Third Dawn: Uncertain Futures (Inactive)

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Among the ever-expanding Protectorate, Arbil is a relatively new city, established just over thirty years ago. With a seer named Mosephi as its founder and ruler, Arbil’s populace favors the insightful discipline of psionics, clairsentience, over the other five,
although that has not stopped the study of the other disciplines, nor has it affected the results of psionic duels within the city.

The city of Arbil is split roughly down the center by the city’s reservoir, which serves to separate the Protectorate district on the western side of the city from the civil district on the eastern side. The city’s reservoir is spanned at the southern end by the Freshwater Bridge, a psionically constructed bridge which pulls water from the sea into the channel that is the reservoir and filters out the silt and impurities of the ocean water, leaving only clean drinking water for the citizens. This marvel is one in which residents of the city take tremendous pride in and it is not uncommon for visitors to the city to hear about it from any resident they talk to.

Because Arbil is one of the few cities of the Protectorate on the ocean, the Maquoran Fleet has shown interest in being the sole source of nautical trade for the city.

The city of Arbil has grown rapidly over the past decade, as its overseer continues to guide it to success after success. Presented below are some of the notable residents of Arbil and the areas around it.

Mosephi: Enigmatic and prophetic Overseer of Arbil, subordinate of Overseer Arbelle of Lirasse. Uses his abilities of foresight in the best interest of the city.

Sudas: Captain of the Guard of Arbil and personal bodygard of Overseer Mosephi. Rumors suggest she has a closer relationship to the overseer than just bodyguard.

Zorotaer: Elderly seer and former teacher of Overseer Mosephi. Some say he resents that Mosephi has risen so much higher than his former mentor.

Larissa: The spiritual leader of Arbil, Mother Larissa of the Calm seeks to grant enlightenment, both of self and the world, to all she meets.

Arbelle: Overseer of the city of Lirasse. She is rarely seen in Arbil and has only the most tenuous control over Mosephi.

The following PC rolls will always be made by me to keep things moving:
1. Initiative
2. Perception
3. Sense motive
4. Saving throws
5. Group diplomacy*

Player dice rolls of these types will be ignored, unless specifically requested by me.

I may make the following where appropriate, but you may request to make these yourself (let me know if you prefer to roll these yourself):
1. Knowledge checks
2. Survival checks
3. Individual diplomacy*

Further, I may make a roll of any kind on your behalf if you do not post within the 24 hour timeframe (see above fore more on this).

* Where the group is involved in a diplomatic action and a diplomacy roll is required, I will roll using the PC with the highest modifier for the group as the primary roll and the next highest modifier for an assist. Depending upon roleplaying and other circumstances, I may allow multiple assists also, or require someone other than the PC with the highest modifier make the primary roll. Otherwise, the players roll these individually.

Finally, a convention I have adopted (mostly for rolling during combat) in PbP games that I run is as follows:

1. No rolls during combat for any checks that do not specifically require an action unless called for by the GM. Same for free actions that do not influence combat. Eg. Knowledge (dungeoneering) to identify that ooze is a free action, but this is a roll you must ask the GM to make for you (unless he has asked for it). Concentration check to cast a spell is a free action, but that's fine to roll yourself (since it forms part of your cast spell action).

2. Always roll for actions in the order in which they occur. When in doubt, roll reactions to GM first, reactions to players next and then your actions. This should help minimize players swapping over save throws for attack rolls (and the like).

3. If you do want to make an "actionless" skill check, ask the GM to roll it for you. He'll have to post to tell you the results anyway.