GM Dak - Mummy's Mask

Game Master Dakcenturi

Chapter 2: Empty Graves
Part 1: And Lo, The Dead Shall Rise


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Starting Day: Oathday, 26th of Pharast, 4714
Current Day: Oathday, 2nd of Gozren, 4714

=General Campaign Information=

Summary of Events:

Oathday, 26th of Pharast - Group forms Pharasma's Seekers. Attend lottery and assigned Tomb of Akhentepi. Explore and loot tomb. Meet other expedition groups at the Tooth & Hookah.

Fireday, 27th of Pharast - Assigned the House of Pentheru from the lottery. Explore and loot the house.

Starday, 28th of Pharast - Assigned the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye from the lottery. Ambushed on the way to the site. Swiftly dealt with the thugs, letting one escape. Start exploring the temple, deal with a nsaty Div and some undead. Almost loose Fitliss as he is in a coma. Return to town. Look for some additional support and recruit Haji and Khufu to join the group

Sunday, 29th of Pharast - Head back to the Sanctum. Deal with some undead and start to explore the lower levels.

Moonday, 30th of Pharast - After many dangers in the lower level of the Sanctum the group rests in a safe place at the Sanctum to prepare for their continued exploration.

Toilday, 31st of Pharast - Finishing exploring the lower levels and gathering any loot the group heads out of the Sanctum just to be ambushed by one of the other adventuring groups, the Scorched Hand. After dispatching most of the opposing group the party spares two of its members who tell them what they know. Deciding to let those to go free the group returns to Wati to finalize their expedition to their last site and update the church. They find out there will be an auction in a couple of days time.

Wealday, 1st of Gozren - The party sorts through their rewards and spends a little time relaxing after all the dungeon delving. They see what they can find out about the auctions and get a general pulse on the goings on around town.

Oathday, 2nd of Gozren - Current day.


LN small city
Corruption –1; Crime +1; Economy +4; Law +0; Lore +1; [b]Society +5
Qualities pious (Pharasma), sacred site, strategic location,
tourist attraction
Danger +5

Government council
Population 7,300 (6,670 humans, 292 halflings, 73 dwarves, 26 half-elves, 239 other)
Notable NPCs
Banker of Abadar Anok Tejuht (LG male half-elf cleric of Abadar 9)
Commander of the Voices Nakht Shepses (LN male human inquisitor of Pharasma 9)
Council Member Ahbehn Okhenti (CG male middleaged human fighter 6)
Council Member Damej Mahfre (N female old human aristocrat 4/wizard 3)
Haty-a Oshep Kahmed (LN male human aristocrat 9/ bard 2)
High Priestess of Pharasma Sebti the Crocodile (N female human cleric of Pharasma 13)
Mistress of the Embalmer’s Guild Bahjut Everhand (LN female old halfling alchemist 6/expert 4)

Base Value 5,200 gp; Purchase Limit 25,000 gp;
Spellcasting 7th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 1d6

Sacred Site: The Grand Mausoleum and the necropolis of Wati are both sacred to the faith of Pharasma, and draw a large number of pilgrims to the city. (Corruption –2, Economy +1, Lore +1)

=GM Stuff=
Marching Order: Aliva, Fitliss, Ai'sha, Irakelesh, G'nock