PbP Game Day #3: PFS #5-99: The Paths We Choose. (Inactive)

Game Master Silbeg

Halmont’s Apartment
Cure Light Charges used: 9
Infernal Healing Charges Used: 0
Inflict Light Wounds Charges: 1
Rerolls Used: GM

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3-7.

The failure of Mendev's wardstones set in motion not only a new crusade but also catalyzed a change in the Pathfinder Society's various factions. As the Pathfinders prepare to march on the Sky Citadel Jormurdun, members of the various factions scramble to consolidate their gains and neutralize their enemies. "The Paths We Choose" is a special event designed to highlight the changes in each faction over the course of Season 5, The Year of the Demon, and the adventure is different for each group depending on which factions are represented at the table. Content in "The Paths We Choose" also contributes directly to the ongoing storylines of the Andoran, Cheliax, Osirion, Qadira, Sczarni, and Taldor factions. This adventure kicks off Season 6, The Year of the Sky Key and is for character levels 3-7.

PC Rolls:

[dice=Init: Balon]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Init: Eolowyn]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Init: Hiko]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Init: Hyrgan]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Init: Wembly]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Init: Whiskers]1d20+2[/dice]

[dice=Perception: Balon]1d20+5[/dice]
[dice=Perception: Eolowyn]1d20+11[/dice]
[dice=Perception: Hiko]1d20+11[/dice]
[dice=Perception: Hyrgan]1d20+10[/dice]
[dice=Perception: Wembly]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Perception: Whiskers]1d20+6[/dice]

Fort Saves
[dice=Fort: Balon]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Fort: Eolowyn]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=Fort: Hiko]1d20+7[/dice]
[dice=Fort: Hyrgan]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Fort: Wembly]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Fort: Whiskers]1d20+4[/dice]

Reflex Saves
[dice=Ref: Balon]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Ref: Eolowyn]1d20+10[/dice]
[dice=Ref: Hiko]1d20+5[/dice]
[dice=Ref: Hyrgan]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Ref: Wembly]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Ref: Whiskers]1d20+5[/dice]

Will Saves
[dice=Will: Balon]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=Will: Eolowyn]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Will: Hiko]1d20+9[/dice]
[dice=Will: Hyrgan]1d20+7[/dice]
[dice=Will: Wembly]1d20+4[/dice] (+2 vs illusions)
[dice=Will: Whiskers]1d20+1[/dice]

[dice=Balon Stealth]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Eolowyn Stealth]1d20+12[/dice]
[dice=Hiko Stealth]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=Hyrgan Stealth]1d20+13[/dice]
[dice=Wembly Stealth]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Whiskers Stealth]1d20+4[/dice]

[dice=Diplomacy: Balon]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Diplomacy: Eolowyn]1d20-1[/dice]
[dice=Diplomacy: Hiko]1d20-1[/dice]
[dice=Diplomacy: Hyrgan]1d20+12[/dice]
[dice=Diplomacy: Wembly]1d20+4[/dice]

Sense Motive
[dice=Sense Motive: Balon]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Sense Motive: Eolowyn]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Sense Motive: Hiko]1d20+9[/dice]
[dice=Sense Motive: Hyrgan]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Sense Motive: Wembly]1d20+0[/dice]

[dice=Intimidate: Balon]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Intimidate: Eolowyn]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Intimidate: Hiko]1d20-1[/dice]
[dice=Intimidate: Hyrgan]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Intimidate: Wembly]1d20+4[/dice]

[dice=K: Religion Balon]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Heal Balon]1d20+7[/dice]
[dice=K: Dungeoneering: Eolowyn]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=K: Geography: Eolowyn]1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=K: Nature : Eolowyn]1d20+5[/dice]
[dice=K: Planes: Eolowyn]1d20+6[/dice] +4 vs Evil Outsides, +2 vs Demons
[dice= Eolowyn: Stealth]1d20+12[/dice]
[dice=K:Arcana: Hiko]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=K:Religion: Hiko]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=K:arcana: Hyrgan]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=K:dungeoneering: Hyrgan]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=K:history: Hyrgan]1d20+6[/dice]
[dice=K:local: Hyrgan]1d20+9[/dice]
[dice=K:local: Wembly]1d20+5[/dice]


Eolowyn: Pathfinder Pouch (1000), Dagger(2), Sleeves of Many Garments(200)
Hyrgan: 2 Lesser Restorations (60gp each)
Team: 2*Remove Disease (87.7gp each)