help me with my arcane trickster


OK, so I've read about a few rule changes that help my AT. One of them is racial SLAs counting for some class prequisites. Essentially I'm going to be a tiefling using darkness as the qualifier for the 2nd level spell. This will allow me to go rogue3/wiz1 and then the rest into AT

On to my real questions:

1) Scorching ray (and other multi touch attacks) now allowing sneak attack on all its rays, is this the case? Where can I see this?

2) Stealth and ranged sneak attacks. Could I use my move action to hide (assuming I had some concealment from either natural effects or Blur) and my standard to cast spells from stealth? If so, would all my attacks (assuming multiple ones from scorching ray) land with sneak, or only the first?

3) AT "Surprise Spell" capstone actually requires everyone to be flat footed, is this only realistically achievable in a surprise round? If not how can I build to capitalize?

Which feats would you work to try to maximize ranged touch attack sneaks?

bump. any help?

Doing ranged sneak attacks are extremely hard to pull off, as unless you are silent (in terms of spellcasting, and have greater invisibility, it's basically impossible to do it past the suprise round and/or the round you come out of stealth mode.

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