[PFS - PbP] PF Module - Master of the Fallen Fortress (Inactive)

Game Master DFang

Event # 44,964
Start Date: June 18, 2014
Play Style: Play-by-Post

Pathfinder Module - Master of the Fallen Fortress
A wide field of shattered weapons, barrow mounds, and mass graves surrounds the city of Absalom, a vast plain known as the Cairnlands. Rising from the war-torn earth like the grasping arms of the dead are count less siege castles, towers, and fortresses constructed over the millennia by would-be warlords who tried to take the great city and inevitably failed. Like forgotten monuments to failed conquerors, the siege castles of Absalom beckon the brave, the fearless, and the foolish with the promise of adventure and untold treasures, ever ready to create heroes or to entomb the fallen.


- Breath life into your actions as you type them. Use adjectives, pronouns, and other words that you think will make your post more fun. PbP is a play style that gives us time to really think about what is really happening and how you want it to happen.
- At least one post daily. The more active we all are, the earlier we can finish up this module. :)
- Always post with the intent that your character will do something. Talking or horse-playing a bit with your companions is great in the spirit of role-playing, but what else can he/she do to push the story along?
- When at least two characters have acted, I will respond to your actions and push the story along, unless the first action is already enough to trigger an event.
- If you have not acted on a certain day, you will be considered just going along with the group silently or delaying action if in Initiative. This will not prevent your PC from being targeted however.
- If a character has not posted for three days without notice, you will be considered to have forfeited the rest of the rewards that will be discovered on any further encounters as per PFS Guidelines.
- And finally, feel free to PM me if you're unable to post for a number of days. I can move your PC for your, and rest assured I will not dump all your gear into a lava pit or something.


- Your PFS Alias should be formatted so that when posting in the gameplay section, the quick-info bar beneath your name contains the information for common rolls. At minimum, it should indicate your race, class, level, HP, AC, Saves, Perception, and Initiative. If it's not there, then at least put it into your profile.
- Your PFS Profile should be formatted to give a stat block summary of your character. Character descriptions or back stories are very much encouraged but not required. 3rd party software that generates stat blocks for PFRPG are encouraged, just to make your character creation quicker. (Personally I use PCGen)
- Feel free to modify it to your own style of formatting as long as at least the summary of information your GM would need from a character sheet is there and accessible. Make use of spoilers, bolds, italics, and such to make your character profile lively.
- Create a separate section for items or spells that will require tracking if not found in the alias header.
- For reference, you may peek into my aliases. The latest one I made Zanakor.

If you are new to Play-by-Post style of gaming, refer to this link for an introduction:
DH's Guide to Play-by-Post