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Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings
Part 4: Thistletop

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Starting Day: Toilday, 23rd of Rova, 4707
Current Day: Fireday, 28th Rova 4707

A group of dedicated players is looking for a replacement GM for a Rise of the Runelords game. We are near the end of the first book. We have lost two GMs so far and in the interim, until we can find a new GM, I have taken over as GM. The game started 6/18 and other than losing and replacing one player all of the original players are still here. I've found that both playing a character and GMing at the same time isn't as functional as I would have liked so hoping to find a dedicated GM to take over for the long haul. Gameplay thread can be found here.

Current party consists of:

- A book loving, shy and fearful but friendly ratfolk Arcanist
- An energetic, hard studying, friendly gnome alchemist
- A snarky, self-proclaimed queen of the bow and rapier, human rogue
- A divine leader in training with a haunted past and dragon companion, aasimar paladin
- A Varisian wanderer, human warpriest

It's a good group of interesting characters that have shown dedication in sticking around while through two missing GMs. We all generally post pretty consistently so a GM that can keep up with a moderately quick paced game is a plus. Happy to answer any questions to any interested GMs. If someone would prefer I can finish up the rest of Book 1 and the new GM can take over at the start of Book 2 or whatever works best.

I am already starting a Rise of the Runelords game here, but I wouldn't mind mastering another, specially if the games are far away "time-wise".

Sent a PM.

Answered it

Withdrawing my application. Good luck, and have fun.

Y'all still need a replacement? I'll never turn down more RotR.

We are still looking. I have been running in the meantime.

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