Monster Mashup - Table 2 (Inactive)

Game Master CaveToad

Goatling Battle Map
Hillside Ruins
Wilderness Battle
Regional Map
Night Ambush
Giantess Fight
Scepter battle

Party XP Total:
Longirus: 17680 (6th)
Goliath: 1960 (6th)
Everyone else: 21422 (6th)

Needed for 6th level: 23000

Party Meals Remaining: 38.5
Meals used/day: 4.75
(2 medium, 1 small, 1 tiny, 1 large)
Fed through day 13

This is the thread for Table 2 Group for the Monster Mashup Campaign.

Master Thread is here.


Quassine Alator----------Mind Flayer---UCMonk/UCRogue/Arcanist
Xanya Zellor-------------Derro---------Summoner/UCBarbarian/Alchemist
Kiki Bitterdew-----------Spiderling----Druid/UCRogue/Swashbuckler
Longirus of the Lantern--Ghoran--------Wizard/Cleric/Mystic


Goatling Battle Map