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Mummy's Mask with some heavy RP elements.

The ancient lands of Osirion are blanketed by the sands of time, and eldritch secrets and vast riches lay just beneath the sun-blistered surface. As modern Osirion opens its vaults and tombs to outsiders for the first time in centuries, many of these lost treasures and secrets are now emerging—some more troublesome than others. In Wati, the half city, the church of Pharasma holds a lottery allowing explorers to delve into the tombs of the city’s vast necropolis in search of the nation’s lost glories.

Do you have what it takes to investigate these dusty tombs and fight their ancient guardians and devious traps? Do you seek lost glory, ancient knowledge, vast riches? Are you a newcomer to the land or does ancient blood flow in your veins? More importantly… will you unearth something meant to be left buried and forgotten?

Wati General Information

What follows is a quick rundown of the various districts that make up Wati.

Asp: This primarily residential district takes up the part of the city that's furthest from the River Sphinx. Much of the city's growth in the last few hundred years has been in this district.

Bargetown: This district is the poorest in the city of Wati. It floats on dozens of barges, creating a semipermanent district bobbing in the river. Many of the people who live here make their money from fishing the river, but many more earn their coin through smuggling. Bargetown is dirty and dangerous, but adventurers can find rare or illegal items for sale there if they look hard enough.

Midwife: This central district of Wati houses the city's temples, markets, artisans, and official buildings. The largest building here is the Grand Mausoleum, which looms over the rest of the district.

Morning Sun: This district is the oldest permanently inhabited part of Wati, and home to its oldest familiesmany of whom have led the city. This district is made up of the estates of the rich and powerful.

Outer Farms: Outside of Wati sit dozens of farms that produce the bulk of the city's foodstuffs, such as garlic, onions, cabbage, cucumbers, flax, melons, millet, pomegranate, dates, goats, and chickens.The Veins: This is Wati's harbor district and a place for tradesmen and laborers. Canals and alleyways crisscross the district.

Necropolis: Surrounded by a tall stone wall decorated with symbols of Pharasma and other gods of death, Wati's necropolis sprawls over a large portion of the city. Guarded by a militant wing of Pharasma's clergy called the Voices of the Spire, the necropolis looks like a faded snapshot of Wati thousands of years ago. The stone buildings in the necropolis look like shops, homes, and estates, but all now serve as tombs. The streets are dusty and sand piles up against the building walls. Though the place is consecrated, people still whisper that monsters and undead abominations sometimes stalk the bleak streets.

Map of Wati
Map of Osirion
The heroes of the game:
Amenon, male human bloodrager;
Azhgaad, male human wizard,
Rubani, male half-elf cleric, and
Shalina, female human bard.

No longer with us:
Naomi, female human warpriest,
Akhmose, male dwarf paladin
Akbar, male halfling rogue;
Boram, male halfling alchemist; and
Thane, male human barbarian.

Game format
Players and DM post on the Discussion tab leaving the Gameplay tab for the turn recaps where all the information is put in a chapter-like post with additional information such as OOC information, maps, pictures, health status, etc.

Game and turns
The game will be run this way: I will post a turn on the Gameplay thread and you will all respond to it on the Discussion thread. I expect you all to write at least one to two paragraphs per turn. I will then post a turn recap on the Gameplay thread with all your responses incorporated and will describe the results, add something to it setting up a new situation where your input is needed, and then wait for your responses again on the Discussion thread. I will try to this twice a week (typically on Wednesday and the weekend). These are for turn recaps but I check the boards at least once a day (more like several times) and questions or small comments may be issued daily.

This turn recap will also have OOC information such as health status, ongoing effects, maps, and general information to help you in your responses.

You will have 48 hours to respond once the turn recap has been posted.

Turn replies
I expect the vast part of your responses in character; if it is not then please add OOC in front of any comment, question, etc. (or you may use the ‘comment’ format .)

I want you to write about ‘intended actions and intended results’. For example, you may want to say, I shoot him with my crossbow, roll the appropriate dice, and describe how your enemy is hit (if the dice went your way). But none of this has happened yet unless you see it come out on a turn recap because there may be unforeseen circumstances not known to the player. I encourage you to describe as best you can your actions.

There are two types of turns: regular and combat. It is strongly encouraged to involve other PCs and NPCs in your responses to regular turns (sometimes even combat turns) by ‘tagging’ them (asking them questions, requesting them to do something, etc.); this gets the ‘roleplaying juices’ flowing and makes for a much better game.

Please see below for examples turn replies for each.

General play
I expect you all to be mature and play in character as much as possible. For example, if I describe an NPC that is part of an organization and your character has no way of knowing that, then I do not want you, the player, to fill in for the character and use that knowledge. We, as players, know a lot of things that our characters do not, so please keep that in mind. For example, when I describe an action that a character does alone without being seen by the other characters, we will all know about it and enjoy it (hopefully) but I don't want your characters to take any actions based on that knowledge.

I’ve hosted and played in lots of PBEM games (this is the second PBP I’m hosting but I’ve played in a few) but I want to adapt to what you all like, so things may change. I strongly encourage you to ask questions, send comments, and suggestions. I need to know what you like and what you don't like so we may adjust accordingly.


Kale breathed in the cold morning air. There was still a touch of smoke from the caravan but it was a relief from the spices he'd been forced to inhale. After escaping from the galley, he hadn't expected ever to be trapped like that again. At least chained to an oar he'd been able to move, to shuffle his manacled feet, adjust his position on the splinter ridden bench. Breathing the sweat of the slave next to him and feeling the bite of the slaver's whip on his back, he hadn't imagined anything worse. Now he wasn't sure which he dreaded more, returning to slavery or being contorted inside a coffin on an undulating road again. It had been all he could do to keep from flying into a rage and kicking himself free, especially when he woke from the nightmare.
If it was a nightmare.

The more he experienced the dream the more he thought it might have actually happened, the more he thought it might be a vision. Just like a three year old girl shouldn't be capable of knowing the name of a man a hundred leagues away. Somehow the two of them were connected and he didn't like it. The words of the dream kept repeating themselves over and over in his head until he thought he might be mad.

“Find the great sword…”

With a weapon like that he could cause some serious damage. He would find it and use it for himself. Only he hadn't anticipated others on this journey. What was their part in this?

He stood up and stretched his large frame properly for the first time in days. He scratched his dusty blond hair with both hands and yawned widely as he surveyed the others lazily with his pale eyes. He was dressed in the simple rags of a laborer, stained with travel and wear, but his crooked nose and bitten ear hinted at a more dangerous vocation. His sideburns were long and unkempt, straying almost to his chin which had been shaved more recently but not recently enough. It gave him a wolfish, unpredictable demeanor.

He surveyed his ‘companions’ and smirked, "I've been dumped in the middle of nowhere with a midget, a cripple and a stargazer. I suppose you can't be Shadow agents, they'd never rely on such pathetic specimens."



Greta had wounded the thing and when she had drawn back her spear and saw blood drawn; she couldn't help but laugh. Her inner calm was rattled and her icy mask cracked as a wicked smile spread on her face.
With another laugh, she lunged towards the enemy, her spear head aimed near the wound she had just caused.

[OOC: Power attack.]

Hit: The spearhead sunk in a little deeper this time. With a sneer, Greta tore it free, spilling more unnatural blood onto the ground.

Miss: Greta's wild thrust missed but she only chuckled, the strange elation she felt slowly winning over her usual icy calm.

The thing still stood, damaged, but still fighting, surrounded by attackers. Greta waited for an opening and struck once again.

[OOC: Still power attack.]

Hit: The black spearhead dug into the flesh, another wound on the thing producing another flow of blood that was becoming a river from all the wounds the creature bore.

Miss: As Greta missed she felt the coldness fight back the strange sense of elation she had felt. Angry with herself, Greta's face became a mask of intense focus as she tried to find a good place to strike the beast.


The effort of it… Brew had never pushed himself so far! And he’d push further still. Gasping for breath, his voice quivered under its own weight. So weak it sounded to his own ears that Brew almost didn’t recognize it. Still, the magicks responded to his demand but they took their toll. Another green orb sped away and hit the other hulk [OOC: whichever is not being attacked by Greta and Grakram and Kruack – Golem 2?]. Smacking it in the side of the head, the creature clawed at the wound in frustration eventually dislodging its ear which hung by a sliver of melted skin. Brew’s eyes nearly dislodged from the effort. His magical reserves far past dry. Still, the energy had to come from somewhere, so it pulled it from his very existence. Brew heard running water and was surprised enough to look around. Nothing. He leaned against the column he used for protection, his cane too small of a support. His legs shook under his weight.

[OOC: Acid Arrow, extended – 2d4 per round 5-8]

Brew slid down the column, his legs giving away. He wept, red tears rolling down his checks. Was it for Rhianna? For Bayal? For any of his fallen friends past or present? No. One thought permeated his mind. One horrible thought. I must cast another spell. Every fiber of his being railed against this act. His lips refused to move. His voice cracked and broke. The sound of water grew and he felt a drop run down his neck. I’m bleeding from my ears! Brew was no physician but he knew that couldn’t be good. He wiped the tears… blood? I’m bleeding from my eyes as well?

Brew tried to pull himself up. His arm was so… his wrist peeked out from under his cloak. It was emaciated, shriveled. As if all the fluid had been pulled from it. He placed a bony finger on his cheek and felt the hollow gauntness of it. What was happening to him? Still, he had no choice. He knew that his spells had little immediate effect but in the long run, their potency couldn’t be denied. Again a green orb sped off and hit the same hulk as before [see first round]. This time Brew could do little but clench and grit his teeth as his life essence fueled the spell. It was weaker than the other… Brew could feel it, but could do little about it. He sat immobile, a spectator to the battle. So tired, so drained was he that he couldn’t even feel emotion about the life and death struggle he was witnessing.

[OOC: Acid arrow, normal, 2d4 per round 1 and 2]