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Dice Rolls | Tactical | Jace’s Stanchion

It was supposed to be a simple caravan ride...

Explore the mysteries of Jace’s Stanchion and the secrets hidden in it while also getting introduced to psionics and learning how the psionic classes work!

This adventure is designed for up to four 1st level characters to introduce them to the psionic system. Set in the remote town of Jace’s Stanchion, the characters will need to explore the town to learn more about the unusual events that have been occurring within its borders and the forests outside.

"The Opened Mind" requires the use of Ultimate Psionics and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and is intended for 1st level characters.

Map of Jace's Stanchion

Dramatis Personae

Morris - caravan guard
Simon - caravan guard
Syonne - caravan guard
Bertrand - caravan guard