Thornkeep - PFS - The Accursed Halls

Game Master Pirate Rob


Thornkeep - The Accursed Halls
Beneath Brokenhelm Hill and the weathered walls of Thornkeep lies an ancient maze of magic and madness. Once the workrooms and summoning chamber of a rebel Azlanti lord, these subterranean chambers were forgotten thousands of years ago after the eradication of the evil lord and his followers. Over the centuries, adventurers have found their way into these twisting passages and magnificent chambers, only to discover that the fading magic of the ancient Azlanti still lingers here. The people of Thornkeep call this dungeon the Halls Under the Hill, but those heroes who have dared its depths know this place by a different name: the Accursed Halls.


Unless otherwise noted, the Accursed Halls possess the
following features.
Walls: Masonry. The walls are made of dressed sandstone
blocks, once magically fitted but now weathered and crumbling at
the edges (Climb DC 20)
Doors: Stone. Doors open easily to a light push.
Floors: Flagstone. The floors are made of hard slate slabs. A
thin layer of sand weathered from the walls lies underfoot in
many chambers
Illumination: Braziers enchanted with continual flame spells
light most chambers.