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Vladimir's Floor
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Forge Points:
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Forge Rules
The Forge, in addition to providing crafting tools for just about any kind of crafting you want (except basketweaving), also has a powerful enchantment. It can strip the magic from any magic item and store it, then use it later to create other magic items.

Whenever you melt down a magic item in the Forge, you get 1/10 of the item's cost in Forge Points. These Forge Points can then be used exactly like gold pieces for crafting items, except you do not need to make craft checks or possess crafting feats--the items are produced instantaneously by the Forge. It can also be used to upgrade items in a similar fashion.

Because of the binding contracts you entered into when first devising this whole thing (you all hired Contract Devils to check it over and everything), Forge Points are split evenly between you whenever magic items are melted down.

Draft character creation rules:

Create a CR 9 creature as your 'dungeon lord'. For purposes of reaching CR 9, treat any levels added to a monster as directly adding to its CR--so, for example, a CR 2 monster with 7 levels. Feel free to PM me if you think this will make you too under/overpowered, and we can work out some adjustments. If I feel your dungeon lord is too far out of line, I'll PM you and suggest some changes. You can use templates, but I would prefer to avoid the Advanced template and the *class* creature templates (Fighter creature, etc.).

If your dungeon lord does not have any racial hit dice, use a 25-point buy to create your stats. If you *do* have racial hit dice, instead use a 10-point buy, with no more than half of the points going to any one stat. Basically, treat your stat deviation from 10 as your racial bonus. If you have an Int lower than 7, treat you racial penalty to Int as -3. You're boss encounters--you're stronger, smarter, etc. than the average member of your race. You can either take 1/2 hit dice + 1 for HP, or roll your hit dice. (Note that this will be a bit higher than the 'average' rolls given in the monster entries, if I recall correctly)

If you have no racial hit dice, use 1/2 the standard WBL for a level 10 character (so 31,000 gp). If you have racial hit dice... PM me what you want and I'll tell you if you can have it. But it shouldn't be more than 30,000 gp total, and probably should be somewhat less than that. (Treasure used to bait traps, sleep on, etc. will not be counted against this total... unless it could easily be picked up and used by your dungeon lord)

You're not stuck with the feat and skill choices for your creature in the Bestiary.

Draft dungeon floor creation rules:

Go crazy! But not too crazy. There are only a few things you must have in your dungeon:
1) An entrance point (from the floor above) and a potential exit point (to the floor below).
2) You'll need a 'public' lair--this is where the adventurers 'kill' you when it's your turn to be the 'boss'. You can also have a hidden, private lair, if you want somewhere that will be undisturbed.
3) In addition to your lair, you need to have at least four locations sufficiently large for you and your fellow dungeon lords to face off against four heroes.
4) If you want to, you can have 'employee-only' sections of your dungeon--areas hidden behind DC 40 secret doors for you and your minions to use undisturbed by your... 'clients'.
5) When I choose the final four, I'll sort you into floors, and you'll get to add a room or two to your 'backstage' areas according to which floor you got:
4th floor: Employee Lounge (campaign start location) and Forge (where you'll be able to turn... 'salvage' into customized equipment)
3rd floor: RoDR (Room of Dark Resurrection, used to get some of your more useful minions back)
2nd floor: Dungeon Control Center (Controls the fancy sliding walls and such you usually use to direct adventurers to the 'correct' floor for their deaths)
1st floor: Dungeon Entrance

Feel free to stat out as many lieutenants and minions as you want to. Most will, however, be dead at the beginning of the campaign. You'll be able to get back a limited number of them during the course of play (after reclaiming the RoDR), and may find a few survivors hiding out or holding out as you reclaim the dungeon. Be advised that any above CR 7 will definitely not show up.

Please include a map as well as a description, though you don't have to fill out every corner of the map if you don't want to. (Ex: *Bunch of squiggles* Mess of tunnels here)