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Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings
Part 4: Thistletop

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Starting Day: Toilday, 23rd of Rova, 4707
Current Day: Fireday, 28th Rova 4707

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Sandpoint is a quiet, peaceful town nestled right on the Lost Coast of Varisia. Originally settled as a spot to get away from the city life of Magnimar, this village has become a regular stop for traders and travelers throughout Varisia. It’s relaxed way of life, laws, and tolerance for religion has made it a place for traveled people to settle down, while rumors of ruins, local devils, and special food and drinks draw adventurers and sightseers from all over throughout the year.

As the seagulls caw, and a gentle breeze sweeps through the town on this fine, clear day, Sandpoint is buzzing with excitement. Today is the 22nd of Rova, the beginning of the Autumn Equinox and the much-anticipated start of the Swallowtail Festival. The Swallowtail Festival is a religious festival for Desna, involving lots of food, games, and releasing of butterflies, and it is often celebrated by most even if they do not particularly follow Desna’s teachings or ways.

Any festival is bound to draw visitors, and caravans and travelers often time their visits to purposefully coincide with them. However, for Sandpoint, this festival has another purpose this year. For the last five years, the people of Sandpoint have attended services within temporary wooden huts after a tragic, mysterious fire claimed the old church building along with the life of the head priest of Sandpoint and his daughter. The people still don’t like to talk about that period of time that they call the Late Unpleasantness.

After five years of hard work, however, the people of Sandpoint have finally finished the construction of their new cathedral. A beautiful stone structure, the building clearly reflects the effort and dedication they put into it and makes quite a statement among the mostly wooden homes here in Sandpoint, even more so than the old ruins at the edge of town. Large, expensive, stain-glass windows adorn the walls, each representing one of the six main deities of Sandpoint and shining brightly in the sunlight. And today is the very day that the cathedral is to be commemorated and consecrated for use.

On the first day of this extended festival, the people of Sandpoint have been busily preparing, even as travelers and merchants begin to arrive and set up their stalls. Banners and steamers hang from buildings throughout the main thoroughfare. The overall mood is quite celebratory and festive, with few unable to keep a smile from their face. For those that live in Sandpoint, the beautiful day greets them with anxious approval for the happenings, while those from out of town receive a slight sprint in their step as the fair-weather beckons them on.

As travelers come up to the wooden bridges along the eastern side of town that make the boundaries of the town proper, they are greeted fellow travelers and a small sign with a small mirror attached and the inscription in common:
“Welcome to Sandpoint.
Please stop to see yourself as we see you.”

And with that, they enter into the small, quant town of Sandpoint.

It's been almost a month since your last visit to Sandpoint, and the knowledge of the upcoming festival has had you quivering in wonderment of what it might present. Rumors of distant travelers and merchants possessing mysterious wares; the grand presentation and consecration of the long-awaited cathedral; not to mention the special foods that would be there.

Alas, the workload of the Abbey has been rather heavy lately, so it was with great shock when Father Phineas informed you of his next trip. He was heading to Sandpoint to search for a few scrolls right as the festival was to start. After a lot of begging and scraping, Phineas laughed and finally gave permission for Matthias to join him, apparently planning to the whole time.

And that is how Matthias has found himself reaching Sandpoint at the beginning of the Swallowtail Festival. He quickly makes his way into the crowd, knowing he has but a few days before Phineas is done with his business.

You gain an extra rank in Lore (Windsong Abbey).

The town has been busy for the past few weeks as they prepared for what would possibly be Sandpoint's largest festival so far. The possibility of watching a moment of history as the cathedral is consecrated is enough to excite you, but the fact that many merchants and travelers would all be in town for a while with tales and maybe even some interesting books makes you all the more giddy as the day finally comes.

Brodert is interested in selling a few of his less needed books and research for some coin later on, but for the first day, he has given you free time to go and enjoy the festival while he himself goes to search for any new historic material he can find.

You gain an extra rank in Lore (Magnimar).

Ever since learning of your family's death in the flames of the old church, you have since focused on helping out the town of Sandpoint by assisting in the construction of the new cathedral. The work has been hard and tiring at times, but as the finishing touches were completed just a week ago, a sense of pride has welled up from the finished project.

And just in time, as well, as the festival is now upon Sandpoint. Though not officially part of the clergy, your efforts in rebuilding Sandpoint's center of worship as earned you the local title of 'Sandpoint's Priestess'. It was still a surprise, however, when Father Zantus asked you to lead Sandpoint in the prayer to dedicate the cathedral to its purpose. And so, though the energy and liveliness from the festival are quite contagious, there's still a bead of nervousness, knowing that you'll be speaking in front of the whole town this evening.

You gain an extra rank in Lore (Sandpoint).

The work at the Fatman's Feedbag has been quite the mistake in your line of work, even if it gets you your daily hard loaf of bread. The atmosphere has been horrible since you've started, and it hasn't gotten any better since.

Which is exactly why you decided to just take a few days off for the festival, whether Gressel Tenniwar, your boss, knows and agrees or not. You don't want to pass up a chance to finally enjoy yourself in this small town that is so much quieter than Magnimar.

You gain an extra rank in Lore (Sczarni).

As the stalls are just beginning to finish setting up shop, and the banners are finally rolled out, news of the welcoming speech beginning draws most of the crowd to the town square. There you find a rather large crowd awaiting the words that would finally start off this much-anticipated festival. A large, temporary, wooden stage stands in front of the new, and quite impressive, cathedral that now towers over the rest of the buildings in town.

The people around you are bustling with excitement as you wait, several small conversations going on at once as the energy builds. At the entrance to the main road heading south, a young piper plays for spare coin, while several kids run around him to the music, adding to the tune a round of innocent laughter. The din of noise quiets only a bit as a woman takes the stage.

The Mayor

The woman that stands on stage carries an immediate air of command and attention about her, and with a raise of her hand, the noise dies down enough for her to be heard. She appears to be in her early thirties, with short-cropped, brown hair and smooth white skin. Her voice is smooth and quite practiced as she begins.

"Friends and visitors, one and all, I welcome you to Sandpoint! I am Kendra Deverin, the Mayor of this fine community, and I would like to personally invite you all to partake freely in our special fesitival in these next few days. I mean, if even Larz is willing to leave his furs for this, it has to be a big deal, right?"

A round of laughter rises from the locals along with a few calls and jeers at the pudgy man that was called out. In that moment, the mayor steps aside as a man takes her place on stage. This dark skinned fellow carries a commanding aura as well, though he also has a much sterner expression on his face.

The Sheriff

"I would ask that everyone be safe. No weapons, dangerous spells, and please, don't try to mess around with fire. As the Sheriff of this place, I will be keeping an eye out, so don't try anything." His harsh tone and piercing gaze silences everyone as he slowly steps aside, arms crossed. The mayor seems a bit flustered at his words and quickly motions the next man up.

Cyrdak Drokkus

The next man to mount the stage does so in quite a flourish. With flowing black hair, a small, trimmed mustache, and a billowing assortment of fine, colorful clothes, the man instantly changes the atmosphere as he appears.

"Aghast! Woe is this crowd to hear such trifles and cares, when such a group longs just for the day's sweet relief! And that you shall! Who is ready to enjoy a wonderful festival? Can I hear you cheer for me?" At this, the crowd begins to become energetic once more as they cheer loudly at the ostentatiously dressed man. "Good! Good! And excited you should be! For I am none other than Cyrdak Drokkus, performer and director of none other than Sandpoint's lovely Theatre, where the Avisera will be performing the Harpy's Curse tonight!

"Truly these next few days are to be celebrated, however. After losing our beloved priest and church in the fire a few years ago, Sandpoint has gone through a long period of mourning and restoration. And today, we now commemorate the very symbol of our hard work! So let's all enjoy today to the fullest!" A round of cheers and applauds follow him as he suddenly leaps off the stage and moves to the edge of the crowd, handing out pamphlets for his play.

Father Zantus

The next man to take the stage is an older man in flowing, blue robes. His receding black hair line is made up by his carefully tended facial hair. His position as priest is evident to most before he even begins to speak.

"And with that energetic speech, I would like to announce that the festival has now begun." A sudden bang marks his words as a flurry of wings take the air, several swallowtail butterflies rushing out of a nearby wagon highlighting the Swallowtail Festival. As the crowd begins to move, ready to start, Father Zantus quickly yells out, "There will be free lunch served at each of the local taverns starting immediately, so everyone please enjoy this treat on us!"

The Rusty Dragon Tavern

The sound of free food draws most to the taverns, and it isn't long until you guys find yourself at the Rusty Dragon Tavern, the rest already full, with this place not much better. People crowd the interior, but an almost empty table lines one of the sides, offering seats for you.

Only one other patron lies face down on the table, a dwarf by appearance. The many empty mugs in front of him belie his current state. But there is at least a spot to sit and eat.

And the game begins.


Unlike the others, you find yourself standing at the top of a pile of junk, looking up from the beach at Junker's Edge. A constant nagging worry that something is going to happen has been in the back of your mind, so you finally made your way here.

But there's a problem. Though you can see the very top of the cathedral...the rest is hidden from this vantage point. You know a goblin probably wouldn't be welcome in town, and the normal longshank entrances are guarded, with a bunch of longshanks going back and forth through them. Luckily, no one has found your personal entrance into Sandpoint yet: the cliffside.

You gain an extra rank in Lore (Varisian Goblins).

We'll keep your posts in spoilers for now, just because your actions are outside of the rest of the group, and it will keep the narrative flowing better. The timing between you reaching the 'raid' and the others might be a bit off, as well.

M Arcanist 4 | hp 30/30 | Init +9, Per +10 | AC 18 T 14 FF 15 Fort +3 Ref +4 Will +5 | Daze: DC 15 will save or be dazed | Spells left: 1st 5/6 2nd 3/3 | Reservoir points left: 5/7

The small ratfolk pleads with Father Phineas for the afternoon off to enjoy the festival. The kind mentor agrees and Matthias slips off into the crowd, doing his best not to be trodden underfoot. His small brown ears perk up quickly at the sound of free lunch and he makes his way to the Rusty Dragon.

There, he has great difficulty forcing any sort of path through the knees churning all around him and contents himself to sit at the lone quiet table in the corner, happily eating warm bread and fine cheese. A small scaly head pokes out of his backpack and Matthias passes his tiny reptile a chunk of cheese. The head pops back into hiding and gets to work on the sizable morsel.

Chewing happily, Matthias looks around at the crowd, having a wonderful time watching all the people celebrating the occasion.

Male Goblin Inquisitor (Sacred Huntsmaster)/1 | HP 10/10 | Init +4, Perc +6 (darkvision 60') | AC 18, T 14, FF 14 | Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +4 | Glaive +2 (1d6+1/x2) reach

Gritz sits on a pile of old wooden stools, as his faithful (if bitey) goblin dog Gubby chews on what looks like a fish bone nearby in the sand. He was alone in the junk piles... and that worried him. By this point, at least a few other goblins were rifling through the trash down here. The fact he was alone meant they were occupied somewhere else. And he feared it was a plan to set that big party up top on fire.

Well, not so much the party as the cathedral being built. It had a pretty picture in the windows of that colorful bird Shelyn liked... and he was NOT going to let that be torched by his kind!

"Gub Gub! Follow! We check on party for longshanks..." Gubby snarled back in reply, but left his fish bone alone to follow his owner. With the main entrances guarded by the humans, he would have to use his own personal entry into town. That wasn't a problem in itself... the real challenge was going to be avoiding the eyes of the longshanks. Who knew how many of them would be running around up there... he'd have to be cautious.

Not sure if his cliff entrance calls for a climb check (if there's a tiny walkway path up he can use or not), but I'm going to guess it will take a Stealth check to stay out of sight.
Gritz Stealth: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (14) + 12 = 26
Gubby Stealth: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

Prior to the festivals beginning, Hollie found herself staring in a mirror at her reflection, her stomach in knots.

The Dedication. Me!?!? I’m not a real priestess. Why would they put such a significant task on my shoulders? I...I don’t know if I’m ready.

She looked down at her decorative armor, cleaned and polished to almost shining. She was sure it wouldn’t be that way come time for the prayer. Her raven hair was pulled back decoratively, it’s locks still falling down around her shoulders. Eventually, she looked at herself and smiled.

Don’t worry about it. It’s a party after all!

She took a moment to conjure forth her friend Draxtherian, who appeared in a flash of magic beside her. ”So today’s the day? The festival?” he asked her as he looked about to get his bearings before climbing up to look out a window.

”Yes! It’s finally here! Let’s go catch up to Father Zantus before he gets too far ahead!” Hollie replies before the pair make their way out of his home and catch up to the priest. During the opening ceremony, she stood quietly to the side of the stage, watching the town elders and leadership begin the festivities. When word of free lunch at the local taverns was announced, Hollie and Draxtherian looked at each other and smiled, knowing exactly where they’d be headed.

Unfortunately, the crowd was quite thick, and maneuvering through it was nearly impossible. By the time they made it to the Dragon, only one table had seats, and its current tenants were a seemingly passed out dwarf and Matthias the Ratling. Seeing him was a stark reminder of her sisters loss, but a nudge from another patron pushing his way to the bar stopped her from taking the sad walk down that memory lane. She and Drax make their way over to the table. Hollie whispers to Drax on the way ”No jokes about eating him today. Understood?”

”Who said anything about joking?” the dragon replied with a wry smile.

Once there, Hollie gives Matthias a curtsy and asks ”Is this seat taken, Sir?”

M Arcanist 4 | hp 30/30 | Init +9, Per +10 | AC 18 T 14 FF 15 Fort +3 Ref +4 Will +5 | Daze: DC 15 will save or be dazed | Spells left: 1st 5/6 2nd 3/3 | Reservoir points left: 5/7

Matthias nodded and tried to smile at Hollie. Things were always friendly but sad between the two of them. It seemed Matthias could hardly speak in front of her for fear that he'd say something that renewed the hurt of her loss. And the way that dragon looked at him certainly didn't help.

"Of... Of... C.. c... Course. Please sit."

Unsure what to say, the small fellow is quiet for a bit then asks "Are you enjoying the f... F... F... Festival?"

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

Hollie smiles a beaming, genuine smile. ”It looks like it will be fun! I can’t recall ever seeing so many people in town at one time! I hope they have some games set up! What about you?” Hollie asks in return as she flags down one of the waitresses that are busily serving the crowd. ”Smal glass of Korvosan Wine and a plate, when you get a chance?” she orders politely.

She turns back to see Draxtherian giving Matthias a hungry look before saying ”Hey! Stop it Drax!” she scolds. She turns back to Matthias and says ”Ignore him, as usual. He’s just joking.”

Draxtherian just nods and says ”Yes...joking...” before licking his teeth.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Unchained Rogue (Burglar) 3/Fighter 1 | hp -15- 32/32 | AC 21, t 15, ff 16 | Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +5; evasion, +1 Ref vs. traps | Init +8 | Perc +8 (+9 to avoid being surprised, locate traps); trap spotter | rapier +7 (1d6+4 piercing/18-20)

Shaedeen nimbly and silently slipped through the small window of the tiny room she shared with the other regular server at the Fatman's Feedbag, Eirena. It was no small task to successfully crawl out of the creaky upper bunk and get armed and geared up for her unsanctioned day on the town...but the lithe teen was good at being quiet. She exited the second-floor window feet first, making certain to keep the rapier at her hip from clattering against the pane. She slipped through the opening, grabbing the sill with both hands; she'd already peeked to make sure that the cleared landing spot she'd made last night was still there. Now she took one final look down, pictured the landing in her mind, took a deep breath, and let go.

Shaedeen Acrobatics take 10): 10 + 7 = 17

Shae immediately scooted into the shadows of Shark Alley and made her way north, then northeast. She hadn't seen very much of Sandpoint since arriving in town a few days back, so she wandered the streets to see the various businesses the place offered. She partook in a few of the festival games to kill some time as she waited for the cathedral consecration. Old habits die hard, and the teen wondered how many of the townsfolk milling around had left their doors unlocked, almost begging for someone to rob them blind while they were out. But Shae was smart and patient: She'd learn more about the town and its inhabitants before trying anything larcenous. When she saw Sandpoint's imposing, no-nonsense sheriff onstage at the ceremony, she was thankful she'd resisted the urge to ply her trade.

When the bald priest announced that the local taverns were giving away free meals, the girl actually scoffed aloud. If she'd stayed in her room this morning, she'd have been expected to serve anyone desperate enough to go to the Fatman's Feedbag for their free lunch. Shae had served enough food in the establishment to know not to eat it...especially when there were other choices. She'd heard her boss, Gressel Tenniwar, bad-mouth the Rusty Dragon Inn and its owner (some older wench named Ameko or somesuch), so the rebel in Shae decided to give that place a try.

Unfortunately, the only seats available were at a side table where a dwarf appeared to be passed out. Nearby sat a humanoid rat (Shae smirked at the thought of all the fleas the ratfolk would likely pass to the drunk dwarf's beard) and...the young woman with the amazing silvery dragon! Shae slipped into an unoccupied chair, throwing a few semi-polite nods around as she sat and began to sample the intriguing-smelling plate of fish atop spiced rice.

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

When a newcomer joined their table, Hollie turned and says ”Hi! Here for the festival I assume?” she asks as the woman sits beside her.

Draxtherian eyes the newcomer warily, sniffing at her and arching a scaly eyebrow.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Unchained Rogue (Burglar) 3/Fighter 1 | hp -15- 32/32 | AC 21, t 15, ff 16 | Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +5; evasion, +1 Ref vs. traps | Init +8 | Perc +8 (+9 to avoid being surprised, locate traps); trap spotter | rapier +7 (1d6+4 piercing/18-20)

"Here for the free food!" Shaedeen says with a grin. "I'm new in a job working at the Fatman's Feedbag." Her grin evaporates at the mention of her place of employment. After taking another mouthful of the fish, her smile returns. "This is so much better than the Fatman's fare."

Turning her attention to Draxtherian, Shae inquires, "Who is this gorgeous creature?"

hp 25/25 | Init +2, Per +6 (Darkvision 60’, Scent) | AC 16, T 12, FF 14 | Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +1 (+4 vs Poison and Petrification, electricity resist 5) | Bite +5 (1d6+2]

Draxtherian raises his head proudly, practically glowing under the woman’s respectful praise. ”My name is Draxtherian, but for those mortals who struggle with dragon-tongue, I am simply called Drax.”

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

Hollie rolls her eyes at Draxtherian’s pomp. ”Well, welcome to Sandpoint! I’m Hollie,” she says as she holds a hand out to the newcomer. She then motions to Matthias and says ”This is Matthias. He comes into town from time to time. He’s a good guy. I...don’t have the pleasure of knowing our drunk friend’s name,” she adds, gently poking the dwarf’s shoulder.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Unchained Rogue (Burglar) 3/Fighter 1 | hp -15- 32/32 | AC 21, t 15, ff 16 | Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +5; evasion, +1 Ref vs. traps | Init +8 | Perc +8 (+9 to avoid being surprised, locate traps); trap spotter | rapier +7 (1d6+4 piercing/18-20)

"Shaedeen," the young woman replies, shaking Hollie's hand. She gives a quick wave and smile to Matthias before turning to behold Draxtherian again. "Draxtherian! A regal name for a regal dragon!"

While Shaedeen has some of the traits and trappings of a native Varisian (a red bandana, hoop earrings, and curly black hair), her skin tone is rather pale for a person of the road.

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

Draxtherian’s ego climbs to new heights under Shaedeen’s praise, and he sits up in a pose befitting the compliments being heaped upon him.

Hollie is a beautiful young woman with a golden tan that speaks of much time in the sun. Her hair is dark as the night, however. She wears armor styled to appear as it were made of dragon scales the same color of Draxtherian’s own, but close observation reveals it to just be colored leather. She carries a small dagger at her hip, alongside her coin purse.

(Reference Image, except Draxtherian is the size of a big dog currently and doesn’t have a saddle)

”Pleased to meet you, Shaedeen. So new in town? Where were you from before?”

Female Gnome Alchemist (Grenadier) 4 | HP 27/27 | Init +5, Perc +9 (Low-Light Vision) | AC 16 T 14 FF 13 | F +5 R +7 W +1 |

Before the Festival:
The ocean breeze washed against the old cobblestone building, as the early morning shadow of the Old Light loomed over the coast of Sandpoint. Clinks and clanks could be heard inside, most likely an early meal being prepared. Maybe some warm buttered biscuits and sizzling ham, or a few eggs and fresh fruit. The noise continued for a short while and then there was only the sound of the nearby waves. Moments later, the shutters in the back of the house burst open as a small ball of flame, smoke and glass erupted from inside. “J E S …!!!!” could be heard being yelled out, likely all the way from the Rusty Dragon. Inside a small girl reaches out, her clothes a bit singed and covered in soot, to close the shutters.

The small room was cluttered but in an organized fashion, or at least Jes thought so. A small, comfortable looking bed was pressed against the eastern wall, a pair of bookshelves containing any number of odd titles, adjacent, on the southern wall, a table - now somewhat charred – under the western window containing a number of different implements used for alchemical processes and a small armoire in the corner of the northern wall made up the contents of the room. Loud footsteps could be heard coming from another part of the home as the small girl hurried about cleaning up as best as she could stacking books and the remains of papers back onto shelves. An older man came into the room, arms crossed and glared at the girl. Jes stopped where she was, lightly setting down a few remaining pages, looking up at the man and smiling innocently, flashing her big green eyes. ”Erm…” she scratches her head nervously, ”I think I may have used a little too much heat while I was trying to separate the two compounds, I'm just so excited about the festival today!” The man shakes his head disapprovingly, ”You are going to blow this whole place up one day with your little experiments and then where would all of our research be? Burnt up in a fiery blaze is where!” She bows her head, looking at the ground as she shifts the tip of her foot back and forth, simply taking the brunt of Brodert’s verbal reprimands and says ”I’m sorry…”

The old man sighs, uncrossing his arms as a tabby cat saunters into the room. ”You’re lucky I enjoy your company and that you are a brilliant researcher…” He looks about the room, seeing the broken window ”That’s another window we’ll be replacing, I suppose you’re also lucky we live in a town that has a glassworks right down the road! Once you are finished getting this cleaned up, come join me in the den I have a few tasks for you today with the festival now upon us.” She jumps up a bit and rushes around cleaning ”Yes, yes! The festival, I can't wait to go!” After a few minutes Jes comes out into the den and hops up into one of the chairs, which seem to almost engulf her tiny form. He legs hanging partly in the air, not able to touch the floor, swing back and forth as she waits for instructions from Brodert. The old man sits in a chair across from Jes "I have a few old books and research I would like to try and sell while so many visitors are in town. Should you have a chance see if you can find any potentially interested parties. I will see if I can find any new historical material that may be of use." Jes nods her head to his request "Of course, I mean... I'm sure there will be lots to do at the festival, but I will definitely be on the lookout for any opportunity for you to sell." She smiles anxiously barely able to contain her excitement. Brodert, noticing her antsyness smirks "Well then, off with you. Go enjoy the festivities." Jes bounces out of the chair and runs to the door to collect her things before turning back to Brodert "I most certainly will! I will catch up with you later." With that she opens the door and rushes out, leaving the door slightly adjare in her departure. She nearly trips on some poorly repaired glass vials sitting on the door step as she leaves, she muses to herself Who keeps leaving those things here...? she shrugs, too excited for the festival and bounds off toward the new cathedral.

As the festivities open with speeches from prominent members of the community Jes can't help but giggle at the Mayors jab at poor Larz. She shakes her head at the ever overly serious sheriff and applauds as Cyrdak takes the stage. At his mention of the opening night of the Harpy's Curse she lets out a loud whistle in celebration, the strength of which is a bit surprising from someone of her stature. As Father Zantus officially kicks off the festival, she jumps up and down with applause as the butterflies flutter through the air. As the crowd disperses she knows immediately where to head for the best food in town, and so proceeds to the Rusty Dragon.

Sadly her feet can't quite carry her as quickly as she would like and by the time she arrives the building is pretty packed save for a cramped table near the side. Seeing her friendly traveling librarian Matthias and Hollie, who she had met and seen around town some, she rushes over to claim one of the last remaining spots. She moves over to the open table, just as Hollie inquires about the pale Varisian looking woman, and addresses the others "Sorry to interrupt, but there's not much space left in here." She grins and jumps up next to Matthias to take a seat "Luckily for me I can fit into some tight spaces. I hope you all don't mind if I join you?" Seeing Drax she gives a short wave then turns to the woman she hadn't seen before "Heya, I'm Jessalissa, but my friends just call me Jes for short."

Female Human (Chelaxian) Unchained Rogue (Burglar) 3/Fighter 1 | hp -15- 32/32 | AC 21, t 15, ff 16 | Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +5; evasion, +1 Ref vs. traps | Init +8 | Perc +8 (+9 to avoid being surprised, locate traps); trap spotter | rapier +7 (1d6+4 piercing/18-20)

Damn! That's what I get for being a Chatty Kathy! Shaedeen thinks to herself. She takes another bite of her fish-and-rice dish to give herself time to come up with an adequate lie. Surprisingly, when she speaks again she gives a truncated version of the truth instead.

"Westmarch in Cheliax originally...more recently from Magnimar," Shae answers before taking another forkful of delicious yumminess off her plate.

She nods in acknowledgement of Jes, finishes swallowing, smiles and says, "Shaedeen. Shae for short."

M Arcanist 4 | hp 30/30 | Init +9, Per +10 | AC 18 T 14 FF 15 Fort +3 Ref +4 Will +5 | Daze: DC 15 will save or be dazed | Spells left: 1st 5/6 2nd 3/3 | Reservoir points left: 5/7

Matthias nods at Hollie's words and replies "Yes it's very ex... Ex... Exciting. I wish to see the Harpy's Curse. The sets will be st... St... Stunning."

He glanced nervously at Drax and laughs half-heartedly, not at all convinced the dragon is joking.

Matthias nods politely but shyly when Shaedeen joins the table. He nibbles on his own fare very quietly for a while.

But when his friend Jes joins the conversation, he brightens up considerably, relaxes, and scoots over to make room. "Hello, Jes! Join us indeed! Are you going to the theater?"

Female Gnome Alchemist (Grenadier) 4 | HP 27/27 | Init +5, Perc +9 (Low-Light Vision) | AC 16 T 14 FF 13 | F +5 R +7 W +1 |

Jes nods to Matthias as she washes down the food with a drink, when her mouth is empty she looks to Matthias "Of course! You know I wouldn't miss the opening night of a new production. I imagine Cyrdak will out do himself, especially with the festival at hand. What about you?" Before he can answer she bounces in her seat "Oh, oh! We could go together. It's always so much more fun when you can experience a production with someone else."

When she hears Shaedeen mention she is from Magnimar she raises her arms in the air "I'm from Magnimar too! I mean, I've been in Sandpoint for quite some time now, but Magnimar is my original home." She takes a close look at Shaedeen then shrugs, putting her arms back down "I don't think we've ever met though. I'm pretty good at remembering friends I make. I mean, of course, Magnimar is a big place so not surprising really." She fiddles with a strand of her hair before tucking it back in place "Are you just here for the festival or is Sandpoint your new home now too?"

Before the woman has a chance to respond she turns back to Matthias, and lightly bonks herself on the head "Bah.. I almost forgot. Master Quink asked me to be on the lookout for anyone that might be interested in some of his old books and research. Think the library might have any interest?"

M Arcanist 4 | hp 30/30 | Init +9, Per +10 | AC 18 T 14 FF 15 Fort +3 Ref +4 Will +5 | Daze: DC 15 will save or be dazed | Spells left: 1st 5/6 2nd 3/3 | Reservoir points left: 5/7

Matthias nods eagerly. "Yes that sounds wonderful. Let's do it."

During the discussion of Magnimar, the small apprentice attempts to recall what he has heard of the place while listening quietly to Shaedeen's answer.

K hist?: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (6) + 10 = 16
K Loc untrained?: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

When Jes passes along Master Quink's offer, the apprentice nods eagerly. "Oh yes. Yes. Yes. That could be very good indeed. What are these materials?"

Female Human (Chelaxian) Unchained Rogue (Burglar) 3/Fighter 1 | hp -15- 32/32 | AC 21, t 15, ff 16 | Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +5; evasion, +1 Ref vs. traps | Init +8 | Perc +8 (+9 to avoid being surprised, locate traps); trap spotter | rapier +7 (1d6+4 piercing/18-20)

"I might stay here for a while, I suppose," Shae replies to Jes. "What I've heard of Riddleport sounds both wonderful and terrifying at the same time...but I also know that city's a long ways from here. I think I'll see what sort of charms Sandpoint has before I consider moving on."

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

”I’ve been to Magnimar and Korvosa. Never Riddleport. But there is no place like home,” Hollie chimes in at a good opportunity, not wanting to interrupt.

Magnimar Info:
Magnimar is a sprawling city further down the coast from Sandpoint. Even though the city is young, it's size has quickly grown, and it is known for its many monuments. It boasts its own, structured government, free from other nationalities. The place is a center of trade for all of Varisian merchants. The place was initially settled by Korvosans seeking freedom from Chelish hands.

The waitress that takes your order and rushes off is not the regular barmaid that graces this tavern, but seems to be a temporary help with the massive influx of people. The tavern is quite loud and boisterous around you, all of the many patrons enjoying the great meals that are set before them. As your meal comes out, you find the food to be quite good, a fact most of you expect, with dashes of spices here and there to keep a nice flavor throughout.

The dwarf stays comatose for a time, but begins to stir after being poked. He slowly looks up, his eyes red and not focusing on anything. Now that you can see his face, the locals recognize him as Sandpoint's Locksmith, Volioker Briskalberd. "Vaii siluk vos hisid silvas. Ni'm no finel ni sirbur. No finel. Gar! Vaii id val slanar? Ni'ven? Ka. Ni'll fi solk kas."*

After staring at the group for less than five seconds, he sloppily gets up out of his seat, grabs the closest mug, which is empty, and leaves. The fact that his mug is empty turns out to be a good thing, as his stumbling through the tavern would have left more than one patron soaked by the time he reached the door.

Where are those blasted elves. I'm not done I say. Not done. You! Where did they go? Huh? Fine. I'll find them myself.


It will indeed take a Climb check.
Climb: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
With a slow, but steady, advance up the side of the cliff, Gritz makes it to the small ledge he uses as a halfway point. You are quite sure you have gone unseen, and are even a bit proud that you didn't even knock a rock loose. But then you look back and realize your companion is waiting below.

Another climb and stealth check to get up to the top should you continue.

Female Gnome Alchemist (Grenadier) 4 | HP 27/27 | Init +5, Perc +9 (Low-Light Vision) | AC 16 T 14 FF 13 | F +5 R +7 W +1 |

As Matthias agrees the library may be interested Jes claps her hands together in glee. "I figured they might be interested. He didn't tell me what specifically he was looking to sell, but I will inquire and let you know." As Shae responds back to Jes she nods turning her attention back to the woman "Hm, well I don't know a whole lot about Riddleport. I can definitely speak from experience though, being a transplant here myself, that Sandpoint is a charming place to make a life for yourself. At least here you don't have to worry about pirates, which I hear are rampant in Riddleport."

As the dwarf finally awakes and Jes recognizes him as Mr. Briskalberd, she quirks an eyebrow at what he says as he leaves the table, obviously understanding what the dwarf said. Then looks to the others with a shrug "Not sure what he was on about, I think perhaps he had a bit too much to drink" she winks. However, she still has her eyebrow quirked as she thinks to herself what the dwarf could have been going on about, while she digs into the food.

Know. Local (Untrained): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8 For anything she might be able to think of that links up with what the dwarf was saying

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

Hollie turns to Jessalissa, ”How is Mr. Quink? Is he going to be joining the festivities? Or has he sent you out to have fun for the both of you so he can focus more on his history?” she asks as she sips at some wine.

Female Gnome Alchemist (Grenadier) 4 | HP 27/27 | Init +5, Perc +9 (Low-Light Vision) | AC 16 T 14 FF 13 | F +5 R +7 W +1 |

When Hollie asks about Brodert she turns her attention back to the present "He is well." she smiles sheepishly "I mean, other than the little accident I had blowing out one of his windows this morning. Erm..." she scratches her head as her cheeks flush a bit "But we're all good. He was planning to search for any new historical tidbits he could find. You know him, always on the hunt for knowledge. So I will be sure to enjoy the festivities for the both of us" She raises her glass before taking a drink "He can live vicariously through me when I tell him all about it later." she grins as she puts her drink back down on the table.

@Jes: You try to think of it a moment, but you don't recall any groups of elves in Sandpoint. But as you turn back to the liveliness of the tavern, you find a small group of outsiders nearby having a round of drinks, all of them elves. They appear to be in much better condition than the dwarf, though.

Female Gnome Alchemist (Grenadier) 4 | HP 27/27 | Init +5, Perc +9 (Low-Light Vision) | AC 16 T 14 FF 13 | F +5 R +7 W +1 |

Jes makes a mental note of the elves and what they look like, but isn't otherwise too overly concerned since Mr. Briskalberd left the tavern instead of seeking out that group of elves. She turns back to the amazing food, taking her time as she eats to enjoy every bite. After she finishes her meal, Jes wipes her mouth and then proceeds to lean back in her seat, her arms crossed behind her head. "I swear, Ameiko seems to make her food taste better every year!"

All of a sudden a thought comes to her, and it is visible apparent as she has an ah-ha moment, she shoots back up to a proper sitting position and throws her arms out in front of her. "Wait! What are we doing just sitting here? Aren't there supposed to be some games at the festival?" She thinks a moment, lowering her arms back down to her side "Oh, oh! Also, the actual consecration of the new cathedral. When is that supposed to happen?" She looks to each of the others before continuing "I definitely don't want to miss that!"

M Arcanist 4 | hp 30/30 | Init +9, Per +10 | AC 18 T 14 FF 15 Fort +3 Ref +4 Will +5 | Daze: DC 15 will save or be dazed | Spells left: 1st 5/6 2nd 3/3 | Reservoir points left: 5/7

When the dwarf gets up gruffly, Matthias is so startled that he spills some of his drink on himself. he watches wide-eyed as the dwarf stumbles out. At Jes' explanation, he shrugs and relaxes somewhat.

When Jes mentioms the consecration, Matthias nods eagerly. "A momentous event in the religious history of Sandpoint! I would not miss it either." But he glances nervously over at the elves.

"But do you think we should inquire with those elves about Mr. Briskalbard's mutterings first?" Matthias swallows. He is terrified at the idea of going over to talk to the strangers but he'll do it if he has to.

Male Goblin Inquisitor (Sacred Huntsmaster)/1 | HP 10/10 | Init +4, Perc +6 (darkvision 60') | AC 18, T 14, FF 14 | Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +4 | Glaive +2 (1d6+1/x2) reach

Gritz smiled as he made it to the halfway ledge, but looked down and realized that Gubby would have a bit of trouble following him... that might be an issue. Perhaps there would be a bucket and rope up top he could use to help pull his little partner up with him! Or... perhaps his trusty rusty glaive could help! Maybe he could get Gubby to bite it and pull him up!

Either way, he didn't plan on leaving his buddy behind! And they needed to get to that party!

Stealth: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (10) + 12 = 22
Climb: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20

I don't know if that would be possible, but perhaps Gritz could use his glaive to help pull Gubby up along the cliff? Maybe as an Aid Another roll? If so... he'd try that, otherwise, he'll just look for some rope and a bucket to pull Gubby up top.

Aid Another Climb: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
Gubby Climb Halfway: 1d20 ⇒ 12 +2 if successful

Aid Another Climb: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
Gubby Climb Rest of the way: 1d20 ⇒ 7 +2 if successful

Female Gnome Alchemist (Grenadier) 4 | HP 27/27 | Init +5, Perc +9 (Low-Light Vision) | AC 16 T 14 FF 13 | F +5 R +7 W +1 |

At Mathhias inquiry Jes shrugs and responds questioningly "Um... sure? I mean, Mr. Briskalberd mentioned something about elves and not being done and that he would find them himself." She waves her hand back and forth nonchalantly as she loosely recounts the dwarf's words.

"Still hard to say what he was on about or if it is even any of our business. Maybe it was just a drinking competition he lost." She snickers at the thought of the dwarf being drunk under the table by elves. Noticing Matthias's trepidation she puts a hand on his shoulder and smiles "I can go talk to them if you like. I like making new friends."

As you continue your conversation, you begin to notice people trickling out and into the main road again, heading off to the festival. The point that makes you realize this is the group of elves that seem to be finishing up as they stand to leave. They're finely dressed and appear friendly enough as you approach them.

"Yes? Can we help you?" one asks. He is dressed in light leathers with long, blonde hair and a tanned complexion.


You're almost to the top when Gubby almost slips from the blade. A bit of it pierces the inside of his mouth as the goblin dog holds on tightly to not fall. His paws scrap the wall for purchase, and several small rocks tumble down the side. You're near the top now, but anymore noise might alert the longshanks.

Gubby takes 1 point of damage.

Male Goblin Inquisitor (Sacred Huntsmaster)/1 | HP 10/10 | Init +4, Perc +6 (darkvision 60') | AC 18, T 14, FF 14 | Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +4 | Glaive +2 (1d6+1/x2) reach

Gritz grit his teeth as Gubby slipped! Come on... just a little further! Hissing for Gubby to hush, Gritz pulled, trying to get his partner up the rest of the way! They were so close! He'd fix Gubby's mouth later, but right now, they needed to not be dangling over the side of a cliff!

Aid Another Climb: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9
Gubby Climb: 1d20 ⇒ 18 +2 if successful

Oh, right, stealth rolls!
Gritz Stealth: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (1) + 12 = 13
Gubby STealth: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

At mention of consecrating the cathedral, Hollie sets her chalice down and looks demurely at the table top, her cheeks becoming a bright shade of pink from blushing. ”It’’s later on.”

”Do you think we should bother the elves? They are likely just here for the...” she stops as Jess does go on, her inquisitive gnomish nature winning out immediately. She sighs and turns to the others, ”What do you all think? Finish our meals and go see the games?” she asks, changing the subject.

As you reach the top, you begin to help Gubby up over the lip, only for you to accidentally pull the glaive right out of his mouth. You jump in panic, but calm down as Gubby just manages to grab the ledge and edge on up onto the grass.

After a moment to rest, you suddenly realize you're lying out in the open. Thankfully, it seems the longshanks' attention are on something else at the moment, but it won't be long until you're seen at this rate. Looking around, the closest cover would probably be the huts directly across the street from you.

Male Goblin Inquisitor (Sacred Huntsmaster)/1 | HP 10/10 | Init +4, Perc +6 (darkvision 60') | AC 18, T 14, FF 14 | Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +4 | Glaive +2 (1d6+1/x2) reach

Gritz took a moment to calm his little nerves as Gubby just barely managed to make it over the edge of the cliff... they were in the town... and safe. For now.

But not if they stayed out in the open like this! Spying a couple of huts right across the path, Gritz ushered Gubby along quietly as they made their way to the new hiding spot! They'd have a better view from there... hopefully! If nothing else, nobody would see them hiding...

Gritz Stealth: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (20) + 12 = 32
Gritz Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Gubby Stealth: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

Female Gnome Alchemist (Grenadier) 4 | HP 27/27 | Init +5, Perc +9 (Low-Light Vision) | AC 16 T 14 FF 13 | F +5 R +7 W +1 |

As the elf addresses her she smiles "Heya! I'm Jessalissa. My friends and I" she motions over toward the others "were just wondering about your group. There was a dwarf at our table, who seemed to have a bit much to drink and got up and left complaining about some elves. He's the local locksmith you see, and I was just curious what that was all about. I couldn't think of anyone in town he could have been complaining about then I noticed your group over here and curiosity got the better of me. So, I thought I would swing on over and see if you might have anymore details. What with it being a festival and all, just want to make sure everyone is having a grand time!"

M Arcanist 4 | hp 30/30 | Init +9, Per +10 | AC 18 T 14 FF 15 Fort +3 Ref +4 Will +5 | Daze: DC 15 will save or be dazed | Spells left: 1st 5/6 2nd 3/3 | Reservoir points left: 5/7

Matthias walks up behind his gnomish friend and nods nervously, also wondering what is going on and hoping no unpleasantness will be introduced into the festival.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Unchained Rogue (Burglar) 3/Fighter 1 | hp -15- 32/32 | AC 21, t 15, ff 16 | Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +5; evasion, +1 Ref vs. traps | Init +8 | Perc +8 (+9 to avoid being surprised, locate traps); trap spotter | rapier +7 (1d6+4 piercing/18-20)

Shaedeen doesn't understand the dwarf and has almost zero experience with elves, so she stays seated as Jes approaches them. She nods at Hollie's suggestion of watching the games. "Or maybe even participating! Especially if there are prizes involved!"

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

Hollie smiles widely at Shaedeen’s enthusiasm. ”Well yeah! I’m not the kind to just sit on the sidelines! Besides, I didn’t get all dressed up for nothing!” she jokes as she giggles and begins to stand.

Draxtherian, meanwhile, keeps a keen eye on the elves and the two smaller members of the lunch party, curious as to what was developing there.

The elves all laugh at the question. "You mean old Volioker? He was boasting that he would drink us under the table, but he didn't last very long after we started. We've never met a dwarf before that couldn't hold his liquor, so it was quite a sight for us. Well, we'll heading out to enjoy the rest of this festival. We bid you farewell."

The group of elves bow slightly and make their way outside. From the light outside, there still seems to be a little time light before consecration of the temple.

There are a variety of games and stalls at the festival. Some of them include the Devil Hunt (an archery contest), the Goblin Toss (a beanbag contest), and the Dragon Races (a lizard race contest, run by Gressel). You can also look for certain merchants while they're here as well.


You reach the buildings and quickly race between them and slip into the alley. No one seems to have seen you as you dunk behind a few crates. As you look out toward the cathedral, you see a group of longshanks there waiting, as if something is about to happen. The square they're gathered in is about five huts away. Unfortunately, the cathedral is on the other side of the square with so many longshanks. However, you can see the cathedral much better now than from Junker's Beach.

M Arcanist 4 | hp 30/30 | Init +9, Per +10 | AC 18 T 14 FF 15 Fort +3 Ref +4 Will +5 | Daze: DC 15 will save or be dazed | Spells left: 1st 5/6 2nd 3/3 | Reservoir points left: 5/7

After the elves leave, Matthias laughs quietly at the idea of a dwarf who can't hold his drink. He then turns back to the others. sound wonderful! Let's go! I want to try the Goblin T... T... Toss!"

Female Gnome Alchemist (Grenadier) 4 | HP 27/27 | Init +5, Perc +9 (Low-Light Vision) | AC 16 T 14 FF 13 | F +5 R +7 W +1 |

As the elfs head out Jes turns back to Matthias and sticks out her tongue "I told you it was nothing to worry about, and I totally guessed what had happened." She taps her index finger to her temple and grins "Master of deduction here."

She nudges him with her shoulder as she snickers. When he mentions games she exclaims "YES! Let's do it." Not particularly waiting for the others she starts to walk towards the door to see what fun there is to be had, just expecting everyone is as excited as her to join in on same games.

The Goblin Toss isn't too far from the Rusty Dragon, and sits directly by the Goblin Squash Stables. The Goblin Squash Stables is known as the local stables for travelers and farmers looking for a good mare or two, but it is much more known for its owner, Daviren Hosk.

Daviren Hosk

Daviren Hosk is a middle-aged man with faded leathers, close-cropped hair, and several old scars. He hatred for all goblins is almost legendary, and ever since he retired from adventuring, he has offered rewards for dead goblins.

It is Daviren himself that is running the stand here as well. Two boards lay propped up in the grass with a rope lined out twenty feet away. On the board is painted various goblins, most a bit comical, as it seems his artistic skills aren't the best.

As you approach he waves you over, a big grin on his face. "Hey there, Jes. Here for a game? Ain't she a beut'?" he says, gesturing to the board. "See, you take these small bags here and try to throw them through the holes. Gives everyone a taste of killing a few goblins without the danger! Pretty neat idea, if I do say so myself." He has quite a lot of pride in it, and he seems to be in a better mood than normal. Than again, he's usual in a better mood when killing goblins comes up.

When you look at the small bags he's holding, they have various weapons painted on them and seem to be filled with sand. A sign beside him reads:
First three bags free.
Additional sets 1 silver.
Get all three in for prize.

Bean bags are simple thrown weapons and requires three ranged attack rolls per game. The DC is 10 for each.

Male Goblin Inquisitor (Sacred Huntsmaster)/1 | HP 10/10 | Init +4, Perc +6 (darkvision 60') | AC 18, T 14, FF 14 | Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +4 | Glaive +2 (1d6+1/x2) reach

Gritz panted as he finally found a spot to catch his breath behind the crates. He checked on Gubby's mouth (but not terribly hard - Gubby had a tendency to bite anything put in his mouth) before looking back out the little square. There were so many longshanks... they must be getting ready for their games! Not as fun as goblin games... but still interesting!

But his bigger concern was the cathedral. He didn't see a way to get to it with all the longshanks in the way... but that was fine. He just needed to see the building... and a big painting on the side gave him hope! It was a bright picture of the Pretty Lady in the Sky with her favorite animal - the Lots Of Colors Bird!

Gritz was where he needed to be for now... and no other goblins were here to cause trouble. That was good enough for him! He could rest easier... he'd wait here, let the longshanks party until they passed out like all other parties, then sneak out and leave for his Quest of Great Goodness tonight!

...maybe he could snag some food on the way out!

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

Hollie had made her way out of the Dragon, making her way to the games alongside Shaedeen and Draxtherian. On the way, she asks the newcomer to town "So, why the Feedbag? Ameiko occasionally hires on new help at the Dragon, and it's a far better tavern. And you don't seem to like the food there anyway, why work for someplace you if you don't like their wares?"

As they, too, reach Daviren Hosk's stand, Hollie waves at him and asks "Hey there, Mr. Hosk! How is Whitemane doing? Been meaning to come and check on her, but the past few days at the Cathedral have been hectic!"

When he explains the rules to Jess, Hollie smiles and says, "I'll give it a go!" She takes the three small bags and begins tossing them. The first sails right through the first hole, but the second falls well short! She grunts in exasperation, but then tosses the third bag, which falls right through the third hole no problem.

Ranged: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22
Ranged: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6
Ranged: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21

She reaches into her coin purse on her hip and fishes out a silver. "So much for the free round! Let me try one more time!" she says with a smile as she hands the silver piece over to the man. This time, the first two go in without issue, but the third hits the board just short and the bean bag just barely manages to slide up and over the front edge of the third hole, falling in with the last bit of it's momentum! "HAHA!" Hollie cheers with delight.

Ranged: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19
Ranged: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19
Ranged: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12

Daviren nods and smiles at Hollie as she steps forward, handing her the bags. "Whitemane's been doing just fine after that last scare. Make sure that dragon fella of yours doesn't try and sneak up all goblin-like on her again. Maybe you'll have a chance to spend some time with her once this festival is over now that the cathedral is done, eh?"

Daviren seems to match your excitement as you toss the bags. As you hand him a silver, his smile and the twinkle in his eye seem to suggest he knew just how easy people would want to 'try again'. But he cheers with you earnestly as your final bag makes it in with a plop.

"Why, a fine display of skill if ever I saw one," he comments, reaching down to pull an item out of a nearby crate. "And as for your reward, young goblin slayer, your very own dead goblin!" You question for a moment what he means by that until you see a hand-sized doll in his palm. The small green figure presents a goblin with both a knife in its belly and small X's for its eyes. Made out of decent cloth and wool, the goblin was of better make that the painted figures for sure.

"Rosie helped make these for me when I told her about my idea," Daviren explains. "Did a fine job of them, too. Says she was planning on making other items for her own stall on Main Street as well, so you should check it out later if you have the time."

Turning to the rest, he gestures back at the board. "Well, now that our local dragon tamer has trimmed the goblins numbers a bit, who else would like a shot at one?"


From your vantage point, you see the crowd is all gathered around some strange wooden platform in front of the cathedral's doors. The longshank in blue robes that was always around the cathedral before was behind the platform, seemingly about to get on. The meeting didn't seem too important, though, since there were many longhshanks walking away or not paying attention.

As you look up, you notice the nice cloudy day. The occasional banner flutters up toward the sky, just drifting in the breeze. Against this bright picturesque sky, you notice a few trails of smoke starting to rise up from other parts of town. None of the longshanks seem to be bothered by it, though.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Unchained Rogue (Burglar) 3/Fighter 1 | hp -15- 32/32 | AC 21, t 15, ff 16 | Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +5; evasion, +1 Ref vs. traps | Init +8 | Perc +8 (+9 to avoid being surprised, locate traps); trap spotter | rapier +7 (1d6+4 piercing/18-20)

Hollie's question as to why she worked at the Fatman's Feedbag caught Shaedeen off-guard. "Oh--some well-meaning local told me the Feedbag was hiring, so that was the first place I visited after arriving here. They hired me on the spot."*

Shaedeen looks at Hollie's new goblin doll rather critically but decides to try her luck at the beanbag toss.

* Sense Motive DC ??:

Shaedeen Bluff: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

You're pretty sure that was a lie.

Shaedeen Goblin Toss #: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
Shaedeen Goblin Toss #: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18
Shaedeen Goblin Toss #: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

"Easy-peasy!" Shaedeen exclaims through a bright smile as her third toss drops through one of the holes. "And--best of all--Freesy!"

Almost as soon as she gets her prize, however, the young woman's scanning the crowd, looking for a child who'll appreciate the doll more than herself.

“Mithral Champion” Paladin 4 | hp 36/36| Init +3, Per +7 (Darkvision 60’) | AC 20, T 13, FF 17 | Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +9(acid/cold/electricity resist 5)| Rapier +7 (1d6/18-20)

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6 Doubt that does it! Lol

Hollie smiles and claps Shaedeen on the back of her shoulder when she too wins, hers on the first try. ”Show off!” she playfully jests. She joins her in looking for some children to give the doll to.

hp 25/25 | Init +2, Per +6 (Darkvision 60’, Scent) | AC 16, T 12, FF 14 | Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +1 (+4 vs Poison and Petrification, electricity resist 5) | Bite +5 (1d6+2]

”Tamer? Tamer!?!? I’m no dog or horse to be tamed! I am a dragon you dimwit! Why don’t you keep your nose out of draconic affairs and focus on properly training your herd instead of blaming their skittishness on me!?!? If she were a well trained war horse she wouldn’t have panicked like she did!” Draxtherian snarls back at Daviren as the two ladies give their prizes away.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Unchained Rogue (Burglar) 3/Fighter 1 | hp -15- 32/32 | AC 21, t 15, ff 16 | Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +5; evasion, +1 Ref vs. traps | Init +8 | Perc +8 (+9 to avoid being surprised, locate traps); trap spotter | rapier +7 (1d6+4 piercing/18-20)
Hollie Skyborn wrote:
(Sense Motive check = 6) Doubt that does it! Lol

Darned close! I rolled a natural 1 in the spoiler, so the Sense Motive DC Should Be 7.

When Hollie calls her a show-off, Shae's grin widens. "I do have a bit of a competitive streak in me," the teen admits. When Draxtherian goes off on the game's official, the grin fades. Shae realizes that she, too, has been guilty of thinking of Drax as little more than a mere pet...albeit a glorious, glimmering one. I need to think of him more as a person, she decides.

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