[PFS] Murder on the Throaty Mermaid (Inactive)

Game Master Curaigh

PFS Scenario. Murder mystery aboard the ship The Throaty Mermaid.

I'll make notes here as the party encounters the crew.
*Captain Veane (m human) as the title says, Captain of the Throaty Mermaid
*Marzack Mallick (m human) First Mate & grumpy with passengers. Since the captian leaves most of the day-to-day work Mallick he gets a pic on the map)
*Killik (m human) cleric of Besmara. Unwilling to give anything including time for free. (K on the map)
Thanzeril (m elf) body guard to Sepheral. (T on the map)
*Velagon (m human) exotic animal exporter V on the map.
*Anera (f human) scowls at elves & their tongue. A on the map.
*Shira Acidaxe (f dwarf) ship's cook, eyepatch lots of scars. S on the map.
*Ulamon (m human (Benewat) ship's Navigator. U on the map.
*Azuretta (f half-elf (Chelish) ship's 'entertainer'. Z on the map.

*questioned about the murder.

While on a routine mission to escort a dignitary to the mysterious Mordant Spire aboard a disreputable smuggler's ship. The dignitary is murdered and the Pathfinders are to blame... unless they can find the real murderer.