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Erin and Jess:

You guys will need to do two registrations, one just to use the boards, and another to have your PFS characters registered. Don't worry about the latter right now! Just look up at the top of the screen to see 'Sign in', click there, and follow the steps to register a new account. You can do it in your character's names if you like, or your name, it doesn't particularly matter which, as the Paizo messageboards let you create multiple 'aliases' you can use for characters, if you're so inclined. (For instance, my 'dien' name and my 'GM Dien' name are two different aliases for the same account, heh.)

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Jessica checking in. Eeeee, this is exciting!

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Yay. :) I still need to link James to this, doot doot.

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Hey everyone. Just posting to say hello and that I'm looking forward to the game.

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:P Hey mister man. Good to see your green, smiling face again.

Erin, Checking in :D

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Hah, nice avatar :D Super piratey!

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Said hello and forgot to introduce myself. Apologies. James here. Nice to meet everyone.

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I think everyone knows me. ;)

But yeah, Scarecrow/James is one of my local face-to-face fellow gamers. Hosta/Jess and inkstained/Erin sadly live too far from me for us to all sit down at a table together, hence, this table.

We'll be running 'The Confirmation', which is a scenario designed to introduce new players to Pathfinder.

In this game, your characters are junior Pathfinder agents, or rather, agents-in-training, and you're embarking together on your 'Confirmation', which is like a final exam in the field. Each of your characters have trained for three years to learn how to be Pathfinders, which are basically professional adventurers-- the Pathfinder Society is a group dedicated to exploring and recovering lost knowledge and treasures.

(James, the scenario allows for characters who are already technically 'Pathfinders' to play to, they just are 'making up' their missed final exam, as it were.)

Hosta will be playing an Oracle of Bones, and Inkstained is still deciding between a rogue and a bard. Scarecrow will likely be bringing a big tough fighter type. :) I'll GMPC something to help the party be a rounded, legal PFS table.

We're gonna run this table slow and relaxed, since it's a learning table for Pathfinder for two of you. We'll just have fun with it. :D

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So, for Jess and Erin, here is a little bit about the world you are in, called Golarion:

A big map

Golarion very vaguely resembles the physical shape of our own world, in some respects-- you can see that the map sort of looks like Europe, Africa, and the near east, arranged around what we call the Mediterranean but the people of Golarion call 'The Inner Sea'. In the Inner Sea, there is an island called the Isle of Kortos, and on the Isle is the city of Absalom, the world's biggest and most important city. It's like London, Rome, and New York all rolled into one.

Some of the importance of Absalom comes from the fact that it is the home to the Cathedral of the Starstone, a place where you can literally ascend to godhood, although not many people have managed this.

It's also the home of the Pathfinder Society, and all of the action in our adventure will be taking place on the Isle of Kortos, within a short distance of Absalom.

The world is a hodgepodge of a lot of fantasy elements. You have your classic aloof elves, hard-working dwarves, cheerful halflings, savage orcs, etc. Magic is rare for common people, but common among adventurers. Guns are a rare, but emerging technology. There is a wide pantheon of gods, and many, many countries, frequently at war with one another. Some of the more important countries include Cheliax, a large empire whose state religion is devil worship, and Andoran, a democracy whose proud freedom fighters struggle to end slavery. Taldor is a formerly-proud empire that has somewhat decayed from its glory days. Osirion is similar to Egypt, and Qadira is a desert empire of merchant trade and exploration.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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If anyone has any questions about their character or the game, feel free to post it. Or if you want to bounce around character ideas, I'm all ears. Or eyes... as it were.

I am chewing over the system...but making up fictional people is probably just about my favorite thing ever so I am having fun fleshing out Ms. Smarmy Bard :D

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Ok, so I decided to play my barbarian Kardok, who goes by Scrimshaw. I’m gonna share my characters bio, and then talk a tiny bit about how built him rules wise to try and fit that. I used to do this for new players when I ran games at the library, so they could see the how I was building characters. Let me know if you have any questions. I’d also love to hear your builds.

Bio: Scrimshaw is Kellid, a group of hardy people that live in in the area known as the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. He comes from a tribe called the Snow Mask.

He is very tall, 6’5, long hair. He is covered in strange writing that was clawed into him. While out hunting with his father, they became trapped in a snowstorm. Kardok says that something came out of the snows, something made of ice and shadow, and took his father. It left him covered in strange writing, and layered in scars.
When he became older, he left the Snow Mask tribe in the hope of finding out what it was that took his father, and to find someone to translate the writing on him. He joined the pathfinders for the same reason, to hopefully gain some leads.

He is quiet and stern, but loves to laugh. He takes his position as a pathfinder sword very seriously.

Build: So Scrimshaw is a barbarian. I maxed out his strength score to make it easier for him to hit things and to do more damage. His constitution score is pretty high, so he can take a hit and keep on fighting. His dex is not bad, to help with his low armour class. His intelligence and wisdom score are average. His charisma is very low, to reflect his stern personality and the scars all over his body.

For feats, I took power attack. This make it a bit harder to hit, but Scrimshaw does a lot more damage. As a human, I get a second feat. I took cleave. Cleave allows me to hit two people at the same time if they are next to each other.

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Woot, Scrimshaw. :) I remember adventuring with him!

Everyone's sheets are now more or less finalized. Basically, we can start whenever people are ready, unless Jess or Erin have more questions for me. You guys will get the chance to do lots of in-character introducing of yourselves. Of course, you can also do OOC discussion if you want too!

I think I'm ready! I'm working up an actual character bio, but probably won't be done until later tonight/tomorrow morning.

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Testing the new profile.

...should I post about my character? ...I think I am going to post about my character.

I'm going to play Emery Baliol, who is a wee bit recycled but not as a pathfinder characters. I mention this because I am going to link old art and it is all going to make it look like she is from 1918? This incarnation is a bard though.

Emery is absolutely certain that she is the best thing since sliced bread.

She's the daughter of two adventures, probably from Andoran? It seems like the kind of place her family would go for. She's the middle child of three, the other two being boys, and was always in trouble growing up. Now she is probably 20 or 21

But...there is no malice in her troublemaking, and no competitiveness or jealousy in her extreme high levels of self confidence. You can be awesome too. Those who first meet Emery think everything is a joke to her but that's not true either. The truth is Emery cares deeply about "doing the right thing" as she would put it. It's just...a bit of a gray area what doing the right thing is sometimes. She doesn't like to see people hurt.

She probably joined the Pathfinder Society so she could see more of the world. And her parents probably let her because it was only a matter of time before she ran away from home and did something even crazier. fact maybe she DID run away from home...I will have to think on that.

Here is the best picture of her in the archives I think:

She's all about the dex and charisma. Her intelligence, con and strength are above average, and her wisdom is...passing fair? Dien made her up for me. I will have to look at her feats...

Female Human (Andoran) Bard

...hopefully Emery can get Scrimshaw to laugh to make up for her total inability to take things seriously and they will get along!

This is my first Pathfinder game. Please point it out to me if I get something wrong!

I'm going to be playing Consequences Jones, a necromancer. He is the son of two adventurers, and has followed in their footsteps to join Pathfinders and see the world. He is the youngest of ten, and is in as regular contact with his family as circumstances will allow.

Consequence does not fit the usual stereotype of necromancers - oh, sure, he has devoted his brief, flickering life to plumbing the very mysteries of mortality, but that's no reason to gloom around. He is a gentle, cheerful person, and is looking forward to meeting lots of new people on his travels, and maybe also their bones. I believe he may be the most charismatic of the group, actually.

I don't have any pictures of him, but he is small, pale, frail, and dressed in the brightest colors his surroundings will allow.

I think Scrimshaw is going to suffer a bit, between Emery and Consequence.

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Great bios. You guys are naturals.

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Woot, bios! I'm looking forward to this. Love the Emmy drawing.

I'll try and get us actually started later today, or tomorrow.

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Alright, gameplay thread is actually up. Tag in when you can, but there's no big rush, we're taking this one slow and fun as a learning game.

Kardok, do you have any preference on the character I should GMPC? I was thinking another melee so you're not soloing in front.

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Male Human (Kellid) Barbarian 1 - AC 14 (12), HP 15 (17), Fort- +4 (6), Ref- 0, Will- 0(+2), Init +3

No preference here. Meresiel, the samurai, the fighter, the paladin, the ninja, or the cavalier are all fine with me.

Wow. A samurai AND a ninja among the choices!

pst: cataclysm?

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Okay, may be slow for a bit. Laptop adapter abruptly gave up the ghost and I'm on limited battery power at the moment. Hopefully I can get this fixed soon.

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inkstainedE wrote:
pst: cataclysm?

Sorry, my bad! It's not hugely relevant to our immediate story, but about ten thousand years ago a huge meteorite known as the Starstone fell to earth and wrecked all da things. It destroyed empires, ushered in an age of chaos and darkness, etc, your standard fantasy stuff. It's very, very distant past stuff as regards your characters, equivalent to 'dawn of history' type things.

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A few tips on formatting your dice rolls: if you want the green text stating the roll's purpose to appear (like I did for Valeros's), the format becomes this:

[ dice=YourTextHere ] , but without the spaces.

Emery and Consequence, if you don't have a listed skill for your Perception or Survival, it's a d20+ [your Wisdom modifier]. As you can tell from Valeros's roll, he has no modifier, so he rolls a straight d20.

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I'm guessing people have forgotten to check the board, heh.

Guys, I still do want to run this for you, and I apologize for the dead stop. I'm going to Kubla Con this weekend, but after the weekend is over I should have nothing stopping me from resuming here, if people are still interested. I'll email peeps privately to judge interest if there's no rep here.

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