Wardove's Rumble in the Jungle

Game Master Laithoron

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"Alis? What do you mean?" Alex says looking up at her in distress.

"What I mean is, getting assassinated or kidnapped in a foreign country is one thing. Without a clear connection to anyone in an official position, that country can claim oh, what's the term... plausible deniability."

She smooths the hair out of his face and continues, "The awkward thing in this case is that we have the ruler of a place who has now clearly associated themselves as aiding that assassin. When one government does that to a ruler or ambassador of another nation, it is considered an act of war."

Alex sits down on the bed heavily at the implication.

"Now, I have no idea why your father would do this. The fact that we went straight to your castle with the so-called leader of this 'resistance' movement probably wouldn't look too good to anyone backing it. Maybe he hoped to salvage popular opinion, maybe he believed the mob, I really can't fathom it. But from what Grak and Monroe just said, it doesn't seem like he wasted any time..."

Even Captain Monroe's complexion pales noticeably when Alis says the words 'act of war'.

"Now with all due respect, your Highness," he says, "I can assure you Dunwaar wouldn't want to go to war with either Estoria or Ilmarond. You've gotta believe me!"

"Captain," Yvonne interjects, "The meaning of the Princess' words is not to suggest making war should be the result. The towns all in the Dale, all of them a commonwealth form. In Valehaven, a council we have. Without deliberation, no act can be official."

"With no confidence for a unanimous vote," she looks to Alex and Monroe, "Duke Jarmaath even could deposed be..."

Felmor chimes in, "Cap'n Monroe, I t'ink neither th' Princess nor th' Count wants war, but th' Coil be pullin' th' strings 'ere. Now I t'ink cooler heads would prevail, but if'n the Coil has another agent in a gov'ment..."

He looks back to Alis, and finishes, "Mebbe if'n we can convince th' Count ta turn against th' Coil..."

Priyya thinks for a bit...
"Alex, is rulership here hereditary? Are you expected to take up your father's title?"

Alex looks at Priyya blankly for a moment, "My family has ruled Dunwaar for several generations. Great-grandfather built this castle and I always just assumed someday that meant I would become Count..."

As Alex looks from Priyya's face to Alis', Monroe speaks up, "Yeah, it's pretty much your standard hereditary office. With Dunwaar only being half as big as Valehaven, and not having as many outlying towns, we don't really have much of a town council. The people elect a mayor who handles affairs inside of the city, but the Count has always been the one to handle any sort of external politics."

"My job is kind of unique. The mayor has to nominate a captain and the count has to approve him. Kinda makes the captain the go between. Bad thing is, we haven't been able to find Mayor Eaton since all this crap started. For all I know, he could be dead..."

Felmor wrote:
"Mebbe if'n we can convince th' Count ta turn against th' Coil..."

"I'm... not sure it's that simple, Felmor. Priyya, did you have something in mind?"

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

While you are talking, Monroe suggests moving the conversation to the chapel since it will be easier to secure it than the castle's master bedroom. Alis agrees and you head back downstairs with Monroe and Priyya once again taking the lead.

Upon returning to the great hall, you exit to the right heading north along a hallway that runs along the outer wall of the central keep. At the end of the hallway, you turn left past some privies half-way down. At the west end of the hallway, is another spiral stair. Before it angles up into an arched colonnade with a wrought-iron railing. This balcony overlooks the bailey below. In the center of its back wall, are a pair of double-doors granting access to the chapel. At the far end of the balcony, there is another spiral stair and the hallway continues heading south to the gatehouse 100 feet further along.

The chapel itself is a large D-shaped tower built catty-corner across the northwest corner of the castle's curtain wall. It protrudes out into the lake on a natural spur of rock.

After Monroe uses a skeleton key on his belt to unlock the ornate wooden doors of the chapel, Priyya enters to have a look around. Her eyesight keen even in darkness, the Surya-ka-Vahaak canvasses the chapel finding no trace of anyone inside. Neither does she detect any evil auras within it. Inspecting the six tall stained-glass windows, she finds that the bottoms can be tilted inward approximately 6-inches for ventilation before a light gauge chain prevents them from opening any further. Outside the windows though, heavy iron bars are set into the windows. Anything larger than a house cat would have a very difficult time squeezing thru.

Spying no danger even in the exposed rafters, under the alter cloth, beneath the pews, or inside the ornamental suits of armor placed about the room, she signals the all clear.

MAP: Dunwaar Castle, level 3

Priyya looks introspective. "Well, we want to prevent a possible war and end the violence here. And the big concern of the mob was that 'imperialists' were trying to annex Dunwaar, right?" She smiles a bit. "So now I'm trying to think of a story that will solve both problems. Imagine if a young and idealistic Lord Alex - a firm believer in the independence of Dunwaar - uncovers a plot by the Count, his father, to force Dunwaar into a hasty defensive alliance with Malatesta and/or Estoria by assassinating a visiting dignitary from far Ilmarond. Our young Lord stops the nefarious plot and assumes his father's mantle - taking the reins of leadership brilliantly. He personally saves the Princess' life - thus ensuring the independence of Dunwaar and the great goodwill of Ilmarond. A man such as that would be a hero to his people with an unimpeachable character."

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Oh to hell with it, here's the whole damn castle...
Dunwaar Castle

Key Locations (Known)
4th Floor

  • 31: Lord Alex's Room: Felmor & Priyya
  • 32: Castellan Farris' Room: Yvonne
  • 33: Castle Coffers
  • 34: Count Lucius' Bedroom: Alis & Lureene
  • 35: Count Lucius' Study: Mal (camping out)
  • 36: Secret Alcove
  • 37: Secret Exit
  • 110: Millhouse

3rd Floor

  • 26: Great Hall
  • 57: Chapel

2nd Floor

  • 18: Library
  • 19: Guest Room (Castellan Farris)
  • 20: Guest Room (Lord Alex Ayers)
  • 21: Guest Suite (Count Lucius Ayers
  • 87: South Shot Locker

1st Floor

  • 74: Postern Gate
  • 107: Main Armory


  • 91: Prison
  • 106: Torture Chamber

Felmor adds to his Beloved remarks, addressing Alex in particular, "Aye, 'tis a good story, Priyya, 'n I know his Lordship 'ere be capable of takin' on the mantle o' leadership."

He looks directly into Alex's face, and says quietly, "We not be far apart in age, Alex. I 'ave been in ye position not too long ago, 'n I had ta grow up as well. I believe ye kin follow me path, 'n be a hero. Dunwaar needs a hero now, Alex."

Felmor Traker wrote:
"Aye, 'tis a good story, Priyya, 'n I know his Lordship 'ere be capable of takin' on the mantle o' leadership."

Mal's face screws up in surprise, which he tries to cover. You mean the kid who faints at the word 'shadow'?

He turns to Alis, Priyya, and Lureene, face seriously concerned, voice pitched not to carry beyond their ears.

Alis or Perception DC 15:
"Frankly, Alis, my only concern is for your safety and that of this team. I know you care, and that's a good thing, but I can't let you get killed trying to help this little nothin-of-a-town. IF I had my way, we'd steal out of here under cover of dark with no one the wiser and get out in front of all these attempts on you for once. I don't trust the count, I don't trust his son, I dont' even trust the fighting man Monroe."

He holds his hands up, forestalling the rebuttal he knows is coming.

same as above:
"I know you don't appreciate that view, and I'll follow your decision. I just wanted my concerns aired as we come to a decision."

Lureene looks over at Felmor, and gives a slight nod, approving of his gambit here. She frowns on hearing Mal words.

"I understand your concern here, but if we do not unravel this mystery, the assassins will strike again. Plus, the political situation has become...complicated. Fleeing here is not wise, in my opinion."

Lureene was intended to be a part of that spoiler, actually. I wrote it then modified it to include her... sorry.

Same people:
"Actually Mal, there is a certain appeal to that. There's only a couple problems. First, it would be unacceptable to allow an attempt on my life to go without some kind of resolution. It would make us look weak. And by 'us', I mean Ilmarond and Estoria."

"Second, from what I saw, Dunwaar is the last actual civilized settlement between here and Malatesta. With our caravan lost, at the very least even if we hitch up Khaitan, at the bare minimum we'd still need a wagon and supplies. It might be spring here, but won't it be colder up in the mountains?"

Since we're basically talking to everyone in the party, lets dispense with the spoilers (yah,i realize i'm the one who did it first… i'm silly like that).

Still whispering to the same people, though… DC 15 for anyone else.

"Well, if food and survival were the only concerns in us making it to the next point, I can get us there alive… cold weather or no. I have the great fortune of not caring all that much if those two nations save face. My concern is… as stated before… our collective well-being." He looks over to Lureene and responds, "And I anticipate that they'll strike again. I'm assuming the woman we faced before isn't their only operative. My suggestion was to throw them off the trail, get some distance, then put an ocean between them and us... shoudl at least buy us some breathing room. We still have to think of Alis's mission." Despite the gravity of the situation, Mal's eyes can't help but slip down to Lureene's flamboyant and revealing armor. "Moons above, woman, but that armor is distracting!"

Should Mal be able to rely on his scent when it comes to thsi woman, btw? I've been in close combat with her, and i'm assuming I helped get her out of her armor… so I should have her scent, no? Just want to know what all details we're working with here.

Malandraenas wrote:

Despite the gravity of the situation, Mal's eyes can't help but slip down to Lureene's flamboyant and revealing armor. "Moons above, woman, but that armor is distracting!"

Lureene smiles at Mal, "Yes, but sometimes even I need to be even more distracting to our foes. Don't worry, Mal. I won't tell Mon Shea about your wandering tendencies." She replies with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

Same spoiler criteria... For Our Gang

Priyya looks grim. "Like you, Mal, I want to see Alis' mission complete. I understand why you'd suggest moving fast and stealthy now and leave this little town in our wake. Since we are sharing our differing views, I'd like to share mine..."

"We've been hopping from one fire to another - reacting defensively to these Coil bastards. Stabilizing what is happening here is our first chance to put an obvious kink in their plans. They are bigger and stronger than us. We can't take them in a single fight, so we have to bleed, harass, and distract them. If fixing this town forces them to commit time and resources here that would have been used against us down the road - then I think we should do it."

Her eyes go icy and coronal flames lick around her, "Now for my personal reasons: the Coil is diabolic and evil. We've seen murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, arson, fomenting rebellion, and generalized corruption.... The only thing I despise more than Devils trying to gain a foothold in my world are mortals who help them do it. After Alis' mission is done, my intent is to come back this way and squeeze every Tar Dog and Coil lackey in the Dale for information on their members, plans, and goals. I'm going to make a long list. And then I'm going to hunt down everyone on that list and squeeze the truth out of them... before I end their evil lives and send their irredeemable souls shrieking straight to Hell where they can answer to their Masters for their abject failures." She looks at Mal with the prematurely old eyes of a Daemonshade veteran, "I'm going to burn their f@c<ing house down."

Malandraenas wrote:
"Well, if food and survival were the only concerns in us making it to the next point, I can get us there alive… cold weather or no. ... We still have to think of Alis's mission."

Alis smirks a bit at Mal's statements, although it seems she is more frustrated than amused. "I have little doubt you could get us thru the wilderness on foot if need be, however the spells I know that boost someone's speed only last for a few minutes. We could be talking extra weeks of travel if we go on foot."

"As for this situation and my mission..." She pauses for a moment considering just how to express it. "The thing is, none of this... how a country is viewed internationally, threats to their sovereignty, colonial interests... none of it exists in a void. An act of war in one area is like a pebble being tossed in a clear pond, it ripples out and affects other areas. Now Elsmyr Dale and Ilmarond have no treaties or trade agreements because they are isolated from one another. There is no way to get from Ilmarond to here without first passing thru other countries."

"That would mean dragging another country into the matter. Even if we don't care about whether Dunwaar is a mess when we leave, we simply can't run away or that makes Ilmarond weak. You might not care about that, but I have to!"

"Remember, I'm not just an ambassador, but a member of the royal family. If a little backwater like Dunwaar can threaten assassination or kidnapping against the royal family without repercussion, then how does that look to nations with standing armies and navies?"

"Estoria had an imperialist era in the past, but that was hundreds of years ago. Malatesta has an imperialist agenda now as does Ilmarond to a certain extent. The last thing we need is for the senate and consuls of Malatesta to think Ilmarond is so weak so to not answer a direct threat to their own royalty. If it's all the same, I would rather not return home to find giants lounging about in the palace back in Silverwake. Well," she laughs and jumps up trying to brush Mal's hair out of his face, "present company excepted, of course."

Malandraenas wrote:
Should Mal be able to rely on his scent when it comes to thsi woman, btw? I've been in close combat with her, and i'm assuming I helped get her out of her armor… so I should have her scent, no? Just want to know what all details we're working with here.

Yeah, he'd certainly know Chivane's scent by now. He was able to detect that she had been in Alis' room, although judging by the faintness, it was several hours earlier. Since leaving the master suite though, he hasn't caught another whiff of her.

Priyya wrote:
… strong stance on killin' evil stuff…

Mal eyes Darkmane with open admiration, grinning. "Traker, my friend, you better watch your back… I think I'm in love with your girl here."

His eyes become serious as he turns back to the dark-skinned warrior-priest, "On the day you decide to come back and bring the fight, just call on me, Darkmane. You know I'm good for it."

Felmor grins at the Corporal, "Aye, she be a fine catch indeed. If'n ye feel th' need ta pursue it, I jes will give ye one piece of advice. Dinnae compare 'er ta an anchor!" In response to his last comment, he nods, "'N we be welcomin'ye as well, ye is a true friend n' a hero."

Priyya blushes furiously at the compliments from both men and can only manage to say, "Damn RIGHT - don't compare me to an anchor!"

Felmor - FTW! Well played, sir. I concede the match!

As Alis finishes talking, she notices that no one else has heard a damn thing she's said. "Hey!"

She waves her arms, "Heeeey!"

Mal finally pries his eyes off Priyya and notices his boss looking at him with a hint of annoyance on her face, "Hey, lean down here so I can smack– Wait... is Priyya blushing? What. The. Hell?!"

She laughs lightly and says, "Neeeevermiiiind. Anyway, we're not running from this fight, Mal. That's that."

Priyya blushes even more... "I am NOT! I'm... I've probably caught a cold or something."

Bluff 1d20 + 4 - 10 ⇒ (14) + 4 - 10 = 8 Lame cover

"I didn't expect the decision would go that way. Just tossing in my perspective. I'm happy to pounce on whatever plan we cook up here." He pauses. "And we weren't ignoring you."

Priyya wrote:
"I am NOT! I'm... I've probably caught a cold or something."

"Uh huh, and Mal's started smuggling a bastard sword in his trousers now too, hmm?"

Mal wrote:
"I didn't expect the decision would go that way. Just tossing in my perspective. I'm happy to pounce on whatever plan we cook up here. ... And we weren't ignoring you."

"Alright well," she looks back at the young lord who is still quietly considering Priyya's suggestion up in the first pew of the chapel. "I'm not sure if he's got what it takes or not, but hard circumstances have a way of making a person adapt. I know that quite well."

Before Alis can finish that though, there's a knock on the door of the chapel. Monroe has a look and then admit two guards and a young woman dressed in servant's clothes.

"Nadia is it?" The woman nods at Monroe's question. "We've got ourselves a lot of questions and we need some answers. Word is you and Private Turney have seeing each other."

The woman starts to protest but Monroe cuts him off. "Look sweetie. I don't really care if you were laying the Count's son over there. That's not what I'm concerned about. Your boy friend's gone missing while he was on duty and can't nobody find him. Being as we've had dangerous people running around the town and now the castle, I'm worried about him. He might be in trouble. When was the last time you saw him and where at?"

At Monroe's words, Nadia swallows hard and says, "In trouble? Please, don't punish him, it won't happen again!"

"Eh?" Monroe scratches his head.

Nadia continues, "After dinner has been cleared away, and the guards are lazy from their meal... We sneak into the mill house during his rotation on the walls and—"

She turns bright red and Monroe groans putting the heel of his palm to his forehead. "Look, I don't care that he was plowing your field. Was the millhouse the last time you saw him, did you notice anything unusual in the area or in his mood?"

Nadia looks aghast at the Captain's bluntness and looks to the women standing nearby with pleading eyes.

"For the love of..." Monroe turns to Priyya, "Can I get some backup here?"

Happy to avoid her own discomfiture, Priyya willingly leaps to assist. "Nadia, we just need to know when and where you last saw Turney and if he was acting any different than normal."

Sense Motive 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Priyya takes the opportunity to scan the girl for evil as well as the guards. Never can be too careful...

Detect Evil found 0 results matching the search criteria. Although Priyya does notice the guards elbowing each other in the ribs and stealing glances at Lureene.

Noting Priyya's clerical vestments, Nadia walks to the side with her and explains, "While We snuck into the millhouse to make love. I wanted to stay longer, but he said that we needed to get back before our absence was missed, especially since the guards have been shorted by the riots."

"Since we don't want to get spotted together, Marco always leaves first and then clears his throat when it's all clear. Tonight though, he didn't do that. Instead I could hear him greet Count Ayers and then walk away along the battlements with him towards his post at the south. As soon as they were out of sight near the catapult, I ran back inside the keep to finish making up the beds in the guest chambers."

Priyya looks over to make sure Monroe caught the exchange. "Marco sounds like a very judicious man. At about what time did Marco go out and run into the Count?"

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Her estimate of the time would put it roughly while all of you were still in the great hall finishing up your meals after the captains and the count left.

Lureene ignores the looks from the guards, and slides next to Nadia. "Do you know if Marco usually returns to his post right after your lovemaking? Or does he go somewhere else?"

"No, he goes straight to his post to make sure he hasn't been missed. Tonight he was stationed on the south wall so it wasn't far."

Priyya thanks the girl and has the guards escort her out. Unless someone else has more questions for her.

She turns to Monroe saying quietly, "So... Sounds like the Count disappeared the one guard who'd be in a position to spot someone escaping from the postern gate and clearly didn't ever intend to meet up with you and Stallings. We can guess where to find Turney now."

"Shall we try to find the man, if only to put him to rest? I don't think we need him as further evidence of the Count's crimes."

Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:

As Alis finishes talking, she notices that no one else has heard a damn thing she's said. "Hey!"

She waves her arms, "Heeeey!"

Once Nadia is escorted out, Lureene pauses with an embarassed look on her face and walks over to Alis, "I'm sorry 'Lis, I was just thinking of...unpleasant things I was going to do to the Count when I see him. Forgive me?"

Priyya signals Monroe to come with her and sits down next to Alex. She smiles sympathetically, putting a hand on his arm. "It's been a long, damn day, Alex. I've only got one more question for you. I'm assuming you know your father's interests, friends, rivals, and that sort of thing. Does your father know a fellow by the name of Kale from Valehaven? Were they hunting buddies or something like that?"

"Kale? You mean Baltus Kale?" He nods. "They were more rivals than friends. The fact that trade to Malatesta has to come thru Dunwaar was always something of a sticking point between the two. Trade is Dunwaar's lifeblood, but the Kale's... less scrupulous business partners would frequently complicate matters. Hunting was sort of a game of oneupmanship between them. For all his business connections, Baltus was never quite the hunter that father is. It was just 2 years ago that he took down that owlbear in the Great Hall."

He looks up and asks, "Why? Do you think that has something to do with the Tar Dogs staging these riots? I thought Alis said they weren't aligning themselves with the Kales anymore..."

Felmor chimes in after that response, "Actually, we ha' reason ta believe th' Tar Dogs still have some ties wit' th' Kales. Jes rumor, ya unnerstand, but fairly reliable. If'n Chivane knew 'bout Baltus's death, 'n they dinnot, she coulda told 'em any fancy tale ta turn 'em against us."

"Alex, we don't know all the angles on this thing. I'm just trying to put the pieces together. When we figure it out, I promise, we will tell you." She pats him arm and moves back towards the team with Monroe. On the way over, she tells Monroe about Kale's death and the leads they had that pointed to a power-broker, from Dunwaar, a friend or rival who could induce him to go after the Ghostlord's pets.

When they get back to the team, Priyya says quietly, "Guess whose father is a big game hunter and rival to Kale... whose relationship could be described as a game of 'one-upmanship'." Priyya looks absolutely disgusted. She adds the information about why they were rivals as well as the rest of Alex's thoughts.

"Captain Monroe, do you need any more information to convince you of what is happening here?"

"Uuugh," Captain Monroe shakes his head, "I think I've heard about enough. Before we go sending that girl away though, could you have your little guy there fly around the outside of the walls Lureene? I've got the nasty feeling Private Turney might have worked his last rotation tonight..."

Assuming Lureene agrees, it takes Grak a few minutes to circle around the castle's permimeter. Just east of the south wall's catapult support outside, he reports that he's found something. At the corner of where the city wall joins the castle, there's the body of a soldier who looks like he fell off the wall and broke his neck. Monroe curses vehemently at the news and asks Lureene if Grak could hook a lowered grapnel thru the man's belt so he can be hoisted up.

Once done, a few soldiers bring the man back to the chapel on a stretcher. It doesn't take but one glance and a wail of tears from Nadia to confirm the man's identity. When Priyya observes his injuries, she can see that the man has several broken bones from his fall, but she also observes that he was stabbed from behind thru a gap in his armor puncturing his lung.

At her observation, Monroe comments, "Well, that would explain why we didn't hear him scream I guess."

Looking again at Lord Alex he says, "Now it would probably be best if Alex and I handle this ourselves. I know you guys all have a legitimate beef with Lucius, but if you guys lay into him the minute he's in striking distance, then it's gonna look bad really bad."

"That said," he frowns and rests his hand on the hilt of his longsword, "if sh1t goes south, I don't need to tell you that you should defend yourselves."

Lureene nods at the Captain, ”Very well, Captain, we can do as you suggest. Would you like us to wait outside the gatehouse while you talk to him?” There is a dubious note in her voice, showing exactly what she thinks of that idea.

On hearing Priyya's response, she adds, "I can use a spell to send a whispered message to Stallings, once I can see him."

"Of course, Captain; this is a Dunwaar matter. However, if I might make a suggestion since at least one of his accomplices could be lurking about, perhaps it would be best to maintain the illusion that you are concerned with keeping him safe from attack. Once we are all secured here or whereever, then you can proceed in whatever way you deem appropriate. It would also be good if we could somehow let Stallings know what the situation is before springing anything. I'm not sure if we have a magical means of doing that..."

As an afterthought, Priyya adds, "Let me say... My hope is that the Count can be questioned. He is our strongest lead to the Coil and seems involved in the recent problems in Valehaven. He can shed a lot of light on the forces arrayed against the Princess and their agenda."

Lureene Ourson wrote:
”Very well, Captain, we can do as you suggest. Would you like us to wait outside the gatehouse while you talk to him?”

"Actually, I think everyone should stay put in here. If that assassin b!!~$ is still around here, the last thing I need is for any of you getting cut down. Stake out a section of the chapel for yourselves and if you want to cast any precautionary spells or what-not then just keep 'em subtle. I'd like to get some answers too, but I have no idea how this will shake out."

"Alex," he calls out, "I'm having a couple guards make their way over to the gatehouse so we can escort your– escort the Count over here. Everyone's counting on you, son, all of Dunwaar. You can do this, I'll be right here with you."

If there's nothing else, then he goes to send for Stallings to bring Lucius on over with some guards. Alis or Lureene can use message simply by opening one of the windows on the south side of the chapel. There are arrow loops in the gatehouse for the spell to pass thru.

Sounds good to me! Let's wrap this up! What time is it, Mike? If it is pre-dawn then Priyya has bupkiss for spells right now - which is fine. Also, her Smite ability... are we assuming that it regens at midnight or dawn? Or does she technically need to sleep before that comes back?
Not that it matters - her complete and total AWESOMENESS can defeat any evil. :)

Lureene moves to the south window, and chants quietly, Cast Message once her spell is cast,

Stallings or Perception DC 25:
”Stallings, beware of treachery from the Count. Do not let him escape. I will explain when you arrive.”

Once the message has been sent, she waits for a response. Once received, she then will close and lock the window.

It's about 2am right now. Being as Priyya is a priestess of the goddess of the Sun, I figured her paladin abilities would recharge at the same time as her cleric spells. Since the Everflame sidetrek we've pretty much had that established as being at dawn.

P 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

Within about 2 minutes, there is a knock at the door of the chapel. Monroe checks the door and finds that his guards have returned with Stallings, Count Ayers, Castellan Farris, the castle's cleric Father Vincent. An additional 6 guards are accompanying the group.

Seeing everyone assembled, the Count says, "Don't tell me you were all holding a midnight vigil on my account. I got hit on the head by some thug, not eviscerated by a boar!"

Noting the many stern gazes fixed upon him, along with the conflicted expression on Alex's face, Lucius asks, "What the devil's going on here?"

No One of Consequence wrote:
Being as Priyya is a priestess of the goddess of the Sun, I figured her paladin abilities would recharge at the same time as her cleric spells.

That's fine with me. I was just checking. Looks like High-Octane Evil might have the merest chance of beating my super-uber-awesomeness. :)

Priyya scans the crowd for evil.

Stuff 1d20 ⇒ 15

Priyya sweeps the chapel with her gaze starting at one side near Alex and sweeping across to the other. She no longer gets a false-positive from Lureene, however, when she looks at Count Lucius Ayers, she feels as if she just stepped in front of a blast-furnace door. She staggers as she is stricken. Noting her state, Alis yawns and lightly grab Priyya to steady her. She says softly, "It's been a long day, just hang in there a bit longer and we'll get some rest."

Alis' Bluff 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (19) + 12 = 31

Sense Motive 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (14) + 10 = 24

No one else in the chamber seems to notice that Priyya was in fact stunned and a few actually yawn reflexively.

You sensed an overwhelming aura of Evil coming from Count Lucius Ayers.

She smiles and nods then whispers to Alis as if thanking her for the steadying hand.

Alis or Perception DC 25:
"Get ready. He is major league."

Priyya makes a show of steadying herself and attempts to slide a bit closer to the Count.

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