The Cleansing of Nexorus

Game Master thegreenteagamer

Monsters in a human-supremacist nation look to break free of their captivity, and possibly turn the world against their captors.

Remember a few homebrew rules, ported here from page 1 of the recruitment to save time:

I. 20 point buy with 2 traits
1) Traits can be from any campaign/setting/flavor, but the "no two from the same category" rule still applies.
II. No feat requirements for item creation, but skill rolls and other prerequisites are required.
1) Can take feats to further reduce item creation costs, if desired.
III. Allowed Material:
1) All Pathfinder official Paizo material allowed (except Mythic and a few exceptions listed below).
A) Prestige classes can be taken even if not in the group, as the Forgotten Realms don't have “Red Mantis Assassin” and other specific groups unique to Golarion. However, something similar must replace it. I.E. if you want to play a Winter Witch, you should spend a lot of time in the cold to justify it, even if you aren't in Golarion's Irrisen or a member of that specific group.
B) Any base class is allowed, but you need story justification. If you're playing a barbarian and want to eventually multiclass a few levels in wizard, that's fine, but justify it by spending time in libraries and practicing before you take your levels.
C) Summoners and Rogues must be of the Unchained variety.
D) Barbarians and Monks may be Unchained or original.
E) No Leadership. Just...a headache I don't want to deal with.
2) No 3rd Party or 3.X stuff. I learned a lesson in my last recruitment to not open that can of worms. Please don't ask.
IV. All alignments will be allowed, but I will have NPCs (including other monstrous races react according to your reputation as individuals and as a group. “But nobody saw me murder that homeless woman!” Remember, Divination magic, scrying, and Speak With Dead are all low to medium level spells.
1) No PVP allowed. I don't care what you say about "but my character would..." - Change your character if that's the case. You must get along as a group when it comes down to it. Come up with reasons as a group; I don't care what reasons you have, as long as they hold up.
V. The economics use a base copper system, not gold.
1) Starting gold is in copper, not gold.
2) Equipment is available in lower tiers:
A) Rusty:
i. Rusty/warped equipment is -1 attack for weapons, and +1 AC penalty for armor and shields.
ii. Rusty/warped equipment is ½ cost.
B) Broken:
i. Broken equipment is -2 attack for weapons, +2 AC penalty for armor and shields.
ii. Broken equipment is 1/10th cost.
VI. E6 System: This means the level cap is 6.
1) After 6th level, experience only earns additional feats.
2) This means that some races, such as trolls, will be capped at lower levels, due to their CR adjustment.