The Festival of the Damned

Game Master Green Smashomancer

Rules and regulations. Will also be updating with info about the world as it's created and revealed.


  • 25 Point-buy. Two traits. I'd like for them to fit the character.
    Background skill system from the Unchained book is in use.
    Automatic bonus progression is as well.
  • Only outright banned alignments are NE, and CE. I’d need to look over and approve any CN, or LE characters. I’d be more lenient with Chaotic Neutral, but the stereotypes are all too real.
  • A general Gentlefolks agreement on certain things. The shortlist is:
    No PvP unless all involved players want to do it, lemme know ahead of time too. I may want to have some fun with it.

    Certain spells should be avoided. Look, Blood Money was invented by one jerkwhistle who never shared it thousands of years ago. Possibly never even existed.

  • Guns everywhere rules. To tie into the steampunk atmosphere. These will instead of targeting touch AC work off of a Penetration rating system.
    Penetration Rating:

    This rating is equal to one quarter (rounded up) of the damage die of the weapon. So, a revolver dealing 1d8 ignores 2 points of armor, a rifle ignores 3, a small sized revolver (dealing 1d6) would still ignore 2 AC, but a small rifle only ignores 2, etc... When a misfire occurs, the superior make of a masterwork gun means that the misfire value only increases by 1. It would be a standard action to fix when a gun is broken from a misfire. This effect doesn't stack with the similar effect from Gun Training. Also, due to the availability of advanced firearms, their price is 10% normal value listed in the firearm table, and regular ammunition as well. However, due to government regulation, you will be known about by at least one of the three major houses.

    Character Creation:
  • All first party classes are allowed.
  • Common, Uncommon, and featured races are allowed too. Anti-Paladin would be Lawful Evil only, in this case. I’m happy to allow third-party material as well, I just require any prospective players to give me access to it, and I’ll allow them on a case by case basis. I reserve the right to reverse this decision after a period of gameplay. As a protip; try to avoid things that require me to learn a new system. That’s not a hard “no” mind you, it would just be extra effort on my part. The Rogue and Summoner are replaced with their younger, cooler siblings from Unchained. Pick your favorite between the Monk and Barbarian.
  • Sphere's of Power system is allowed, as is Fractional save progression.
  • Level 3. Average Gold. And full HP first level. Roll others.
  • I’m open to use of the race builder if you have that concept in your head, but can’t quite get it going with the races in first party. RP is a terrible metric for balance, instead, post your race in recruitment, or PM me the details. I’ll allow or not based on whether I like what I see.
  • In general? If you want to try something weird, just ask. I’m pretty open, but I’ll admit I have my hang-ups. Let’s see what we can come up with through the power of jolly co-operation.
  • As the setting has been built as it's own world, so too has the pantheon of the gods.

    The Old Lord:

    Har-kul: The Old Lord

    Har-kul represents the defenders of the weak, and aspiring towards harmony with others. His church is frequently responsible for the defense of the borders of a country, and at one time were the blades that carved a path for civilization to take root. Many times they are called to defend their homes, but the true purpose of Har-kuls church is to nurture the newest generations. To prepare them for an ever changing world. His title was earned when he became the eldest of the gods. His predecessor in age, Rigel, was slain by the upstart Orion. Har-kul acts as a father to many of the Gods, which caused the God-Hunters actions to be seen negatively. The churches of the two are not in open conflict, though reparations are slow coming.

    Har-kul’s followers believe in mercy whenever reasonable. Any captured foes are treated well, because when the battle is over, attacking someone is no longer done in defense. His Paladins are known far and wide as heralds of justice. Though many are foolhardy, the lessons of compassion Har-kul teaches fall on deaf ears to many young adventurers. Some branches of his church have undergone efforts to regulate these behaviors as of late.

    Home: The Eldest Throne, Heaven
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Portfolio: Family, Honor, Justice, Protection
    Worshipers: Caretakers, Leaders, Guardians
    Domains: Community, Good, Law, Nobility, Protection
    Subdomains: Archon, Cooperation, Family, Judgement, Leadership, Loyalty
    Favored Weapon: Scythe
    Symbol: A hand with an open palm
    Sacred Animal: Horse
    Sacred Colors: Red and Gold

    After him stand:

    The Fallen God:

    Belial: The Fallen God

    Belials very nature requires his churches to meet in secret in many corners of the world. He is lord among the Archdevils, and responsible for the construction of Hell as it is known today. Cast down from the heavens long before history was recorded, he clawed his way up through the putrid chaff of Hells lowest reaches with one strange note. No devil can tell a time when he destroyed an an enemy of his personally. No devil still alive anyway. To all appearances, he does not get his own hands dirty, but manipulates, and sets others against each other.

    Worshipers of Belial frequently keep their patron a personal secret, as even those without evil hearts know the stigma of following a Devilgod. In truth, some simply seek advice of Belial's priests to outwit their enemies. Contracts are the standard way of ensuring someone honors their word, and Belial has had much practice binding them. The tradition continues onto the material plane through his church. In some corners of the world, Belials faithful have established themselves as major powers.

    Adjective: Belites
    Home: Twisted Metropolis, Hell
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Portfolio: Contracts, Obfuscation, Secrets, Slavery
    Worshipers: Assassins, Slavers, Tyrants
    Domains: Charm, Death, Evil, Law, Trickery
    Subdomains: Blood, Deception, Devil, Divine, Murder, Thievery
    Favored Weapon: Dagger/Pistol
    Symbol: A blindfolded skull
    Sacred Animal: Goat
    Sacred Colors: Deep Purple and Black

    That Which is Many:

    Soriel: That which is Many

    Represents the essence of nature and the forces connecting everything. Soriel is not a single being but many, appearing as but balls of light or taking the form of a body-less voice, of multiple things speaking at once. How Soriel came to sentience, none know not even Soriel himself. Soriel home is the Material plane, where his various consciousnesses act, in an effort to keep the plane safe from Outsiders.

    Soriel's followers believe in protecting the home above all else, often fighting to protect it from those who would seek to destroy it. His practices consist of teaching honor and wisdom, always growing and learning to better one's self and helping others to grow as well.

    Although it should be said followers are rare due to many not considering him a real god. Soriel's followers are often recluses, loners, and those who take refuge in the deepest wilds.

    Adjective: Sorien's
    Alignment: Neutral
    Home: The Material plane
    Portfolio: Family, Protection, Nature, Spirits
    Worshipers: Recluses, Druids, Fey, Healers,
    Domains: Community, Repose, Protection, Air, Water
    Sub Domains: Wind, Growth, Home, Defense,Souls
    Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike
    Symbol: A Tree with many roots spreading far and wide.
    Sacred Animal: The Ant
    Sacred Color: Dark Green

    The Choleric Queen:

    Ashtoreth: The Choleric Queen

    Ashtoreth represents the noble aspects of competition, as well as harmony with the self. Heroism, camaraderie, and bravery are all associated with the Choleric Queen. Her title is well earned, as the first berserker in battle was said to be possessed by her spirit and Ashtoreths own power in single combat is said to be unmatched. She is aware that the Saint Sanguine covets her domain of war, but she knows full well how that would end.

    The faithful of Ashtoreth share her zeal for life. Knowing that they must live life to it’s fullest to please their goddess. Her followers are known for their fighting spirits, however, her church always teaches good tactics must be used. Poor planning is the domain of the foolish, and can cost lives. Her ideals are adopted by many athletes as well, competition is in the blood for her faithful. But this can come from any walk of life, as such her church is quite diverse in its roster.

    Adjective: Ashians
    Home: Titanic Battlescape, Elysium
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Portfolio: Battle, Bravery, Determination, Glory
    Worshipers: Athletes, warriors, performers
    Domains: Chaos, Glory, Good, Strength, War
    Subdomains: Azata, Blood, Competition, Heroism, Resolve, Tactics
    Favored Weapon: Greatsword
    Symbol: A field of broken weaponry
    Sacred Animal: Sparrow
    Sacred Colors: Fiery yellows and reds

    The Saint Sanguine:

    Vaoh: The Saint Sanguine

    Vaoh is a mad god, associated with manic insanity, blood and undeath. He covets the War domain of Ashtoreth, and she knows it. It is said by his church that he spread the dual curses of undeath and lycanthropy to sew distrust between neighbors, and to unbalance the nature of the world. If Ashtoreth represents the heroism and bravery that is brought out in conflict, Vaoh is the aspect of horror and suffering. Yet his madness breeds creative minds. Disturbed minds often show artistic talent, and Vaoh is not merely a peddler of pain and destruction. He and his faithful see their work as art, flayed bodies as sculptures built with the same care, and sometimes even the same hands, as they would a marble statue.

    He is worshipped in his most concentrated numbers by vampires and cannibals, who see him as their direct patron. Other intelligent undead, as well as werewolves do so as well. Some even setting up places of worship in cities with blasphemous mockeries of other religions as a cover. Among all of this is a warped sense of community between these various outcasts, all of them pulled towards the Saint Sanguine in the belief that they belong with one another. And mortals? Talkative cattle at best.

    Adjective: Vaoans
    Home: Floating Mass, Abyss
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Portfolio: Art, Madness, Undeath
    Worshipers: Artists, cannibals, the mad, undead.
    Domains: Chaos, Death, Evil, Madness, Magic
    Subdomains: Arcane, Demon, Murder, Nightmare, Undeath
    Favored Weapon: Rapier
    Symbol: A goblet running over with blood in a skeletal hand
    Sacred Animal: Serpent
    Sacred Colors: White and deep red.

    Elemental Lady of Life:

    Kalmistra: Elemental Lady of Life

    Kalmistra represents the blending of the elements from which most life arises. She is the Balance of Life itself, and works towards the end of making all life a little better, a little stronger. She teaches that all life should seek to improve itself and the world, and her worshipers should oppose any who wish to drag the world into darkness and hatred.

    She believes that working to undo the balance of the world is an evil act, and that performing evil acts unbalances the world - they are one and the same. Kalmistra represents harmony with ones surroundings. Her faithful are taught to avoid these if at all possible, and when faced with two evils to choose the lesser in the long run.

    She is often worshipped by various members of the Elemental races, as they see there own aspect within her. The Suli are especially common worshippers, given they are also a blending of all four elements. Many other, more mortal races, worship Kalmistra as the Lady of Life and a powerful healer.

    Although there is quite a bit of overlap, Kalmistra's church is generally seen in two forms - divine healers who help the populace, and powerful warriors that protect and restore balance.

    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Portfolio: Healing, Fire, Earth, Water, Air.
    Worshipers: The Elemental races, healers.
    Domains: Air, Fire, Earth, Healing, Water.
    Subdomains: Wind, Smoke, Metal, Restoration, Flowing.
    Favoured Weapon: Rifles
    Symbol: A diamond formed of Fire in the top, Wind in the right, Earth on the bottom and Water on the left.
    Sacred Colours: Blue, Green and Red.

    Noticeably, Kalmistra changed her favoured weapon several generations ago when the developments of guns became common. She feels they better show the melding of the elements - the earth in the metal, the water in the stock, the fire in the powder and the air it displaces - than her previous weapon did.

    The Caretaker:

    Riestarch: The Caretaker

    Riestarch is a goddess presiding over death, community, and protection. Typically death is seen as something undesirable by most cultures, but for the Caretaker and her followers it represents a final peace from the harrows of life.
    She does not actively support violence (though the situation does sometimes call for it regardless) and instead commands her flock to bring comfort to others in times of great strife. Similarly, those souls that enter her care are protected from any further suffering - that is, until they make it to their final destination. It is worth mentioning that the church of Riestarch is not one of healing, and it is notably taboo among them to attempt to cure a person of some fatal ailment. For them death is just another expression of life and it would be wholly unnatural to stand in its way.

    The order of paladins who carry on in the name of Riestarch. It may seem odd that a goddess of death runs a Hospice, there are ultimately many clinics and temples that ultimately have Riestarch as their patron. The Caretaker protects her followers, as a mother would a child.

    For those who are beyond medical help, one of these Hospices is a welcome way to spend the short remainder of their lives. They aren't grim or terrible places, as Riestarch is not a morbid goddess, and her followers are gregarious and sentimental, making sure to comfort those who are suffering and allow them to enjoy what they have. Though outright cures in Riestarch's hospices are extremely rare, it's not uncommon at all for those who have shown great faith or are simply blessed by the kindly hand of Riestarch to have their disease go into remission or to become asymptomatic carriers.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Portfolio: Death, Comfort, Protection, Community
    Worshipers: Caretakers, Battlefield Healers, Lepers
    Domains: Community, Death, Plant, Protection, Repose
    Subdomains: Family, Plague, Decay, Souls, Defense, Undead
    Favored Weapon: Heavy Shield
    Symbol: Skull with a budding flower inside
    Sacred Colors: Green & White

    The God-Hunter:

    Orion: The God-Hunter

    Long ago, the mortal Orion slew the Ancient God Rigel. None know how he accomplished this feat, as the gods were originally thought to be entirely beyond mortal grasp. Some scholars theorize he received aid from Belial the god of devils, who wanted the power of Rigel himself. Some say Rigel never died at all, but reincarnated himself to gain new worshippers. Whatever happened, no one since Orion has replicated this feat. Mostly because he takes a personal interest in tracking any mortals who would replicate his accomplishment, and destroying them. This is not done purely out of spite, however. After ascending with the power stolen from Rigel, he was tasked by Har-kul with preventing others from slaying more of the Old Lords kin. Orion accepted the assignment, feeling remorse for his previous actions. He extends his eye to all who would attempt to rise to the ranks of godhood as well. The other gods are wary of his future actions, but he has made no moves against them yet.

    The God-Hunter emphasizes the acts of hunting as well as striving to hone one's own skills. In accordance with what little is known about his mortal life, his church has taken to the woods, frequently meeting at each solstice and equinox. Often he is associated with nature, as well as mystery. Many who wish to research ancient ideas and lore pay homage to him, as the Knowledge domain is one he took from the Ancient God.

    Home: Tempest Wilds, Astral Fires
    Alignment: Neutral
    Portfolio: Knowledge, Vigilance
    Worshipers: Assassins, vigilantes, sport hunters
    Domains: Animal, Death, Knowledge, Magic, Travel
    Subdomains: Espionage, Exploration, Feather, Memory, Psychopomp, Rites
    Favored Weapon: Longbow
    Symbol: An arrow split in an upper and lower half. Some more modern depictions show a bullet similarly cut.
    Sacred Animal: Scorpion
    Sacred Colors: Black and White

    Below are some details of the setting. Some just to help give ideas and life to the Festival of the Damned, others notes of mechanical differences to default Pathfinder.

    Festival guide to Calweld:
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    Encyclopaedia Genus:
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    The Supporting Cast so Far:
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