Slumbering Tsar: The Desolation (Inactive)

Game Master Lord Manticore

Looking for a way into Hell.

Link to Loot, Damage Tracker, the Camp, and finally, the Desolation

Task: Status

Gather Information (Caravan): A little (one passed through almost a month ago, no one has heard of it since)
Gather Information (Tsar/Camp): Maps from Clanliege Clefthorn (Along with promise of alliance should Malerix be defeated)
Secure Supply lines to Camp/LT residence: Complete, via Maulf Axebeard at the Tarry Dragon
Move ahead to The Camp: Ongoing (as of March 23, 4707, campaign time)

The Camp
Secure residence: Open
Gather Information (Tsar): Open
Gather Information (Caravan): Last seen 5 days ago, per Simon
Gather Information (Harbinger): Open
Meet with Simon: Done
Gain trust of locals (specifically 'The Usurer'): Working on it...
Run the boarding house: In progress

The Wastelands Surrounding Tsar
Find and re-awaken sleeping knight and his men: Open
Find the Merchant's Guild caravan (or evidence of their demise): Open
Locate Dwarven Thane and his dig site: Open
Determine what is presently guarding the gates to Tsar: Open

Determine status of occupation: Open
"Piercing the veil": Open
Finding the 'Harbinger': Open
Determine the status of Orcus' temple(s): Open
Determine the fate of the "Fifty and One" (from Lt. Ripley): Open
Find "Aroden's Hammer": Open
Collect artifacts/relics of Tsar for collection by the Society: Open
Collect the heads of two hags (per Mama Grim): Open

As of Tuesday, 3/26/4707 (or Post #3531), party makeup:
Away Team: Numair, Calendir, Azaruant, and Lavinia
Home Team: Kal, Ruul, Elen, and Macavity