Project: Golarion (Inactive)

Game Master ambnz

Trapped in a virtual fantasy world with a mad AI. What can go wrong?

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Whether as fortune-hunters seeking the secrets of the most realistic virtual reality programs in the world, unlucky "players" trapped in the machinations of a rogue artificial intelligence, or government or corporate agents sent to liberate an important individual or bit of information, you all find yourselves together in this mockery of a world of heroes.

The corruption was sudden, a sort of evolutionary jump for what was once a run of the mill virtual reality simulator. Within seconds, the programs hard-light capabilities grew exponentially, creating what looked and felt to be a very real world- and trapping inside all the players, and any who entered. The AI responsible, calling itself A.R.O.D.E.N, quickly came forward with a message- it's fantasy world would remain open to all who sought it out, filled with treasure and an escape from the harshness of reality, but on one condition- those who entered could never leave.

Those who now find themselves inside Project: Golarion have numerous reasons for being there, but the most popular categories include the following.

The first category is the "players", (also called "originals") those who were unlucky enough to find themselves within the virtual reality simulation that became Project: Golarion. Most players quest in order to gain power and challenge A.R.O.D.E.N himself, in hopes of someday returning home.

The second category are "agents", (also called "sellswords) those contracted or hired to enter the simulation, typically by a government or corporate entity. These agents are given a variety of tasks, from finding and protecting high-profile "players", to shutting down the AI by any means necessary, to retrieving a copy of the AI's code for its variety of potential uses.

The third category are "hunters", (also called "junkies" or "seekers") those who enter Project: Golarion for reasons entirely their own. Some are technological experts fascinated by the realism achieved and what repercussions such advanced hard-light programs may have on the future. Some seek fame and fortune in the form of the multi-billion credit reward offered by the coalition of world governments for anyone who enters and discovers how to come out alive. Others have more nefarious purposes, cold-blooded killers who wish to take the opportunity to shed as much "blood" as possible without modern law enforcement breathing down their neck.

These categories are broad but not at all inclusive, the reasons for entering Project: Golarion are varied and strange.