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Game Master GM Idyll

Hello, all! I'd like to run a PBP using the Falcon's Hollow modules. We would start, obviously, with Hollow's Last Hope, and assuming things go well, seamlessly move on to the others in the series and beyond.

For those that don't know, the first part of the adventure is a combination of wilderness exploration and dungeon delving.

There's obviously no Player's Guide for this module, so all you need to do is create a character using the criteria below and write a short backstory/character profile.

Character Creation Guidelines
1) 15-Point Buy, 1st Level
2) Core races only.
3) Choose two traits. You can't have more than one of each type of trait (regional, combat, faith, etc.)
4) I'd prefer no evil alignments, but if it makes sense for your backstory AND you can play relatively well with others, I'll allow it.
5) Max HP at first level
6) Average starting gold for your class

1. Why are you in Falcon's Hollow? Are you a local? A visitor? A mercenary?
2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choice.
3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?

Good luck everyone!

EDIT: I'm looking for four (maybe 5) players. This adventure requires a good mix of combat, skills and magic, so keep that in mind once the applications start rolling in.

Oh yes! I have really wanted to play this series since I first read them. I have this monk written for a previous adventure, but I can change him up to fit here as well.

What about classes? Core, APG, UC, UM, archetypes..what would you like to see? Btw. Reading wiki for Falcon's hollow, very nice feel of Wild west frontier town...High noon and alike, with a twist. Main bad guy, although a coward, and rotten to the core tries (even invests) to protect Hollow's inhabitants from monsters?!?

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I'm thinking about giving an Inquisitor a go. What are your expectations for posting? I am deployed at the moment, and I would not be able to keep up with a fast paced game, though I could with a slower paced one (1+ post a day shouldn't be an issue). Just curious at this point.

I don't really know anything about the series, either. Could you tell a little more, (without spoiling anything), please?

Dotting. I have some ideas for a character. I'll have on up by tomorrow.

I would like to apply, will have to adjust my build a little, but concept will not change.

Firebeard is a darven monk; a champion of Kols, and a strange one for a dwarf. His story can be found in the character sheet, but the specifics for this campaign are below:

1. Why are you in Falcon's Hollow? Are you a local? A visitor? A mercenary? Used t' be a merc, but ain't no more. No' since hisself chose me as his champion. Now, I roam th' world at his guidance an' direction. Hisself knows why I be here, but here I be. He said go, an' I went.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choice.

Grounded: Firebeard's training and mental communion with Kols has made teh dwarf well-grounded in both body and mind. He gains +2 trait bonus on acrobatics checks and a +1 bonus to Reflex saves.

Glory of Old: Firebeard's ancestors were hardy dwarfs of a glorious lineage, the Arkanath clan. It is this lineage that he turned his back on when his parents dies, and this lineage that drew Kols to him. Redemption of the Arkanath through a mortal champion of Kols is at least one of the god's reasons for choosing Firebeard. Firebeard receives a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against spells, spell-like abilities, and poison.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically? Firebeard is a static fighter, dealing melee damage with both fist and weapon, and performing single-creature battlefield control through grapples and other combat maneuvers. At range, he has metal bits (shuriken) to throw. As he progresses, his options for battlefield control will expand and become especially useful in a party with multiple close combat characters.

With a 15pb, after racial adjustments I think we'll see

Str: 16, Dex: 13, Con: 14, Int: 8, Wis: 14, Cha: 8

1. Why are you in Falcon's Hollow? Are you a local? A visitor? A mercenary?
Just visiting. I like collecting stories and legends. Falcon's Hollow is just a brief stop along the road for me.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choice.
1. Forlorn- Shalyna was orphaned at a young age. Her parents had been traveling the world when she was born. Over the next several decades, Shalyna saw many of her friends grow old and die from disease, violence, and old age. The years spent outside of elven society toughened the young elf up, although she's still frail compared to humans or half-elves.

2. Fast Talker- Shalyna has an irrepressible need to heckle authority. Her quick wit, combined with a lack of common sense, has landed her in more than one tight spot with local lords and authorities, especially when they are the subject of her most recent song of parody and satire. She became very skilled at bluffing her way out of these situations as a result, although the lessons cost her a few bruises and a night or two in jail.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?
Besides being an arcane caster, Shalyna can fill in as the party's face and serve as the walking encyclopedia (I plan on her having a rank in at least every knowledge, some will be higher than others). Her familiar also has a good perception check, so that will help with avoiding ambushes. She's a Universalist, so she'll have a mix of buff, de-buff, utility, and blasting spells.

1. Why are you in Falcon's Hollow? Are you a local? A visitor? A mercenary?

I originally hail from Almas, capital city of Andoran. My brother, Marcus, and I moved to Falcon's Hollow as teenagers following the death of our parents due to disease. Marcus was in contact with a Lumber Consortium agent that promised him a new start at life full of wealth.

However, Falcon's Hollow turned out to be much smaller than we imagined, and the pay from the Lumber industry was over-exaggerated. However, we were able to pick up the pieces of our lives and start anew in this small town. Unfortunately, the dangers of working in the Vale were not to be underestimated.

Five years after arriving in Falcon's Hollow, the tragic news of my brother's death reached my ears. His crew was attacked deep in the Wood by unknown assailants, killing the entire lot. The official statement from the Lumber Consortium claimed it was kobolds, but rumors from more paranoid villagers claimed that you can never be certain with the Lumber Consortium, as they are as corrupt as they are greedy.

I quit my job with the Consortium and kept to myself for a long while. After my period of mourning, I decided to honor my brother's legacy and strive to keep this village safe. I began frequent paid expeditions into the Vale, tracking down sources of potential danger to the town including wolves, angry fey and other creatures of the forest. And I occasionally bring herbs and flowers from the forest to the local temple of Iomedae, though unpopular here in town, does to job to help those in need.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choice.

- Armor Expert - I spend many days and nights hunting and tracking within the woods, and have found that sleeping in your armor can save your from a Dire Wolf attack in the night.

- Indomitable Faith - Though unpopular, the temple of Iomedae has aided the sick and needy here in Falcon's Hollow. Having lost my parents to disease, I help out in any way that I can, usually by bringing back herbs needed for medicines in the woods.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?

I am skilled with both bow and sword, making me a dangerous combatant at any range. I am also an expert at tracking and navigating through the Vale, as getting lost here can certainly be the end of anyone.

Profile's done, as are the stats for Shalyna and Fluff.

GM Idyll wrote:

1. Why are you in Falcon's Hollow? Are you a local? A visitor? A mercenary?

I arrived guarding a merchant wagon several days ago. My current contract has been completed and I am actively seeking employment.
2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choice.

My back story already explains my traits.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically

Mechanically, I will be a tank with lesser contributions to damage and magic. The spell Compel Hostility will help me fulfill this roll eventually. At higher level I will move into Paladin as the Archon I am bound to continues to exert his influence.

Out of combat, I will try to bring an array of knowledge and social skills to assist the group.

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A local boy Zane, would like to "chip-in" and see if he can join this game. His background is in his profile, along with the crunch (I will probably expand it a bit more tomorrow).

1. Why are you in Falcon's Hollow? Are you a local? A visitor? A mercenary?
- As can be seen in the profile, Zane is a local boy, with deep roots in the community, and quite a lot of possible "tie-ins" (hooks) to the story

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choice.
- Both traits are (softly) explained in Zane's background. Armour expert is because (primarily) his mother insisted that he be protected somehow at least, while wondering through the woods, plus he recently purchased a new armour and since then he is barely taking it off...ever! As for Devotee of the Green, he has the knack for specific nature-related skills, whether by self-training, or by birth, and his knowledge was noticed and used by a local person (incorporated into his background).

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?
Nature/Wilderness related skills, knowledge of locals, nice damage at range and great damage in close quarters, roguish skills (Disable device) - and most of all, excellent opportunities for various types of interaction with locals ;-)

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Hi, i would like to toss my hat on the ring also. I will post a character concept soon.

I present you, Gunfindel. I made him for a homebrew but I could easily adapt him to fit this adventure. You never mentioned which classes are allowed GM Idyll, let me know if you are alright with him please.

I'm interested, but inexperienced in playing PbP on these forums. (Tried once before a while back, but the game got taken to Google Wave and quickly fell apart.) Hope you'll like my application! I'm thinking a cleric, though haven't decided on deity. I foresee no problem posting at least once per day, sometimes more. I assume I need to set up an alias to make a character sheet with?

@Mihajlo: I'll allow all core Paizo material. I'd prefer to stick to Core, APG, UM and UC, just because I have the Hero Lab stuff for those items, but all Paizo material is fine. And yes, the setting is very nice for a simple module - I've never actually played a game here, though. I'm pretty pumped to get a shot at it!

@Beckett: I'd like at least a post a day, excluding weekends. Any less makes it tough to keep a good flow.

Here's a link to some good info about the setting Falcon's Hollow on Pathfinder wiki. In short, it's a traditional fantasy-based area, with a nice touch of big-business intrigue mixed in.

@Gunfindal: I'm good with the samurai. I've never played with one as a player or GM, so I'm intrigued by the class, for sure.

@Derk: Yes, please set up an alias. It just makes everything clean. And no worries on this being your first PBP. That won't count against you.

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@Flashohol: As soon as I have enough applicants. Ideally, I'd like to get the party picked by Tuesday at the latest, and with the numbers I have so far, it will likely be sooner.

I introduce Hassan Ahmadi, traveler from Qadira. He will bring the Dawnflower's light on your journeys.

(It's a work in progress... so his backstory isn't settled and his traits aren't chosen. But he'll bring primarily healing, combat support via buffing/summoning, diplomatic abilities, and a bit of damage via the fire domain.)

I believe I am finished with my character. Background is an abandoned child left at a monastic temple of Sarenrae, parentage unknown (left to GM discretion if you want to use this as a plot hook). He arrived in Falcon's Hollow as a guard for a merchant caravan (possibly the same one Israfel arrived on?). I took the traits Genie Caller, from Inner Sea Primer, and Flame of the Dawnflower, from the APG. The former represents his study of magic; the latter his devotion to his deity.

Id like to throw my hat in the ring. Character concept- Half Orc Ranger. I purchased a hunting dog along with my gear who I will make my animal companion when the timing is right. Woodsmans wife was raped by Orcs out of the 5 kings mountains on a raiding party...Wife died in childbirth. Father raised him. Hunting Dog was out family pet. in recent history Father passed away as well. Now Keth is an orphan and has taken off out into the world looking for 'something' Hes a lost soul, trying to find meaning in the world. Hes been bullied and shunned by humans who are less tolerant, and lives on the outskirts of humanity as a Hunter.. He unts with his spear, not a bow like wild pigs and such are his primary choice.

1. Why are you in Falcon's Hollow? Are you a local? A visitor? A mercenary?----It was the next town on his path. Can he find acceptance here? or will he be forced to move on again.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choice.-----
Traits: Outcast (+1 to Survival) and Reactionary (+2 to Initiative) ....

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?

I plan on taking the two weapon or spear and shield combat style..havent quite decided that yet. He will be a natural for the point man. If there is no rogue I can throw points into disarming traps next level as and further as needed, He has taken perception already.

Keth is seeking acceptance and a purpose so the first folks that do will gain his loyalty.

Hey everyone, I'm going to go ahead and close the recruitment as I have a well-rounded party. Sorry to those who expressed interest, but didn't get a concept posted.

There were some great concepts posted and I am simply cutting off recruitment so I don't have to agonize over it anymore with even more great concepts.

That said, the following five have been chosen:
Firebeard - Monk (Combat)
Shalyna - Wizard (Caster/Face)
Tidus Ovelia - Ranger/Infiltrator (Combat)
Zane Cartprett - Urban Ranger (Combat/Skills)
Hassan Ahmadi - Cleric (Heals)

Please report over to the discussion thread and finish up your character sheets.

Discussion Thread

Thanks again to everyone who applied.

We lost one of our players and are in need of a replacement.

Is anyone interested in playing as an arcane caster - that's the primary role we need filled.

Thanks in advance.

Dotting for interest. I'll try to have a character submitted tonight

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I have an arcane caster that's missing a backstory that might fit in well here. Let me see what I can pull together.

This character was in a PbP that died. I can rewrite his background to fit the setting.

I'm thinking that he journeyed to Falcon's Hollow to see the fabled darkwoods before they are gone.

I need to remove some stuff from his equipment but I think the point buy is ok. Let me know if this works.

Backstory and demeanor, with explanations for traits and feat.


Berenwyr hails from the forests of Kyonin and grew up focused on sword, spear and bow. (Warrior of Old) Athletic contests were his strong suit and he was known for his speed, strength and toughness, as well as his youthful confidence. So great was his hubris, that he and several of his cousins undertook a journey to the demon-haunted lands of the Tanglebriar. Once there, the full extent of their folly became manifest. Most of his companions were cut down around him, and only the timely intervention of a much more seasoned party of elves saved Berenwyr from the same fate.

Berenwyr's convalescence was long and difficult, and the best healers available to him could not restore the strength of his limbs. Only his hearty constitution enabled him to survive the ordeal, (Toughness) but he carries a reminder of that fateful trip in the form of hideous scars on his face, hands and body.

Rather than surrender to despair, Berenwyr threw himself into the study of magic. If his body could not be strong, then his mind would be. The young elf applied himself during his recouperation, often studying through the horrendous pain of his healing. (Focused Mind)

Eventually, he found himself impatient with the long, slow study of magic as favored by his elven kin, and left to seek his fortune in the human lands, and visit some of the old forests before they vanished to the ravages of short-sighted men.

This journey takes Berenwyr to Falcons Hollow, where he hopes to see the last of the darkwoods, before they are wiped out by the greedy Lumber Consortium.


Berenwyr is by turns serious, aloof, and flippant. His ordeals have not taught him much of patience or wisdom. He throws about barbed quips to mask his own loneliness. However, he has a soft spot for children, and other fragile creatures, and often throws himself into situations that could be safely avoided when the innocent are at stake.

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Ok, here's Kirche, halfling sorceress. I'll get the stat crunch posted later.


Childhood wasn’t easy or happy for a Halfling girl in Falcon’s Hollow. Much smaller than the rest of the children, she was often the subject of pranks they played to relieve some of the boredom and stress of living in such a dismal town. Her parents were both servants for the Lumbar Consortium, and their meager earnings did little more than provide rags to keep the winter chill off. Her only consolation as a child was the bedtime stories her mother told her about Desna, and she spent many nights staring at the stars and wishing she could be swept off in the night sky to someplace far away from all this cruelty. Maybe by some influence from The Dreamer, she remained a cheerful optimist despite her surroundings, ever hopeful for a better life.

Years went by, and she did her best to stay out of the larger folk’s way and remain unnoticed by the far-reaching hand of the lumber consortium, while learning what she could from what passed for public education and learning to get along with the other children, even when they quickly grew to become twice her size – but with adolescence came newfound cruelty, and while most of the teenagers were learning the trades that would eventually turn them into lumberjacks, her frail body made her the subject of jokes and the brunt of tricks – sure to amount to nothing. After a particularly cruel prank, she ran sobbing out of town where she could be alone with her tears. All the years of emotions piled into that one moment and suddenly her sadness turned into surprise and fear as the ground around her burst into flames.

She started noticing other strange and magical occurrences around her, but kept them to herself as the last thing she wanted was to be driven out of town as a witch. In private though, she learned to control her magical abilities – more to be sure it wouldn’t happen around other people than out of any expectation she’d actually need to use them – but was able to produce both flame and fire at will.

Kirche took little notice when people around town started getting sick, but her life came crashing down when both of her parents contracted the disease that others in town had already died of. Surely there had to be something someone could do to cure these people, but when she went to plead with the lumber consortium, she was ignored, kicked and tossed aside without any thought. Now she wanders around town, searching desperately for anyone who can help her parents.

Stats should be complete - in profile.

Ok, Ridge here with Davor Haaz, half orc evoker

Full stats and background in profile

But to answer some questions:

1. Why are you in Falcon's Hollow? Are you a local? A visitor? A mercenary?
I meant this to be a brief sojourn. While I was very blessed to have a loving and accepting human family, others with mixed oricsh heritage aren't so lucky even in the more open minded land of Andoran. I had heard that more than one half orc was prospering Falcon's Hollow and that they were quite welcome. Curiosity being the heart of any wizard, I came to see for myself.

2. What traits have chosen and how do they tie into your backstory - I'd like more than a mechanic justification for your choice.

Dangerously Curious- Raised in no small part by a wizard uncle, I've rarely met a magic item I didn't like or that didn't intrigue me.
Deft Dodger- Dodging moon melons is almost a survival trait in Carpenden wher I grew up.

3. What will your character contribute to the party mechanically?

As an Evoker I bring firepower, of course, but I've also been trained in history, arcane and planar lore. I speak quite a few languages.

I also have a toad named Hershall

That should count for SOMETHING, one hopes.

All right - thanks for the additional submissions. We're going to go with Berenwyr. Head on over to the discussion thread and introduce yourself.

Happy gaming everyone!

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