[PFS] Severing Ties (Inactive)

Game Master Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan

Pathfinder Society Scenario 4-07: Severing Ties

Spider's Note * Riddleport

Scenario Short Blurb

The Pathfinder Society has discovered a new Aspis Consortium base in the pirate city of Riddleport and sends a small team of agents to infiltrate the rival cell disguised as newly hired mercenaries from Magnimar. After proving their value to the Aspis Consortium by carrying out a number of tasks throughout the City of Cyphers, the Pathfinders can learn the location of one of the consortium's local allies and ensure that the support the Aspis Consortium is counting on from their friends won't come.

Initiative Shortcuts:


Faction Missions

Mind you, as the way factions missions were previously done has been eliminated, there is no true in-game benefit for the accomplishment of faction missions. Instead there are primary and secondary mission goals, which will be more or less described by the NPCs within the scenario. With that said, as this is PbP, and the missions can provide great roleplaying opportunities, here they are. Please only read the one associated with your faction. Be advised, I have definitely played some scenarios where the faction goals were somewhat contrary to the overall mission goals. I'm not saying that's the case here, but don't hose yourself for the mission itself because of your faction goal, when such goals no longer have benefits.

Enterprising Ally,

While I’m not certain how this began, we find ourselves hosting a formal, high-profile event at our new embassy next month requiring about two dozen proper, professional escorts and courtesans. Back-alley bawds will not do. The large temple of Calistria in Riddleport can likely meet our needs; unfortunately, Calistrians are notoriously vindictive and may harbor some deep grudge that prompts them to send, well, “less-than-professional” talent. I need you to discuss our needs with someone in authority at the temple. If they are willing to meet our needs, try to judge whether they intend to embarrass us; if so, let me know so I can begin to look elsewhere.

Major Colson Maldris

O Plaything,

I need a favor flavored with discretion. The Lissalan cultists in Riddleport stand as enemies of the Pathfinder Society, but we nonetheless have a few overlapping interests regarding discipline.

Years ago, I loaned a particular toy, the Paraphilic Scourge, to a Lissalan priest known as the Lashmistress. It must be discreetly recovered from the Lissalans. This scourge has all the appearance of a typical implement of punishment, but when whipped smartly across the flesh, it evokes a distinct pleasure rather than pain. Perhaps I’m not describing it well. Bring it back to me, and I’ll show you how it works.

Expecting your obedience,
Paracountess Zarta Dralneen

Grand Lodge:
Loyal Pathfinder,

We strive, as always, against the Aspis Consortium and their extensive network of shadowy puppeteers. The Consortium’s bullyboys are fungible; we need to get better information about their leaders. Get me names. Venture-Captain Heidmarch told me about silver agent Vidrin Jenk in Riddleport. Jenk recently commissioned several other mercenaries from within the Aspis Consortium, and they’re now with him in Riddleport. Discover the names of these mercenaries if you can; more importantly, find out the names of these mercenaries’ former superiors, preferably from the mercenaries themselves.

Identifying all the players in the Consortium’s shadowy network is time-consuming, but will bear fruit.

Keep your training in mind,
Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin

Inquisitive One,

The curse afflicting the Ruby Prince is as complex as it is worrying. I have unearthed some promising research in Lissalan oneiromancy. We must further investigate the dream-magic and meditative techniques used by Lissalans. Should you discover a likely meditative location in their sanctum, use the mantra I have included with this missive to obtain a semiconscious state. Focus upon the Ruby Prince and the curse that afflicts him. Open your mind to the residual dream magic, and invite what inspiration may come. If you are able to capture a true oneiromantic epiphany, send me a missive with your insight posthaste.

For the advancement of knowledge,

Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage

Perspicacious Associate,

One of Riddleport’s most talented young pirate captains, a daring elven woman named Redelia, was well connected to the temple of Besmara. Two weeks ago, Redelia betrayed the Besmarans and absconded with a small fortune. Redelia could now be hiding anywhere. I want to find her. I have no interest in Redelia’s ill-gotten wealth; in truth, Redelia’s nautical expertise is extraordinary and I want to offer her a position in our expanding Varisian network.

Discover any information you can about Redelia’s whereabouts while you are in Riddleport. The Besmarans may have some clues. I’ve also heard that Redelia had a family in Riddleport. They may have some useful information. Send me any insights you discover.

Trade Prince Aaqir al’Hakam

Dear Friend,

I need you to visit a whorehouse.

Ha! I wager you never expected such a missive from me! Let me be a bit more specific as this task is, alas, purely one of business. Shorafa Pamodae is the madam of the House of the Silken Veil, Riddleport’s largest brothel and the city’s temple of Calistria. Shorafa is more than an influential madam and powerful cleric; she is one of Riddleport’s crime bosses, and I can’t operate effectively in Riddleport unless Shorafa thinks well of me. Obtain an audience with Shorafa, bring up my name specifically, and let her know I am someone to be trusted. Do not cross her, as she is notoriously vindictive.

Stay sharp,
Guaril Karela

Silver Crusade:
Noble Hero,

Thassilon rises. It is as painful to write as it is to contemplate—that the great evils of that monstrous empire are awakening in our time. Ancient legends tell of relentless war golems created by the rune goddess and her cunning followers. If you discover one of these war machines—or even a representation of one—look for a rune shaped like a fanged wheel somewhere on its body. Our sorcerers tell me that this rune may by instrumental in deciphering the motivating force of these constructs. Chip away this rune and return with it.

Beware evil’s cunning,
Ollysta Zadrian

Loyal Patriot,

How fortunate your journey to Riddleport! Varisia is a new field ready for planting the seeds of aristocracy, and I encourage you to glad-hand among the people of the city. If you gain the attention of a large crowd, lead them in one of our patriotic tunes (I am partial to “Forests and Fields of Noble Taldor,” but “Gilded Oppara” is easier to teach to an impromptu crowd). Do so with a gleeful countenance and enthusiastic fervor, and you plant seeds that will bloom in this fertile new land.

Very truly,
Lady Gloriana Morilla