(PFS 08-16) GM Dinketry and the House of Harmonious Wisdom (Inactive)

Game Master dinketry


Mighty Lung Wa once controlled much of Tian Xia, but the empire crumbled a century ago. Three Successor States have squabbled for dominance ever since, each insisting that it alone is the rightful inheritor of Lung Wa's glory. In the shadow of these mighty nations, the humble land of Shokuro has sought the means to discourage its neighbors' territorial ambitions and earn their respect. When a retired hero learns of a lost, legendary palace that might protect relics of the old empire, she calls on the Pathfinder Society for assistance finding the fabled site. The PCs must travel to each of the Successor States in search of clues to uncover the palace and the treasures within.

The PCs traveled to the nation of Quain, where they met the budding sensei Jiang Fei and learned of her Jade Ogre fighting style. After publicly defeating a rival school in a demonstration of the new kung fu, the martial artist gladly shared the secrets of a family heirloom, a jade comb showing a mountain range view seen from the legendary Summer Palace.

The PCs traveled to the nation of Po Li, where they received information from the young bureaucrat Yue Xin of a ruined communications waystation outside of the main city of Changdo that retained ancient records indicating the sky position of the elusive Summer Palace. Avoiding guards, the group approached the ruins at night, uncovered a cache of fireworks, and worked out how to trigger the message. Magically-bound elementals trapped within the fireworks as well as an inquisitive Yue Xin were equally dispatched in disappointed fashion after the Sign of the Dog flashed in the night sky.

The PCs traveled to the nation of Lingshen and its capital city of Xiwu to reclaim an ancient map on orange silk stolen long ago by invaders of that nation as spoils of the War of the Successor States. The group found the map in a posh calligraphy academy, the School of Affinities - or rather, they found a copy of it. They met a cheeky student of the school, Jianghong, who wound up being a rival in purloining the original map from the school's offices. Dodging nighttime security while chasing down the rogue student, the team convinced Jianghong to part with the relic, and left with its copy as well for good measure.

The group followed the clues - with Mai Chun's assistance - to the lost Summer Palace in the country of Shenmen. There, they encountered the phantom Princess Song Rui, last remnant of the Imperial Lung Wa line, After procuring the final Prophecies of Lung Wa, the team convinced her to travel with them back to Shokuro to meet with Mai Chun. On the way back, the group fended off an assault by three agents from each of the other Successor States - agents well-known to our Pathfinders. Success ensued, and the party returned to Shokuro to be showered with praise.