The Bright Crusade (Inactive)

Game Master Bane88

Welcome to the shining city of Vigil. It is here that the Watcher-Lords of Lastwall have stood for 900 years against the hordes of Belkzan and kept a stoic watch on the dangerous lands to the north that house the tomb-prison of the Whispering Tyrant.

A young and enigmatic leader has assumed the mantle of Watcher-Lord, Ulthun the 2nd a paladin of Iomedae elected by the Precentors Martial for his chivalry and righteousness.

The millennia long war against the Orc hordes have been marked by a slow retreat. After four hundred years, the many fortressed Sunwall was over run, its brilliant castles now occupied by the same Orcs it repelled for centuries. The second line, Harchist’s barricade held for nearly two hundred years until it too was overrun. The third line established was the crude Hordeline, an earthen rampart with logs hacked into spikes. It fell the same year it was constructed, now for the last century, Lastwall has held the line several miles south of the North Path River.

For the last five years, there has been an influx of money and soldiers to Lastwall, bolstering the tiny nation’s numbers significantly, whether they come to fight Orcs or train in the prestigious Crusader War College. Ulthun and his Generals have decided to use this good fortune to make a push back into Belkzan, hopefully regaining the Sunwall and maybe wiping the Orc scourge from the face of Golarion forever.

You have been selected to be a part of an advanced scout troop, set to go before the newly named Bright Crusade to skirmish and trailblaze, making your way north of the river to scout out the once held Hordeline. The army will follow behind and when it catches up to you, the Generals and Watcher-lord himself will await your report.

Character Creation:

Starting level: 3rd
Allowed Material: All Paizo.
Races: All paizo, but Core will be preferred.
Starting Wealth: As per WBL.
Points: 20 PB using the 1-1 system. No score below 8 or above 18 before racial mods.
Alignment: Any non Evil.
2 Traits.
Max HP at character creation(up to 3rd level) then roll after that.
Player expectations: Please be polite. This is a homebrew campaign set in Golarion so I reserve the right to tweak things once in awhile. I will try to post multiple time per day during the week and will likely(Though not always,) not post on weekends. Please write a background and include character motivations and what you would like to see in this campaign and what goals your character would like to achieve.
We will likely be using the mass combat rules a little later, but I will be making some changes to the leadership score concept. Including the ability to use scores other than CHA to generate your bonus.

Recruitment will last through this weekend unless interest really slows down before that.