The Great Jalmeray Expedition

Game Master Lady Ophelia

An Original Pathfinder Society Adventure Path/Campaign. Looking for only the boldest of the bold Pathfinders to establish a new lodge in The Kingdom of the Impossible!

You are proud members of the Pathfinder’s Society and have spent a good time training and adventuring through Golarion. Your reputations for being diplomatic and achieving the main Society’s missions of building positive diplomatic ties and acquiring as much knowledge and wisdom as possible through relics have worked in your favor. You have been charged with a special expedition to create a new Pathfinder Society Lodge in Jalmeray, The Kingdom of The Impossible. You must win the respect of not only the government, but the members of the Vudrani nobles, and monasteries. But it isn’t going to be easy.

This is an original Adventure Path for players of 2nd level and up. This is AP is not sanctioned in anyway by Paizo or the Pathfinder Society. We are utilizing the OGL for all NPC's, Locations, and related material to the adventure.

System: Pathfinder RPG
XP Speed: PF Fast
GM: Lady Ophelia/Venus DC
Gaming Frequency: Weekly
Game Times: New posts will be available on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays
Starting Date: August 5th
Location: Absalom, and the Isle of Jalmeray
Gaming Location: Online at