House Chiroptera

Game Master Darren Ehlers

The Loneley Coast Saga.

This is a online continuation of our tabletop game.

The Lonely Coast

The headland of Din Kershal (fortress of rock in the old tongue of the Tuath), is little more than a huge granitic monolith linked to the mainland by a narrow, steep‐sided ridge of exposed rock. Sheer cliffs, slick with spray, ring the promontory except in one spot where low tide reveals a narrow shingle beach. Din Kershal slopes downwards from west to east; its western cliffs are fifty‐feet higher than those to the east.

The great fortress of Caer Syllan – seat of Family Locher’s power – dominates Din Kershal. The fortress’s upper and inner wards stand atop Din Kershal itself, while its lower ward (bounded by a great earthen ditch) controls access to the promontory.
The bulk of the fortification stands upon the western portion of the promontory but several small watchtowers stud the eastern and southern cliffs. The rest of the headland is unfortified. Occasionally, Lord Locher allows the villagers to drive their sheep and cattle onto Din Kershal to crop the patchy grass that grows here. A small garden with a natural spring lays hidden tucked in a natural fold in the rock, thus place of icredible natural beauty provides a quiet place of contemplation for the women of the court.

Lord Locher, his family, servants and a substantial garrison dwell within the fortress. In times of trouble, there is ample space for the populace of the Lonely Coast to retreat within the walls of the upper ward. This is a refuge of last resort, however, as murderous onshore winds renders such a sanctuary extremely cold (at best).

A large sea cave, Morveren’s Gallery, bores right through the promontory. While it is possible to traverse the cave at low tide, the surge of water within is murderous. At high tide, the cavern is almost complete submerged; exploring the cave at this time is tantamount to suicide.

A few side caves and galleries (all cut‐off at high tide) radiate outward from Morveren’s Gallery. When Maban Locher arrived here over 100 years ago, the witch Morveren lurked in these caves. Local tradition describes her as either a powerful spellcasting vampire or a degenerate mix of human and goblin. Whatever the truth, Maban drove her out, claiming Din Kershal for himself. Since then, few have dared to explore this small network of caves, the dangerous tides and Morveren’s fearsome legends combine to dispel most people’s interest.

The Orestone is a forlorn, windswept and wave‐lashed bare chunk of rock jutting out of the sea roughly 500 feet from shore. Cliffs encompass three of its sides with the fourth comprising a series of high rock shelves rising out of the surrounding, treacherous waters.

Many vessels have come to grief on the Orestone; their wrecks litter the surrounding sea floor. When a ship strikes the Orestone, every boat‐owning peasant descends on the location to both assist the unfortunate mariners and to recover as much cargo as possible.

Atop the Orestone’s highest point stands a pile of jumbled rounded boulders. Worn smooth by the wind and rain, the stones conceal a small sinkhole that penetrates deep into the living rock before intersecting a large, partially flooded tidal cavern. Here faded alien carvings cover many of the walls. Several passages tunnel deeper into the rock; most are little more than dead‐ends, inundated by the sea at high tide. One, however, plummets ever deeper over a series of treacherous escarpments until far below the sea bed it follows a circuitous route northeast. Eventually, the passage breaks into a partially flooded ancient mine several miles south east of Wolverton.

Lonely Coast Deities

LG god of Law, Order, Justice and the Sun
Epithets: The Justicar, the Shining Light, the Noble One
Symbol: The rising sun
Domains: Good, Law, Protection, Sun
Favoured Weapon: Longsword
Raiment: Voluminous, white cowled habits. Unless expecting battle, clerics do not wear armour.
Teachings: The strong must protect the weak, for this is the natural order. Those with great abilities or aptitudes must use their gifts for the betterment of their fellows. The faithful must be ever vigilant for evil’s rise, but must show mercy in dealing with its tools.
Holy Texts: Darlen’s teachings are set down in the Scripture of Law – a vast tome containing teaching, stories and lessons by some of his prominent early followers. Divine Order and On Darkness’ Rise are important early commentaries penned by legendary high priests.

Darlen is worshiped at the Priory of Cymer, and one small shrine in Wolverton. Darlen is also Lady Lochers patron deity.

LN god of Community, Family and Rulership Epithets: The Father, Lawgiver
Symbol: Two hands clasped in a handshake Domains: Community, Law and Nobility Favoured Weapon: Light mace
Acolytes: White robes emblazed with two clasped hands
Full Priests: Solid red robes emblazoned with two clasped hands
Upper Clergy: Red and white robes emblazoned with two clasped hands
High Priests: Red and white robes emblazoned with two golden clasped hands and robes edges and accessories trimmed in gold.
Teachings: Order brings prosperity. Together, believers can achieve safety and contentment. The family is the most important unit of society; its protection is the most sacred duty.
Holy Texts: Law and Duty – a dense, legalistic text setting out Conn’s teachings and the place and duties of each community member.

Conn is worshipped by the Lochers and it's church is strong through ought the land. Every major city, town or outpost has a church devoted to the worship of Conn.


NE god of Hate, Malice and Revenge
Epithets: The Hated, the Wreaker, Dweller in Shadows
Symbol: A cloven skull
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Trickery
Favoured Weapon: Morningstar
Raimant: Cowled black cloaks smeared with the blood of their sacrifices. Adherants also shave their heads.
Teachings: Strike from the shadows and show no mercy. Take what you want and destroy that which you cannot take.
Holy Texts: The worship of Braal is not as prescriptive other religions. No universally agreed upon text exists, several dark tomes are preferred by various sects.