides in the Calliver Green district of Farholde.

Question: What would the starting wealth be?

EDIT: Nevermind, I read the core WoTW player's guide as posted by Javell.

Not sure if this interests you or not but here's a link to the official player's guide: WoTW player's guide

And you put this thing together yourself? Man that's quite impressive.

I'm gonna throw this guy in there: Morthos

I haven't read the player's guide yet and he's not up to snuff mechanically by any means. I've played most of Book 1 with this guy a few years back. As far as spoiling it for others, it's not how I play. I play according to how I envision the character would react and not based on what I may or may not know. It's no fun any other way. :)

Yeah, it's in the file I linked/wrote, too, but zero starting wealth.

Javell, funny. Gary must have written that at some later point. I'd have loved to have had something when we started our campaign. Copy-pasting-formatting all those bloody traits was a PITA. Thanks for sharing it.

Ive played through most of book 1 but it was years ago and i don't have the best memory. As With Artem I wouldn't spoil any part of the book for others, I hate spoilers myself. I believe that Im pretty good at separating player and character knowledge.

for my cleric was thinking of a battle cleric with some emphasis on debuffing as well.

EDIT: Possibly a Warpriest as well.

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Dotting for a rogue who will become an assassin

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Dotting for a monk I think... can't seem to access paizo any way but phone right now, so more will have to wait.

Weird right? I can't access it on my main Wi-Fi, just on the secondary one no one uses anymore.

Not quite done as of yet, but here is my submission. Once I can access Paizo from my computer and not just my phone I will post the fully done version.

Dot. Rogue type. Or a more martial type. Since it seems there is no martial (pure) type yet

Will previous experience with the AP be a problem?

I can keep OOC knowledge to myself =^^=

Dotting for interest. I will probably submit some sort of arcane spellcaster. I might go the crazy route and make my signature blade mage. Or try out the Mute Musician bard archetype that was recently added from Strange Aeons.

I am new to the site, but I can link some of my past play experience if you so desire, GM Snowheart. I think Giantitp only deletes unused recruitment, leaving the actual games intact.

It's almost 5:00 A.M. here, so sorry for not being more verbose. Just wanted to declare interest.

I do have a few questions I would like to ask.

What is your general post rate? I plan on posting at least once a day at the very least.

What levels of PC competency are you okay with? I have been a DM for most of my Pathfinder career, so I know how to build powerful characters. I deliberately avoid cheese, but my builds are usually on the upper tier while still holding true to the fluff that I use as the base.

Last, but not least, will making it about 3 rooms into the prison from a previous game spoil my chances of joining your campaign? I would hope not, but I believe in being upfront about my limited experience with the AP.

Dotting for interest, I will decide more when I can access Paizo from more than my phone.

I have played in two Way of the Wicked PbPs on the forums, both gestalt. The first one petered out shortly after the prison break

in the basement of the manor.

The second one skipped the prison break and is still active
on the boat
, but has heavily slowed down and may be dying soon. I think it's already lost at least one player, possibly two. I would definitely not share any spoilers with any other players if I got in, and can keep player and character knowledge separate. I can also whip up a character who it would be completely unreasonable to have any knowledge about anything we encounter, if that would work better.

Dotting for interest. I will most likely be making a mesmerist.


I have played WotW once before, but we did not make it out of the prison.

I would like to make a Virtuous Bravo Antipaladin. Is it alright to adapt archetypes and replace equivalent abilities?

Grand Lodge


My submission is Revina, sorry if her backstory is a little long. I am new to Pbp, but i've been playing pathfinder IRL for years. If i am selected i will check the our thread twice a day and i could post twice a day, if that's what ends up happening with the group, but i will certainly be able to post once a day, as that will probably be how it works out. She is a rogue who will become an assassin.

Really nice to see this level of interest, especially given how wonky the website has been the last 18 hours.

Hannibull Rektor wrote:
I am new to the site, but I can link some of my past play experience if you so desire, GM Snowheart. I think Giantitp only deletes unused recruitment, leaving the actual games intact.

If you can include a link when you make your submission, that would be awesome. Thanks!


I do have a few questions I would like to ask.

What is your general post rate? I plan on posting at least once a day at the very least.

Happy to answer questions! Yes, I want people to post at least once a day. Posting more frequently is fine, as long as it gives other players an opportunity to make a meaningful post within a 24 hour period. For example, heavy RP between two PCs -- post away without limit. Heavy RP with an NPC -- make sure to give others a chance for meaningful interaction, too. But I expect everyone to post every 24 hours or be botted, left out. Extended absences without an explanation will result in removal from the group, but vacations and illnesses happen; just let us know.

What levels of PC competency are you okay with? I have been a DM for most of my Pathfinder career, so I know how to build powerful characters. I deliberately avoid cheese, but my builds are usually on the upper tier while still holding true to the fluff that I use as the base.

I'd like people to avoid blatant min-maxing, particularly with 25 points to spend, but powerful characters are fine. I GM regularly for folks who come up with such characters and have done it on my own several times. I would just say that, to the extent there may be a range of skill levels in the group, please help me in making room to let others shine, too.

Last, but not least, will making it about 3 rooms into the prison from a previous game spoil my chances of joining your campaign? I would hope not, but I believe in being upfront about my limited experience with the AP.

Not at all! I just want to know and ensure people are going to be able to separate their metagame knowledge from their IC knowledge.


I have played this F2F through book one. At start of book two, it collapsed.

Will see what I can come up with for it.

Just want to check that you are okay with my applying, GM.

I'm thinking an arcane character who prides himself on running an utterly efficient society. When confronted, he defends his practices by pointing out that simply executing dissidents removes a potential productive citizen. Using their soul to bind a devil and reanimating their corpse actually increases societal production.

How loyal to Asmodeus do we have to be? I'm down for an evil campaigns, but Asmodeus has never really appealed to me. Would followers of other evil(or maybe neutral) deities be ok?


Phntm888, absolutely. Recruitment is open until June 23.

Ouachitonian, you're going to need to be fairly loyal. A neutral deity would not work. In my F2F campaign, however, I did allow someone to be loyal to another of the archdevils. I'd consider a similar arrangement for this campaign.


Instead of going for an evil apprentice mastermind, I'll focus my thoughts and administrations on creating a character who is nothing but a tool. A useful tool, molded and created by the powers that be. Used, and then discarded. A human slayer seems like a good fit, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

It also means I got no trouble whatsoever bowing down to other players (with more charisma / presence) and plot NPCs and God(s).

And thank you for providing that PF friendly Player's Guide. Tis truly a blessing to have it AND have it available on google drive.

My idea involves an educated fighter. So the muscle of the group. Since I see a lot of dex/int/cha applications =^^=

Hey Snowheart, would you allow an unchained summoner with the master summoner archetype? This would probably be the ideal setting for that kind of character.

Havocprince, yup! As long as it's the unchained variant. I'd worry about it in a table-top and if accepted we may need to figure out a way to expeditiously resolve attacks for your pets (in case foes start dropping) but that's something we can figure out later.

Okay, my submission is Holbar Groshnelslag, Dwarven Slaver. He's built as a Slayer with the Bounty Hunter archetype, plus I'm planning on dipping a little Brawler, maybe with the Strangler archetype. Let me know if everything is up to standard, or if I need to tweak anything.

Oh good, this should be fun. I will get her together asap.

GM Snowheart, can I use the virtuous bravo archetype for an antipaladin (tyrant) of Asmodeus?

Tanner Nielsen wrote:
GM Snowheart, can I use the virtuous bravo archetype for an antipaladin (tyrant) of Asmodeus?

Interesting. I don't see why not. The analogues for the antipaladin's class abilities are pretty clear.

I'll toss Price's hat in the ring.

I've played her in WotW some years ago. The game ended towards the end of the Balentyne Castle segment.

GM Snowheart wrote:
Really nice to see this level of interest, especially given how wonky the website has been the last 18 hours.

Good to know. I was starting to wonder if it was my computer.

GM Snowheart wrote:

Yeah, it's in the file I linked/wrote, too, but zero starting wealth.

Javell, funny. Gary must have written that at some later point. I'd have loved to have had something when we started our campaign. Copy-pasting-formatting all those bloody traits was a PITA. Thanks for sharing it.

Hey, no prob. Man I bet it was a huge pain. Just thinking about the work involved wears me out. :P

Are you using traits or no?

Is heirloom weapon and/or signature moves available? I understand we don't start with any equipment but I was playing around with part of the reason the character was there was because a family weapon was stolen and they are looking for it...

Did you get my private message, GM Snowheart? I had a character concept that I was wanting cleared before I commit to it.

GM Snowheart wrote:
Tanner Nielsen wrote:
GM Snowheart, can I use the virtuous bravo archetype for an antipaladin (tyrant) of Asmodeus?
Interesting. I don't see why not. The analogues for the antipaladin's class abilities are pretty clear.

Excellent! I will get started on a character sheet.

I have also been experiencing trouble with the site. I can access it through my phone, but not my desktop.

Have you tried using a subforum on here, such as Googling 'Paizo messageboards recruitment' and going from there? It seem just the main page does it to me since I joined, so try that workaround.

Grand Lodge

Dot with a bullet on it.

(Not making a gunslinger BTW)


Having the same issues as Tanner. Will have a backstory and description up tomorrow, as well as her eidolon/ butler.

Grand Lodge

yes it is odd how many issues the site is having, I am in the process of working on a character.

Yeah, the website has been a mess for me, too, but plenty of time until I'll be making decisions so no rush.

Do forgive me if I'm slow to answer questions, though; these connection issues seem to be affecting people differently and I may not be able to connect.

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